Monday, June 11, 2012

They see me roooollllin'..........

.............and they haAAtin'.
(Now you got that song in your head, huh? You're welcome.)

The search is over folks.

The 'perfect' vehicular has been found.

Yes, yes. Yours truly and her fine husband (someone got a little upset when I said, 'Look at the new care I bought' on FB last weekend. So I'm paying my dues now) purchased a BRAND NEW CAR on Saturday!


BIG PIMPIN' NOW!!!!!! Watch out.

Feast your eyes upon our lovely: We need to come up with a name for her!

2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo 4x4

Fancy Schmancy!
She so purdy!!!!!!!

White on the outside, tan leather interior on the inside. Bluetooth, satellite radio, reverse camera, all the fun bells and whistles that come with the radio. I already uploaded all my music via jump drive (cause it's cool like that and you can plug in jump drives) and have been jammin' out to he most badass stereo system evah!

Only kind of crap thing is that the guy that sold us the car, uploaded all his music on there. Like literally 700 files. And it's music I don't even like. So I've been having to go through and deleting them all. Like, WTF dude? Who asked you to do that?! If it was like 10 songs, meh, ok, but SEVEN HUNDY?!?! CRIPES!!!

I'm going to politely tell him he should ask before doing that when I go pick up my tag tonight.

Other than that, it's a smooooooth operator ride, and I freaking am in love!!!!

Never thought I'd own a brand new car, but Saturday we made it happen Capt'in.

Are you a little jealy? Ya, I would be too. It's fine. Don't hate.

Sooooo, what should I name her?!?!


  1. There should be some way you can delete all the songs on the system. Then reload only yours from the jump drive.

  2. I can smell that new car scent all the way in Oregon. I love it! :) Enjoy it

  3. Oh, she's purdy!!!!!!!! Name her Fancy Nancy!


  4. Se is SOOOO Pretty!! love it! Congrats!

  5. It is really nice!!

    Seriously, who uploads their music on a car they don't own?

  6. Love it! Our matching cars will have to have a date. Oh and you should get the rubber floor mats and back of the car mat. Especially with that pretty tan interior. Have fun!

  7. I totally think her name is Blanche DuBois.

  8. /love love

    Yeah, I would see if there is a delete all option on the stereo. Seriously... 700 songs pre-loaded? That's obnoxious to the buyer IMO.

  9. I suppose Casper would be politically incorrect?.......

  10. Oh man! that whip is sweeeeet! Now I'm going mountain biking with that stuck in my head! Dangit!

  11. I'm more than a little jealous! Congrats!

  12. She is purdy!! Names...hmmm, how about...Pearl...Rynobile (mix of Ryan and Automobile, since you obviously love Ryans) or Lauramobile (since she's your wheels)...Bob...White Russian...Whiteout... Ectomobile, or Ecto–1 (ghostbuster's car's name)...Sorry, they're not that great of suggestions. If I think of any better I'll let ya know.

  13. Love a lady in a jeep.... Very nice

  14. LOVE the new car! And congrats on being smoke free! (Catching up on all the blog reading I missed)!


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