Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ten Things Thursday!

Another round of Ten Things RandomPantsICan'tKeepOneThoughtForMoreThanTwoMinutes Thursday!!!!!

1. Holy Toledo Batman. So much has happened the last week! It has been CRAYYYYYzy up in here. First, work sucks big green donkey dick. Seriously. I'm so tired of super out of control American male ego. So tired. Why can't we all just get along?! Mmmmkay? OK.

Really, overtime is the Just sayin'.
Well, at least it is on my bank account.
Fo' real.

2. Did I tell y'all that we stained our deck a few weeks ago? Well, if I did, you're just going to hear about it again. Deal with it. BTW, I'm feeling saucy today because I've gotten about no sleep for 4 days. Don't know why, my mind just won't shut the fuck up.

Here's the pretty color!
It's like a dark red. It makes the deck look damn near brand new! It was kind of a pain in the ass to put on. You know......about 126 degrees, sun burning through your skin, sweat pouring, not enough beer in the world to make your life better, the usual. But we got it done in about 2 days. So at least we didn't have to prolong the torture for like a week or something. I surely would have died.

Only bad part.....since our yard is about 47% dirt, and the Wonder Dog chooses only that 47% to walk in, there is always dirty puppy paw prints on the deck and they stick out like Ryan Reynolds in a room full of.....well.....anyone. Eh, what'er'ya goin' to do. Definitely NOT repaint it a lighter color. That's for damn sure.

Oh, and I thought that was our one and only 'summer project' and I was so happy it only took 48 hours and we got it done first thing..........until..........Ryan pipes up the millisecond we finish staining and says, "I think we should paint the house this summer."
So yes, the next summer project is in the works (actually Ryan's done all the work so far, thank you Baby Jesus), but I'll keep you updated!

3.  My garden is going cray-cray! I've picked 4-5 zucchini's so far and they have been ginormous!
Yes, that is a zucchini. On steroids. Seriously the size of my thigh. Which is pretty huge.

I also picked my first tomato!
So cute!
I've picked some cherry tomatoes too, and I've got cucumbers blooming and oh my holy Hell, I've got more dill than I know what to do with! Like, do I dry it? Do I hang it upside down? And do I hang the whole damn bush? Or do I just do the heads? And what do I do after it's dried? Crumble it up? So many questions.
Here's a little pic of my garden:
Cucs on the left, carrots front and center, and toms in the back. Oh and yes, that's a frosty beverage on the bottom right.
4.  So last weekend I needed to get away. Y'all know it was my dad's 2nd anniversary of his death last Friday. Thank y'all by the way for all your comments, thoughts, and prayers. It's definitely rough, but each year is getting better. And I know I need to let go of the mourning, but it just takes time.

Anyway, so I needed to get away. Just me, a full cooler and my lawn chair. I wanted to think. To relax. And to just BE. So I headed to a secluded cabin in the middle of southern Kansas. And when I say cabin, I really mean a freakin' mansion. Well, not a mansion, but damn nice. It's a hunting 'cabin' so no one lives there but for the two weeks of deer season in December.

I got there Friday afternoon, i took a few hours off work (since it takes a few hours to get there) and got there in plenty of time to enjoy some sunshine and watch the sun set.
Nothing but wide open spaces!
I brought my Kindle with me but I really just sat there and looked. I just looked at the hills and the trees and watched the wind blow through the grass. And I thought. About a lot of things.


It completely rejuvenated me, energized me, and just made me in the best mood. I planned on only staying Friday night, but then Saturday rolled around and the sun was shining and I couldn't leave. So I stayed Saturday night too, heading back on Sunday.

It was just so nice to be by myself ya know? I just needed ME time.

5.  I've ran twice this week. Woopy!!!!!
I'm proud of myself.
I have plans to run at least one more time on Friday, and maybe again on Sat. I think I've finally gotten my running grove back!!!
Oh and on Tuesday, I got up at 5:15 to run. That's in the AM. Yes. I am clearly mental.
And you know it's still dark out at that time, and last summer, with my incident with scary white Cujo on mile 1.shitmypants, I decided I needed some sort of light. Well, low and behold my mom's boyfriend thought the same thing and he got me this super fancy head lamp thingy!!!
I know. Pretty. Don't hate.

But you see it on top there? The thing that looks like one of those LED mini flashlights on its side? That's the head lamp. It's LED and SUPERDUPER bright! I'm a badass. I know.

Wanna know who else thinks it's badass? That would be the husband. He has already commandeered it for hunting season.

6.  Speaking of my mother and her boyfriend Hardy......There are no words for this:
Just no words at all.
Mom in her new camo shorts that Hardy bought her.
This woman birthed me.
We have the same DNA.
Lord help me.
(PS Ryan: This is what you get to look forward to when I'm old and senile! Are you excited yet?!)

Oh, and if that wasn't enough he bought her overalls......cutoff overalls:

Oh and a new purse.
Which Colt is wearing in the last picture.
But the cutoff overalls are the real story.

I officially have 'that' mother. Who has slowly but surely turned into a redneck.
(BTW Mom: If Hardy sends me your ridiculous pictures, you KNOW they're going on the internet where everyone can see. I just can't hold this epic shit back.)

7.  Ok, back to the running thing. So I think it's challenge time. I said I wanted to start running 3 times a week and doing my sit-ups/push-ups/squats thing 3 times a week too, and well, it's just not happening. So I need some motivation.

Ummmmmmm, what do I want as a reward..........
New Toms????
A new outfit????
That's cute huh?!
The Toms would actually go really good with that.

I just don't know!
I'll think of something, and the challenge will probably last four weeks or something.
I'll keep you updated.

8.  UGHHHHH people keep coming in my office during my break and interrupting me! Stop! Don't you know I'm trying to BLOG!

9.  One week from Sat. I will be doing this:

I'm SOOOOOOO excited I could pee my pants!!!!
But I won't. Because I'm at work. And that'd be awkward.

10. This weekend is a big family reunion, where I get to meet shitloads of my mom's cousins and crap. The last time I remember meeting them all, I was about 10, I guess. And the only thing I remember is that all the girl cousins not only looked exactly the same, but they ALL sounded the same too.

That's the way it is with my mom and her sisters. Every freaking one of them looks alike, a few of them could be twins.

And if I heard one of them in the other room, I'd think it was my mother, only to find out it'd be one of my Aunts.
Weird family genes.
My mom left me with my Aunt one time when I was about a year old I think, left me for like a long weekend or a week or something. My Aunt said I was the best baby all week. Then when my mom came back to pick me up, I looked at her, then my Aunt, then my mom again and just started bawling! I finally figured out she left me! But the whole week I just thought my  Aunt was my mom. Maybe that's why I'm the way I am. Mother: You traumatized me.

But the reunion should be fun. I get to see my grandma, which never happens now that she lives in Arizona. And one of my cousins just had a baby girl and I get to meet that little preciousness! We now have 3 out of the 4 great grandchildren that have the middle name James, after my grandpa. He sure made an impression to us grandkids!

Well, breaks over. Need to get back to the depths of Hell.

Cheers Lovies!!!


  1. Does the beer help the garden or the gardener?

  2. the cabin sounds fabulous...I love ME TIME! and your mom cracks me up because she is turning INTO a redneck...I grew up with rednecks in MT(montucky)so I can totally relate. Your garden rocks...all things I like to eat!

  3. Haha! Have a nice day at work! (I'd hide the scissors from you if I were there!)

    Your mom is the shiznit. Seriously! Hot cutoff bibs, mom! I can't even tell you how many levels of awesome that photo is...

    And way to run, girl! Go get 'em!


  4. I'm glad you got some "you" certainly needed it. Love the pics of your mom...she's a riot!! And, of course, I love the shoes (since I have the same pair in a different color)...they're very comfortable!!

  5. I'll have you know that I have been a redneck girl most of my life. Although there was a time in the early 70s that I was a hippie. And I believe that YOU have also been a redneck girl for most of your llfe.....Let's see...wasn't one of the reasons that Ryan fell in love with you is because he was so impressed with the deer head you had hanging on your college apartment wall. If that's not redneck, I don't know what is. Lovingly, Your Mom

  6. Ha! Love your weekend retreat! Also love your mom and her comment! ha!

  7. I'm jealous of your retreat. No seriously I am. I need to get away; far away! :O)

    I'm doing the color run in St. Louis. Have no idea when it is but it's friend heather will remind me!! Have fun at the reunion!


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