Friday, April 1, 2011

Weigh In Day-Week 10

Current Weight: 150.6
Last Week: 150.8
Goal: 138

Something happened last Sunday night, and I haven’t told you all because I didn’t know how you would react.  But something changed in me. I don’t really remember all the details, but I’ll do my best to relay the incident as best I can.
Ok, here goes:
Last Sunday night, I was peacefully asleep in bed (and by peacefully I mean I was tossing and turning like usual) and all the sudden the bed started shaking.  At first I thought that Ryan had gone out and purchased a vibrating bed and not told me, but when I look over at him, I see he’s still asleep.  Then, the bed started shaking more. There I am lying in the shaking bed with the covers over my head, now scared shitless because I have no idea what’s going on.  Well, I peak out of my covers and notice that it’s not just the bed, the whole freaking house is shaking. And I’m like, “earthquake….in Kansas?! I’m losing it.”  The husband isn’t moving, and the dog is snoring up a storm on the floor, so apparently I’m the only one that is noticing this crazy fiasco.
Then, this blue light shines through the blinds. So I go out to the kitchen to look out the sliding glass door and (you will not believe this) there is an alien spacecraft parked on my freaking garden.  Yes, you read right. I was abducted by aliens last weekend.
They took me to their planet, Excersizealot, and proceeded to switch out my brain with that of a workout-aholic.  Then, they beamed me back to live a normal life amongst humans. 
I swear to holy Christ that is the only explanation for what when down this week.  I mean, I exercised a total of 4 times this week, an hour per time. And I plan on going home to exercise tonight too.  On a Friday night! Craziness is happening here in Laura Land! What the frick is going on with me?!?!
Ha, had you guys going there with the alien story, huh? I bet you totally thought something terrible happened. I’m such a little stinker.
Part of the reason I’ve been so gung-ho to move my little tush, is because I sort of went overboard last weekend with the food. (Huge cheeseburger and fries on Friday night and nachos on Sunday for lunch.) And because of all that greasy goodiness, I gained two pounds. So, I’ve been feverishly working hard to get those pounds plus some off by today.  Well, I didn’t have a stellar loss, only .2 pounds, but I’m ok with that.
The next goal is to see if I can get below 150 (hopefully 148, cross your fingers) by next Friday.  That’s why this psycho broad is planning on working out when she gets home from work today. Plus I’m going to work out tomorrow, and on Sunday!  Ok, maybe not on Sunday, but I’m going to try and work out on Sunday. As Tony Horton (P90X creator) says, “Try to do the best and forget the rest.”  I don’t think he really meant it to apply in this context, but what the hay.
And by the way, I totally channeled Mary Poppins yesterday after I posted. By the end of the day I was feeling Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, (as I told my blogger buddy Draz in an email) complete with pretty umbrella and snazzy dress!  Good news, the mood has stuck around today too. I was actually chipper when I came into work this morning. Chipper! That’s a first, for me in the morning, anyway.
Alright folks, I’m off to have a fabulous day and weekend!
Hope you all have a great weekend too!


  1. I would like to be abducted by aliens and reprogrammed to be an athlete. My get-up-and go just isn't what is used to be. I need some serious motivation.

  2. Man!! I hope that alien ship is headed towards MD, I could use some of their mojo!!

  3. Hee hee. You had me for a little bit. :)

  4. You had me going! You're such a ham---but then I'll bet the aliens told you that too! LOL



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