Thursday, June 28, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

Here it is! Another round of TTT! You may do one too, if you so choose. Whatever floats your boats darlings.

1.  First off, I gotta tell you, the responses to my upcoming Magic Mike movie date..........pure genius people. You make me proud.
So this is the email convo Brenda at Bandster Momma and I had yesterday:
Brenda: I could give a care less what you just wrote (just kidding) because after I saw all those fine ass men pictures I read: blah, blah, blah! :) 
Moi: That's ok. You are forgiven! I just want one of them. for like an hour. ok, maybe two.
You think if that's what I ask for for xmas I'll get it???
Brenda: I think the tall one can come home with me.  He is seriously beautiful. Maybe one can come to your house dressed like Santa and you can sit on his lap............hey, you can dream.
Moi: Bahaha! YES! omg, you make me laugh so hard!
Brenda: And speaking of 115 degrees.  Is is like 110 here with NO breeze.   My yard has turned to sand.  I think tomorrow I am going to try to fry an egg on the sidewalk and take pictures for TTT.  Just because.  Maybe scare the shit out of the chickens by cracking one of their friends.

Just every day emails. No biggie.

2.  So last weekend was our family reunion. Wow, is all I gotta say. In true Sheik (that's my family) fashion, we couldn't just show up at 5pm for the reunion dinner. Oh no. We had to PRE-party like 4 hours before the dinner. Apparently to make sure we're all good and plowed.

The BBQ started at 1pm. Which, of course, so did the drinking. And we're not just sitting around willy nilly here, oh no, we play drinking games folks. Can you say: Hard Core?! And not just any drinking game. We play drinking games with tree stumps and hammers. That's how we roll, y'all. Don't hate.

So, the game Stump:
That would be the hubby and my cousin Tom (Look Tom, you're famous!)
Everyone crowds their lawn chairs around an old stump, beer in hand, and each person has their own nail. You start your nail in the stump, just enough to be stuck in there solid, but not all the way down. Then you each take turns with the hammer and try to pound the other people's nails all the way down. The last nail/person standing is the winner winner chicken dinner.  Now, if you miss hitting the other person's nail, you have to take a drink. If you hit the other person's nail, they have to drink.  If you hit a nail and it sparks, it's a 'social' so you all drink. Sounds like a blast, right?! Right.

First game, I missed......a lot. Hence, I drank......a lot. But after that, it was ON like donkey kong y'all! I whooped some serious stump ass.

After we got good and buzzed at the BBQ, we headed for the actual reunion. We missed dinner, which I paid a hefty $45/person for, but completely made up for that in the free keg that was provided. So all was good.

And I wasn't the only one that had participated in the free booze:
Those are my cousin's Pat and Tom. Doing what, I do not know. But they looked ridiculous enough for me to record this event and post it on the interwebs, where it will be shown to everyone, for eternity. You're welcome guys.

And here was my outfit, kinda a bad pic, but it was a really cute peachish-pink dress with brown belt and brown heels.

And to top off the evening of boozeliciousness, apparently when we were leaving the reunion to head back to my cousin's house, to play MORE stump, my uncle and other cousin were outside too, getting ready to go home and I proceeded to scream out the car window, "YOU SUCK BALLS!!!" Three times. To my uncle. Jesus tits. BTW, I have absolute no memory of this, and my uncle graciously reminded me of this amazing event last night at dinner. I just looked at him with a blank stare. 'Me? I did that? Noooooo. Not me. I was possessed. Hand to bible.' I really need to not play that stump game. Ever. Again.

3.  Remember how last week I was all, 'I need to stop shoving food in my hole. I need to run more. I need to do sit-ups and all that shit more.'
Ya, me too.
Did I do any of that?
Sure didn't.
I suck.
There's always next week.

4.  Oh, Oh, Ohhhhh!!! Guess what I get to do this weekend!!!!! Besides run the color run, I mean.
Can you guess?
I'm going to eat at this FAB cajun food restaurant in KC, called Jazz! I'm going with a bloggy friend and I freaking CAN.NOT.WAIT to meet her!!!

OhMyGod, I am so excited. Wanna know what I like even more than beer?!?! Ok, maybe not more, but 2nd on the list. CAJUN FOOD! Here's their MENU. Lordy it all looks so good! I'll have one of each, please.

5.  I'm having a hard time finding the gumption to work today. I just really want to go home, curl up with my puppy and sleep the day away.
So spoiled.
I've just been so tired lately, I don't know what my deal-ee-o is.
Then again, I stayed up till like 11:30 on Tuesday night for no reason at all. That was stupid.
But last night I went to bed early. And I still had to drag my ass out of bed!
But the good news is, I curled my hair all cute again this morning. I'm hoping it'll make the dark circles under my eyes appear less gross.
Bonus points for me.

6.  I found out Monday that they are going to shut down my department for A FULL WEEK in August, to repair the damaged roof from the tornado we had a few months ago.

A FULL WEEK! Paid, btw.

What in the farts am I going to do for a full week?!?! Ryan can't take off, because we're already taking off a week for the Lake. Oh, and Ryan's suggestion: 'Well, you can paint the house.' Ummmmm, No. No way in hell am I painting the house in the middle of August, By.My.Self.

So here's what I'm thinking, I could spend the first weekend in Colorado visiting my friend. Then maybe the last weekend I could go back down to the Ranch for a little ME time again. Or I could just go down to the lake by myself for a week. Or a long weekend. I have friends that live there, so I wouldn't exactly be alone. But Ryan wouldn't be there, so that'd be weird.

I just kinda don't want to sit around the house all week, ya know? I want to DO something. Or go somewhere. Help me think of ideas.

6.  Speaking of Colorado. I want y'all to take two moments to send all your thoughts and prayers to those that are effected by the awful fires. I do have family in the Colorado Springs area and think about them every day. The fire isn't close to their house, yet, but it looks like it's on it's way. Here's a picture:
It just makes me sick when I think about all this. Just sick.
HERE's some aerial photos if you're interested. Of the Waldo Fire. Basically I've traveled the road that runs right thru the fire, Highway 24, for the last 10 years of my life visiting my family. So sad.

7.  I really want one of these for lunch today:
Get 'em Fatty, get 'em.

8.  The phone keeps ringing. It's 2 minutes till work time, and the apparently people just.can't.wait to bother my ass.
I have a feeling this day is just going to be epic.

9.  I've been doing really good these last 2 days on keeping my mood positive and upbeat. Despite the #8 thing. Seriously, I've really been trying. And it's getting to the point where I don't have to try anymore. I don't know what was going on with Mrs. Bitchpants the last few weeks, but I think I've kicked her ass to the curb for good (at least until next month). Sometimes I have to struggle to not explode bitch all over the place, but I just try to remain calm, and I breathe some deep breaths, and just try to summon the Patience Gods. So far so good!

10.  I saved this one for last because I know if I posted it at the top, y'all would just stop reading. And that would be tragic.
Anyways, after I posted about my Magic Mike date yesterday I found this video on the interwebs:
So, naturally, I emailed my friend Rebecca (whose going with me next week).

Well, the little hooker then emailed me this next video. It's not about Magic Mike, but it has Alexander Skarsgard & Joe Manganiello (who's the tall hunk in Magic Mike), almost nekkid. And prepare yourselves because I nearly melted in my chair. **WARNING**You WILL NOT be able to concentrate on anything besides ripped male muscles after watching this video, for like the next 30 minutes (at least).

Again, you're welcome.



  1. I wish our family reunions were like that, I might actually go to one. I was born amongst a bunch of t-totallers.

    You look amazing in that dress with your tiny little waist.

    I hope not only that the fire stays away from your family but that they get it put out soon so it doesn't effect anyone else. What a tragedy.

  2. Oh my I love the stump game...we have a similar version in Montucky..did you shoot off any spuds...that always goes hand in hand with the stump game...weapons....
    You look just adorable by the way, the dress, the hair..fabulous!

  3. I think my ovaries just exploded.

    And oh yeah, that dress is awesome on you!!

  4. holy shnikeys bat man! I am in the middle of reading 50 Shades now Magic Mike and you posting this sucks to be single!

    Love the dress, you are so damn cute!

    I wanna play the stump game kinda resembles something my family would come up with.

  5. Seeing as how we're related- same last name and all- can I come to see 'my family?' Cuz I'd TOTALLY kick ass at that nail game! (Seriously, haven't y'all heard of beer pong?!?!?)

    And Magic Mike....sweet Christ... Mmm, mmm, mmm..


  6. So I've never been to Jazz...I know awful right? I've lived here my whole life and have never been to Jazz. I must go...

    P.S. I hate your face.... you look AMAZING in that dress! :)

  7. Where did you get that awesome dress? LOVE. Also, thank you for that man candy towards the end of the post. Totally made my morning.

  8. Aw, crap, now I have to try to fry an egg and it is only 98 out right now.

    Cute dress. Your waist looks really tiny.

  9. You look gorgeous in that dress!! I want Chipotle.

  10. Love that drinking game!!! You are awesome!!! Cute dress too!

  11. Now I want Chipotle, too. Good thing I can have it now thanks to my new "lifestyle change." lol

    Oh, and Joe is gorgeous. I might have to fight Brenda for him!


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