Saturday, January 14, 2012

Let the games begin.....

OK, I would have posted this earlier, but I used my free time to nap instead. I know, I know, shoot me. Well a quick little nappers turned into a 2 hour slumber! Yikes.

Because of my lack of defense against free napping time, I now have to rush this because the hubby and I are going out with my family for the evening to watch basketball.

There will be beer.

There will probably be some sort of bad food choices.

But I will prevail!!!!!

Anways, the real reason for this blog is this is the first day of my friend Jordan and I's "Look Hot for Our Hunky Husband's"!!!

I posted about all the particulars on Thursday blog, but a quick recap is that we will start today and finish on Valentine's day. The winner will be determined by highest amount of percentage of weight lost in that time frame. And then they get a prize! $25 to Vicky's Secret! (Where I plan to restock my granny panties.)

Jordan has already posted her weight on her blog, so go check out that. (And don't worry Jordan, you get used to putting all sorts of embarrassing information about yourself out on the interwebs!)

So, in true form, here is my starting weight:

Drum roll please.............



Woop woop! I already lost 1.5 lbs from starting my 10 Days of Real Food Challenge on Thursday! Yippee skippee.

I'm also going to keep track of my body fat %, just for the shits of it, but don't have time to measure myself right now, so I'll do that tomorrow morning.

Jordan's a little competitive. (OK, maybe A LOT!)

And I'm a little competitive. (OK, really A LOT!)

So this should be interesting!!!

Let the games begin!!!


  1. Good luck, Laura. I also ended up taking a two hour nap today. No exciting plans though. Just an evening at home.

  2. Woop Woop! What a way to start the challenge sista!

  3. Woo Hoo! A nap and a loss? sounds like a great start for your challenge! And hey, what lucky hubbies you two have ;)

  4. Great start to the challenge!! Oh, and I finally found the yogurt...totally worth driving all over NOLA looking for it!!!


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