Tuesday, January 10, 2012

First torture of the year. Mastered.

So, I took the little four legged freak out for a walk tonight. It was nice. About 55 degrees, but with a little breeze.

I decided to pick up the pace after walking for about 15 minutes. I mean, why not? My legs haven't done much of anything except hold up my ever-growing mid section for 2 months, so lets force them to vigorously pump the pavement like a dude on $1 night at a whore house. It's fine.
Things were going good, my legs were loose, my lungs were doing.....well, ok, and I felt really great and then we rounded a corner and came across this fun little event:
Not the best pic, but it's a guy running with a hang-glide. In a field. With barely there wind.


We turned around. Leary of what crazy hang-glide dude would do to us and continued on our brisk run.

The pup has this thing about pulling my arm out of the socket on every walk. I swear my right shoulder is mammoth sized compared to my left from trying to reign him in. Maybe I should switch arms.....hummmmm. Or train him better.

I think I made it about 15 more steps before my lungs failed.

My head is red because either my blood has decided to defy gravity and is traveling at full force in the opposite direction of my legs because of the torture I'm inflicting upon them with the looooonnnnnggggg overdue run. OR because my skin barely sees temps below 72 and is crying out for me to smother myself with a warm blanket or to prop myself 2 inches in front of a space heater for 4 hours.

Either way.....not.looking.pretty.
The expression on my face isn't the best either. Note to self: don't look like this for the camera. Ever again.

But the first exercise experience for the year went pretty good, all things considered. And I did fairly well today on the whole not shoving 22 donuts, 4 bags of popcorn, and 7 slices of pizza in my face thing too. Had some sushi, salad, yogurt, apple, and chicken.

I think I'm going to start a new challenge soon. An eating better challenge.

But more on that tomorrow. Because Wyatt needs let in, and then back out and then back in, and maybe back out again, about 15 more times than he already has been tonight.
Ugh, that dog, how I love him!


  1. We should do a challenge, or competition! I think we both weight about the same, and want to lose about the same, and tone up about the same. We should come up with something. I do better when I have a goal and someone to keep me accountable. And there has to be a prize. Hmmm. I will ponder this.

  2. Good for you for getting some moving in. My ass is still glued to the bed. I just can't get myself in gear. Maybe I need a dog to drag out for a walk.

  3. What is it with the in and out stuff anyway???? I some days wonder if it is just a test to see how many times we will do it for them.

  4. Pretty sure I would have turned around and gone the other way if I ran into a hang-glider too. That is so crazy!

  5. hmmm. what kind of challenge could we do?! Let's get creative!

  6. you worked the PISS outta the poor guy!! hahaaha

  7. Dudes with hang gliders are typically not conspicuous enough to try any shenanigans, cause if he did all his victims would have to say is "look for the dude attached to the hang glider, he's kinda hard to miss."

    I bought some of your recommended yogurt last night at Wally World, you're right it is very, very good. Thanks for the tip.

  8. You should look into this meal plan thing. Stu and I have been doing it for 3 months now and LOVE it! They have low carb, low fat, and portion control options. AND….. it’s super cheep and the food rocks. Check it out it’s e-mealz.com
    We have been doing the low carb option and it uses lots of fresh veggies, yummy!

  9. I love that you ran! I also love that this pic has Wyatt butt in it! And you are always gorg. Don't you dare fight me on this!


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