Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Interesting Article

Y'all know I'm trying to eat clean/real foods, as close to what mother nature intended as possible, right now. Mostly fruits, veggies, meats, etc. And all organic. No processed/packaged foods! Bad, bad, bad.

Well, my friend and co-worker has been on this transition to eat raw/clean/real foods for awhile now. She found this article and I thought it was crazy interesting about how you can think somethings 'good' for you, when really it's not. Made me think twice about how foods can still be processed even though it might be 'natural' or 'organic'. 'Raw' apparently is the word of the day.

Check it:

And if you search on that sight it provides some other interesting articles about traditional food.

Another kinda shocking thing......there are many people out there that are starting to realize that the low fat/non-fat approach to eating is also hurting us in the long run. Anything low fat has been processed beyond belief! When in fact eating whole raw foods like whole raw milk, butter, cheese, etc is better for you than all that processed junk you're putting in your mouth now, just to lose weight. Inuit Indians in Alaska mainly survived on an almost solid diet of fish/animal fat. Yes, I said FAT! And they survived w/o heart disease, diabetes, being obese, etc. I don't know where I heard that or read that, but I know I did. I tried to search more info, but couldn't find it. You'll just have to take my word for it.

Anywoozle, I know I'm never going to be the perfect clean eater, or completely give up processed foods.....Helllllooooo, I love BEERS......but I know that some changes just might help me later in life, or possibly help my kids, when we start having them. Who knows. I think my quest for being super duper stick skinny (exaggeration btw) isn't as appealing now that if I find out in 50 years my eating a lot of processed foods has caused my, or God forbid, my children's health to be hurt (i.e. cancer, diabetes (again, my husband has for 'no' reason), infertility, heart disease, mental illness, etc.).

Just something to think about.

That is all.


  1. All of the crap we shovel into our bodies amazes me sometimes. I mean granted, with the way society has developed, it can be really hard to eat clean (pretty much EVERYTHING has had some sort of processing done to it). I wish we ate more locally grown, straight-from-the-farm foods instead. That is why I like farmer's markets :)

  2. There are a few things about the Inuit tribe in a book I'm reading right now called Living Low Carb. I got it at Amazon and it is about how healthy animal fats really are in the absence of refined and processed carbohydrates.

  3. Very interesting! One thing I haven't been able to do is get rid of Splenda. I still use it as my sugar substitute. :)

  4. Along the same lines as Beth Ann's comment, I use splenda. I've been curious about Stevia or Tru'via (it's brand name form). I have wondered why if this Stevia plant is so naturally sweet, why are we JUST now hearing about it. I was going to switch to Tru'Via as my sweetner with trying to switch to more whole foods, but then I figured I better look it up, because if it's processed like Agave necter there isn't really any point in switching right?

    Thanks for the article. I am with ya and going to start concentrating on whole foods and less processed foods as well. I'm not promising clean livin over night, but gradually getting out the junk.

  5. There is a great book out there called the GOD DIET. It takes it a step further, in this..."If god did not make it, do not eat it"! Now, I could ever follow this completely but it certainly makes a lot of sense.

    We put so much CRAP into our bodies, with all the stuff we eat out of packages, that if we went back to growing our own food and eating it, we would be a whole lot healthier and leaner.

    I so agree with you on this!

  6. As for the Sugar substitutes I am of the mindset if you must eat sugar eat the real thing, it is easier for our bodies to process, than the processed stuff. I eat brown sugar only,or organic sugar.

    I eat little sugar, but when I do it is the real thing!

    I found that ALL the sugar substitutes made me crave carbs, I did a month long experiment when I was first banded with all of them and Crystal light, and that is what I found.

  7. Check out Gary Taubes' book Why We Get Fat!

  8. I had just read something about how eating low fat, no fat, low cal food just makes your body crave more of the stuff you are wanting to avoid and a reason for that is all the junk in the no fat, low, fat crap. ugh!

  9. I also noticed that when I first was banded that when I drank anything like with artificial sweetener I would crave sweets. I now drink water "straight up". No Crystal Light or flavoring for me!

  10. Very interesting indeed. I have no shame eating whole unprocessed foods. I run away from anything low fat, artificial with ingredients I cannot pronounce and as a result, I feel so much better! And I still love my beers :)

  11. wish there was a like button. cause....i. like. this! and. you.

  12. wish there was a like button. cause....i. like. this! and. you.

  13. I'm a new follower and I'm loving your blog!!! I'm gonna look into this eating venture you got going on...I'm trying to lose some baby weight x 2 kiddos before I have one more baby...this seems like the healthiest way to do it!!! Except I too cannot cut out beers forever!

    Thanks! :)

  14. I have a SIL who is "vegan" but when I look at the list of weird shit they put in vegan food I'd totally rather eat an egg and a glass of milk at least I know what is in those.

  15. I have no idea what that stuff even is... I do use Crystal Light, though. LOL

    I guess I'm behind in the whole clean eating thing.


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