Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

So I thought I'd do this 10 Things with a few New Year's Resolutions.Ten to be exact.
Because, well, why not. And I know y'all are just sittin' on the edge of your seats waiting to find out what they are.

1.  Be more like the Honey Badger. Because he don't give a SHIT.
Yes. I am too much of a worrier. Or am too stressful. Or I need to not give a shit. Take your pick. What.the.hell.ever. I prefer the word 'Passionate'. It has a nice ring. But it's just not working for me. Regardless, I need to take a chillaxative. So starting today I will be less stressed, worried, and be more calm.

2. Be a better person. Be a better Sister, Daughter, Wife, Friend, Neighbor, Super Model. I think I can make a better effort. In all areas. But I guess not in the Super Model part, we all know I got that down pat. I mean, look at me modeling this fine bottle of liquor:
Enough said.

3. Complete a solid 30 days of eating clean. (With the occasional beer). It can't be that hard. I mean really, folks. Lets just rub my steel balls together and do this thing. Starting 1/9/12.

4. Run at least two 5Ks. Simple. To the point. I can do this.

5. PLUS, Run a 10K. With the high probability of running a half marathon also. Holy Balls. Make the resolutions stop now, please. Clearly, the padded room is within reach after that comment.

6. Weight train my ass off. Literally. I'm not setting any specific goals other than just stepping up my game from last year. Where, really, no weights were lifted at all. What's a 'weeee-ate' by the way???

7. Don't dance like this ever again:

Yes, that is little miss Jordan on the left (red belt; good pic, huh Jordan?! You'll thank me later.) and Long Hair McGee Me on the right. Wayyyyy back in the day. Betcha y'all didn't know I once had hair to almost my ass, huh? It looks shortish here, but it wasn't. Trust me.

8. Play fetch with my Puppy more.
"I deserve it Mom!"
Yes, yes you do.

9. Never look at your old pictures on the Book of Face while you're half cocked after a horrible loss to your in-state rivels in basketball (that would have been last night when I was pre-writing this), because you find these:
Yes, I'm filling the lake up. It's fine. (Bachelorette party. Enough said for the hat sitcheeation. And the peeing.)

10. But above all else......Remember what's most important.

Source (Best wedding photographers in the world by the way! And my mentor!)

Remember that I have another year with my amazing husband. And fantastic family. And incredible friends.
I am blessed.
And that's all that really matters.

Now go forth and conquer the day with gusto!!!


  1. Good goals, Laura. I wish you the best with them. I know you can do all you set your mind to.

  2. Amazing Ryan and Will still married us after dance skills like those. Oh wait, they have awesome dance skills too.

  3. Great resolutions. BTW they do have 10Ks and 1/2 marathons here in NOLA...just sayin...

  4. Great resolutions-love your wedding pics.

  5. That wedding pic is gorgeous!!!

    Cheers to 2012! :)

  6. i loveeee your long hair!! but you wear the short hair well, too.

    if i had a dime for every lake i've piddled in i'd be a richhhhhhhh heifer right now!!!!! and now if i had another dime for every beer i've drank while ON the lake?? things would just get STRAIT UP redic!! lol

  7. LOL...wonderful goals for this year...and Wyatt will be especially thankful! Wish my pups would play fetch! All the lil one wants to do is bite on his big brothers ears and all the big guy wants to do is sit at the front door and watch the cars fly by!! yeeehaawww

  8. I bloody love honey badger. Not that honey badger gives a shit. haha

    Look at you, miss lovely long locks. Wow!

  9. Why do I hear Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" when I look at #7?

  10. Love your 10 resolutions. I would love to be able to run 5Km too. Slowly working on it.

  11. What the hell? How did I miss this? Love that pic of your wedding and look how happy your kid is!


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