Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

Chicago Recap #2/Picture Overload Style.

I know, right, finally, for Christ's sake.
I'm sorry. It's been a shithole week.
And I know most of you have seen these on FB, but you'll just have to live with it.

Starting out, after meeting a shitload of wonderful women on the patio (2.shitmypants minutes after I got to the hotel), we went back to the room and had a little Skype action with Miss Brandy.

We then got ready and headed out for a night of drinks and karaoke at a local club.

Ronnie, Maria, Debi and Beth Ann. Aren't these girls the cutest!!!

Miss Angela waiting to pick 'her song'.

All smiles from Miss Jen!

And then there's Dawnya. God I love that girl.

This picture just cracks me up. I mean, get it Angela. You got moves like Jagger.

Miss Jenny all sparkles!

The night of karaoke I got supremely wasted, so pretty much all day Friday I burrowed under the covers in my hotel room because I got a migraine. It was awesome.

I did venture out at about 2 to eat a late lunch with some lovely ladies at Dick's Last Resort. If you're not familiar that's the restaurant that the servers treat you like shit. Why was there not one around in my high school/college days so I could have spent that 10 years of waiting tables being a bitch??? And not just 10 years faking that I'm not a bitch. Bullshit I tell you.
The nice 'hats' our server made for us.
Yes, yes they are. And clearly I'm very happy about it.
Friday night was the meet and greet and our room crawls. Just like a pub crawl only from hotel room to hotel room. I freaking loved it! Well, except for the feeling of wanting to hurl because I was still hungover. But it was a fantastic way to meet a ton of ladies and it did force me to be out of my comfort zone because I had to be in other peoples rooms, sometimes without my roomie sidekicks. So it was good.

Then on Sat we hit up a breakfast spot. It was nice to get to sit with some new faces!!!

After breakfast we decided to make it down to Navy Pier. We  walked there, so we could see the beautiful city.

We have no idea why we decided to stand next to this particular statue. Whatevs.

And the girls decided to rest a little. They didn't make room for me. Rude.

Finally we're here!!!

And then Debi got a hold of my camera.

Just look at miss Sassypants Ronnie. Attitude.

Taking the boat taxi back up to Michigan Ave.
Saturday night was the 'big dinner'. We had reservations (actually a whole two rooms) reserved for us with our own private bartender and everything. It was awesome. It was a Brazilian restaurant where they serve you food from skewers of meat. I'd never been before, so I prepared myself for extreme gorging. (And totally dominated that mission.)

Texas girls!

Ronnie loves vodka & diets. Like......LOVES them.

This is one of the servers with his big piece of meat. And extremely large ax, I mean knife.

Miss Sandra taking pictures. That girl always had her camera out!

I did forget to mention that Ronnie and I went shopping Sat afternoon. Pretty much cleaned out this store called Agachi. It was like a grown up Forever21. I.Loved.It.
And I got these killer boots, that I've practically worn every day since.

Ok, I know I didn't exactly do 10 Things Thursday, but I'm in a rush. Work is a exploding bag of elephant shit right now. Yay for overtime.

Oh, and there's an update for that conversation I had with my husband the other night. If you haven't read it yet, you might wanna CHECK IT OUT.



  1. LOVE all the pictures! Thanks for sharing.


  2. Funtimes!!! I look skeered! Love the boots.

  3. Ok seriously... I missed's official. I REALLY hope there is a BOOBS 2013....

  4. LOL, love all the pics. Had a blast with you. Hugs!

  5. Cute boots!!!! Cute pics!! If only the weather would get under 90 - i would like to wear boots, a sweater - something!

  6. Love all your pics! Your boots are super cute!

  7. I love all your pics! Looks so fun! I'm so proud of you for conquering your anxiety to do this. I thought about you when I went to BodyPump last night for the 1st time.


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