Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Just a typical Sunday night with The Husband.....

Let me set the scene for you: We're sitting downstairs watching something on TV. I don't recall what was on, but it was a commercial break, so I wasn't really paying attention. Then an eHarmony commercial comes on........

The Husband: "Maybe I should try out that eHarmony thing."

Me: Gives him the WTF look from Hell.

The Husband: "What?!"

Me: "You do know you're already married, right? As in hitched, matched, not single, wedding ring and shit."

The Husband: "Yeah, I know. But I'd like to see who they match me up with."

Me: Continues to give the WTF look from Hell. Only now with fire shooting out of my eyeballs.

The Husband: "It'd just be interesting, ya know, to see who'd get picked for me.
The Husband: *sigh*
The Husband:  "They'd probably pick Carrie Underwood."

Me: *rolls eyes overly dramatic like*

Never a dull moment with this guy folks. Never a dull moment at all.


The husband sent me a text yesterday regarding this amazing conversation. I'd like to share.

The Husband: 'I liked your blog today, you should put a picture with it, some people might not know who she is. If they could see a picture they might remember.'

As if anyone doesn't know who Skinny Leg's McUnderwood is.

Me: 'I think you just want a picture to look at.'

The Husband: 'No, I have a picture of you to look at, I was just trying to help your readers. It might help the story if you photoshopped me in also.

Me: 'Oh.My.God.'

Well, here you go Honey.

You're welcome.

I'm the best wife ever.
And I expect flowers for this shit.


  1. lol! you are way hotter than Carrie Underwood---tell him THAT!

  2. After they saw his six pack I am sure that is who they would pick. Too bad she is hitched too.

  3. Here we call that getting someone's goat. Yours has been got!!! LOL

  4. Right after they paired you with Ryan Reynolds!

  5. I've often wondered if hubby & I both signed up would put us together. ;)

  6. I sincerely hope you countered with "I'm sure my profile would be the perfect match for Ryan Reynolds" - before you shanked him.

  7. Damn, how many people can say "Well since I am clearly going to be paired with Ryan Reynolds, I suppose you need to have someone!"

    Boys are funny, aren't they. xx

  8. Set him up an account. Once he gets a look at what's out there- he will kiss your feet!

  9. Holy crap that's funny!!!!
    Love Beth's response too!!

  10. Hilarious! When Mo takes pictures of me I tell him I'll use them as a Match.com profile photo. HA!

  11. Hilarious!!! Forget flowers, I think you need a new purse for that!

    P.S. Eharmony matched me with my hubby & vice versa. :)

  12. I think we need to frame that picture.


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