Wednesday, June 13, 2012

WTF Wednesday.....but in a GREAT way!!!!!

It's official.


 Ladies and Gents, it has happened. Finally.

I am at the lowest weight I've ever been in 10 years. 10 YEARS!!!!

I stepped on the little flat chested Goddess today and she sang my praise and flashed a beautiful:

Holy toledo Batman!!!



I just couldn't believe it. I had to step off and step back on again. Sure as shit, it said the same number.


Seriously, I knew I was getting thinner, because my normally tight ass pants were a little loose. But I haven't weighed myself in like weeks. I just didn't care. Well, I cared a little, but I didn't want the scale to control my whole day. So I just never stepped foot on it. Then this morning I was getting ready and I noticed I could kinda see my ab muscles.

Where did those little boogers come from?!?!

I mean it's just a 2-pack, on the very top of my tummy, but still. I damn near fainted on the tiled floor. Then I actually jumped up and down like a toddler that's been given a 3 dip ice cream cone, laced with crack,of course.

So I stepped on the scale and screamed like a crazed lunatic. Wyatt thought I went off my rocker. He promptly went and hid under the bed.

To tell you the truth, I haven't even been trying really. OK, I know that sounds bad. Because, believe you me, I've struggled just the same as all y'all with the weigh loss thang. But what I mean is I didn't stress about it. I made a decision that it's possible that I have been eating too much. I mean, I've tried every diet under the damn sun, from Slim-notsoFast to protein shakes to eating high protein/low carb to eating 6 meals a day......everything. Nothing really seemed to stick.

Then it hit me. I noticed I was eating all freaking day! WTF? (See, there's my WTF Wednesday moment for Miss Drazzypants!) I mean really, what in the farts is wrong with me if I think snacking all damn day on 'good' foods still won't make me fat. Or at least not fat, but not thin-er.  If I'm getting 2000 a day and not losing weight, clearly I need to drop the calories. Sometimes my ditziness just amazes me. Seriously.

Ok, to get to the point. I decided that I'm eating to much, which I just explained above in way too much detail, so I just took it down a notch. I eat 3 small meals a day. I stop when I'm full. Usually a banana for breakfast, mixed with a little of the crackjuice. Yes, yes, the Mt. Dew addiction has come back. Temporarily of course. Then for lunch is a small salad, or a sandwich. Then dinner is some sort of protein, like a chicken breast, or a hamburger, or tonight we're having salmon and I'm grilling some zucchini. That's it! No chips, or cookies, or ice cream, or crap in between meals or after meals. I mean, I've had an ice cream sammy here and there, but not every damn day, like I was.

I haven't limited myself from anything. I ordered a huge steak and french fries the other night and ate about 3 ounces of the steak and about 2 fries. And I was STUFFED! Ryan was like, 'That's it? That's all you're eating?!' And I was like yup. I even ate a little more than I really wanted too, because I had that 'I want to puke all over this booth right now to feel better' moment after I was finished.

But you know what else I've noticed lately? I can't eat fast food anymore. The other morning, I was like, Mmmmmmmm sausage, egg and cheese biscuit from Braums......YESSSSS! I thought, 'I've been good, I can splurge.' Not.The.Best.Idea. Pretty sure I felt like a pound of grease had solidified in my stomach. I couldn't eat anything all day because I was terrified I'd blow chucks. I can still have a few fries here and there, and maybe a hamburger, but something like that grease-biscuit, with a side of greasy tator tots, is NOT ever going to happen again.

So that's it. I know it sounds so easy.......just eat less. But it is. You know, half the time when I think I'm getting hungry I chug my full water bottle and wait 15 minutes. And I'm not hungry anymore. I think all those times when I thought I was hungry I was actually thirsty! Who knew!

Now it's time to think about maintenance. Christ on a crutch. How the farts do you do that?!

I also think it's time to hit the weights. Some of this flab needs to be fab. Fo' realz. I'm thinking about just doing 50 sit-ups, 50 push-ups, and 50 squats 3 times a week and see where that gets me. It's simple, not structured. Easy peezy lemon squeezy.

So anyway. That's my news! I'm at a weight that I'm super duper happy with! Finally. That only took about 7 years. Meh.

Now the challenge is keeping it from going back up! And working on my muscle definition. That's going to be fun.

Gotta run Cupcakes!!!



  1. You Rock! So Awesome! Please let some of your awesome skinny-ness rub off on me.

  2. You are amazing and have done some pretty damn amazing things. I love your blog and it gives me huge inspiration!


  3. Great job!! Keeping it simple when you start weights is the easiest way to stick with it. Maybe you can get a dvd like Jillian's Shred It with weights to do a few times a week. So proud of you!!

  4. dont talk to me anymore. FINE! Keep talking to me, but you should know I am drinking a regular cocacola and eating oreos and probably getting fatter by the moment!

  5. Great job, girlie! I'm so proud of you, impressed by you and inspired. I'm getting fired up!

  6. Maybe you aren't eating enough? Ya...ya! See, I've heard that when you're working out you really need to eat more because your body thinks its starving so it hangs onto the fat you do eat. Ahhem...that's what I tell myself (when I have cherry pie for breakfast)

  7. Nice job Laura! You're a total rockstar!


  8. Just a reminder - when you start lifting weights or doing anything to build up that beautiful muscle, the scale is going to go up, too. So skip the scale. Get out a tape measure if you want feedback. Cause that waist 'll be shrinking while them abs are gaining definition.

    Just a reminder. Cause I know you know.

    Awesome all the way around!!!

  9. INCREDIBLE FEELING ! I would jumping up and down on a pogo stick. That is incredible. How long ago did you get your band, I guess i'm wondering how long it took you to get this goal and what is your total?

  10. Congratulations Laura. I'm thrilled for you.

  11. that is awesome! Love to hear it!


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