Wednesday, June 27, 2012

WTF Wednesday!

Thanks to our Wondrous Draz, I bring you What, Why, Who The Freaknastiness. Just for the shits and giggles of it.

- It got up to 107 yesterday. WTF!!!!! There was the slightest breeze, and I shit you not, it felt like I was behind a jet engine, or in front of a blow torch, either way. Then the 'breeze' would die down and I just felt like I was in Satan's shitter and the air movement was the equivalent to a sparrow's fart. It's miserable people. And we still have two months to go in this Hell hole.

- I'M GOING TO SEE MAGIC MIKE ON TUESDAY!!!!!!!!! OhMyFreakingHotBodiesGawd!!!!!!! I'm so excited I might just pee. Thanks to my lovely friend and co-worker, Miss Rebecca, who comes strolling up to my desk this morning, and is like, "Soooo, I think we should go drinking.........and see Magic Mike." YESSSSS!!!!! OHMYGOD YESSSSSS!!!!

I've been wanting to go, but I have like 2 friends, so I didn't know who to ask.
I don't know how i'm going to get through today, let alone the next 6 days, with the knowledge that I will get to see this:

You're welcome for that btw.

The only question I have is WhyTF is this movie not in 3D????!!!!!

- So, the other night I pummeled the security alarm controller pad thingy hanging on our wall and broke it, so it was all cockeyed and only attached by one corner. Yes, I am clumsy. Yes, it was dark. Yes, I could have tackled a linebacker no problem with the amount of force I bestowed on that damn controller. Yes, I have a very nice bruise that looks like some biker chick beat the shit out of me.

Anyways, I called the alarm company to have someone come out to fix it. Wanna know how they fixed it???? Double sided tape. TAPE!!! WTF!!! We've paid a shitload of money every month for the last 5 years to have a security system and they fix it with MOTHER F*ING TAPE! And he didn't even level it, so now it sits a little 'off'. And you know my OCD mind just freaks every time I see it. UGH!

You better believe when our contract conveniently comes up at the end of this month, that we'll be shopping for another alarm company.

- WhyTF is it not Friday yet?

- And WhyTF does my mind crave chocolate?!?!?! I just can't make it stop! All I want is candy bars and M&Ms and donuts and 18 pounds of freaking dark chocolatey goodness to shove in my hole so fast you'd think there was a food shortage because of a zombie apocalypse!!! 

Why don't they have a pill or something for this? I mean really, with all our technology, why can't we stop the cravings?!?!?!

Ok. Rant complete.



  1. I'm pretty sure I need to see that movie...a couple of times. We just moved here and I have ZERO friends in the area. I don't think I could drag hubby along. What to do! I might have to go alone. Creepy, I know!

  2. I am going to go see Magic Mike tuesday night too with one of my friends from the office. 3D would make it even more fabulous and I read that it is actually a good movie. Sort of along the lines of Boogie Nights in the fact that you really like the characters and there is a story line that people can enjoy.

    Plus, there are some fine ass men!

    I was thinking of you this morning when I was watching Good Morning America and they mentioned that one place in Kansas was 115 yesterday. I told my husband that "Laura Belle from the blogs lives there and mentioned on facebook how hot the wind was". I feel bad for you. I don't do heat well. At least we were getting Tropical Storm weather yesterday!

  3. double sided tape? they did that in front of you?! lol

  4. Ooh, I like the tall one who plays Alcide on True Blood... he's beautiful.

  5. I feel your pain. It was 105 on my car dash at 6:15 last night, this sucks ass.

    You know you are in for a visual feast when Matthew Mchoweveryouspellit is the worst looking guy in the cast!!

  6. How am I supposed to read with pictures like that?

  7. You're going to have to tell me what all the Magic Mike stuff is about. I keep seeing HIM all over the place but honestly, I must not get good reception under my rock because I am clueless! (go figure).

    AND SQUEEEEEEE for Saturday :D

  8. I could give a care less what you just wrote (just kidding) because after I saw all those fine ass men pictures I read: blah, blah, blah! :)


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