Friday, January 20, 2012

BYOC - Bring Your Own Crazy!

BYOC - Bring Your Own Crazy!  Brought to us by the wonderful Draz! 5 little questions we answer to give our blogging brains a break and to get to know each other better.  Copy and paste to your own blog and enjoy!

1.  If money and time wasn't a problem - name a place you'd go on vacation and for how long?
Beach, where it's warm, all the time. For the rest of my life. Is that still a vacation???
2.  This week I had a discussion with some friends about names our children or other people we know call the "nether regions".  Don't hate - it's funny.  So let's share them for a laugh.  Any creative words for hoohaa and tallywhacker you think we haven't heard yet?
I call it a hoohaa. I used to call it a wee-wee, and a pee-pee.
3.  Take a picture of your nails right now!  Bossy, aren't I?  I just had my nails done - I can't help it.  I neeeed to show someone!

Mine are nekkie. Pretty much like that 99.87% of the time.
And yes, my fingers are really that crooked. It's weird.
4.  Tell me about the weather right now where you are!
30 degrees. Sunny. But frigid. Can't complain, we haven't had but one snow this year. And no ice. It's a weather miracle.

5.  Repeat question.  Summarize your week in real life and blog land.
Real life: Rockin' my challenges!

Blog life: Hate it that blogger is sucky. Trying to comment on as many blogs as possible! Promise!   


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