Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ten Things Thursday


Yes, I think it's time to get out of this slump and move on. Seriously. There's only so much fried fatty chocolately goodness that you can shove in your hole while camped on your pooper with a 12-pack under your arms without feeling like shit. And it's official folks, I feel like shit.
So here's my goals. Not all are health related either.
Written down for all the world to see.
And hopefully to get my lazy heifer ass moving.

1. EXERCISE!!!! For Christ sake Laura, just move your ass!!! Seriously. It's been A F*CKING century since you did anything but 12 ounce curls!!!

-NEW PLAN: A. Run/walk (because y'all know after kickin' it laid-back-big-ass style for the last 6 months, there's no way I'm going to be able to just pick up and run a 5K, nope, not gonna happen) at least 2 times a week.
                        B. Weights at least 2 times a week. This could be a video, or just sit-ups/lunges/etc sort of crap or anything but lifting a 1/2 pound bag of Halloween Kit Kats.

2. MORE VEGGIES!!!! Yes, my diet has been the equivalent of 7 year old trapped in a candy factory lately. That shit's going to stop.

-NEW PLAN: A. Add some sort of veggie once a day. Can be salad or carrots or whatthef*ckever. Just something!

3. MORE PROTEIN/LESS CARBS!!! Pretty sure every meal for the last 4,932 days has been nothing but bread, pasta, more bread, potatoes, bread, and pasta. Kickin' it carb-load-up style is a thing of the past!

-NEW PLAN: A. Only allow 1 serving of carb a day. So, for lunch if I want a tortilla wrap, then that tortilla is my carb choice. If I want cereal for breakfast, then nothing carbtastic for the rest of the day.
                        B. Make sure I get protein at every meal.  Start cooking chicken breasts again, and adding in yogurt, etc.

4.  NO SODA!!!! Drinking 20+ ounces of the crack juice, also known as Mt. Dew, a day is ridiculous.

-NEW PLAN: A. If I need a little caffeinated jolt, I am to drink tea. That's it.

5. SAVE $$$$!!!! Get your shit together Laura! Spending $300 (for 2 people!) at the grocery store every 5 minutes is beyond idiotic.

-NEW PLAN: A. Save at least $100 every month!! I can do this! Put $50 in savings every paycheck, first thing, NO EXCEPTIONS!
                        B. Create a budget! Just spending willy nilly all the time isn't doing me any favors. I need to have limits. For everything. I'm going to look at the bills, figure out how much I have left over for groceries, spending, entertainment, etc then make allowances for myself and STICK TO THEM!

6. DRINK 72+ OZ WATER PER DAY!!!! I will feel soooo much better if I really chug. Water that is.

-NEW PLAN: A. Make sure I fill up my water jug at least 3 times a day. 

7. And I need some sort of incentive to keep this up. Just the good knowledge that I'm a badass isn't going to work. I need shoes, or clothes, So I need a time frame for all of this.


If I can complete 30 days of the 'new me', then I deserve................................ NEW BLACK BOOTS.
Yup, I've wanted a pair of tall black boots for years. And I think if I get one month done, which is the hardest, then I get to have them. So there.

OCT 29th - NOV 27th=NEW BOOTS.

8.  And I need to keep a routine record of how I'm doing. If I just say I'm going to do all this amazingpants crap, then don't keep myself accountable, I won't do it. So I vow to blog about how I did on the previously week every Monday. (Or at least the beginning of the new week.) I'm going to keep track of the exercise, a general overview of my diet, how my spending is going ie budget, and how many days I made or surpassed my water goal.

9.  Knowing me, I'm also going to need a cheat day. If I don't get to indulge in something that's not good for me, then I might as well kiss those pretty black boots goodbye. So, I get one cheat day. Lets be more specific and say I get 2 cheat meals a week. If I want them all in one day, then so be it, or if I want to mix it up throughout the week, goody goody gumdrops to me.

10. Review!
1. Exercise-Cardio & Weights
2. Veggies
3. More Protein/Less Carbs
4. No Soda
5. Save $$/Budget
6. Drink 72oz of Water

Time frame=30 days
Prize: New Black Boots

Record my progress at the beginning of every week.

And I get 2 'cheat meals' per week.

Clearly I'm starting out with a bang.

I can do this. I can do this. I can do this.

And y'all better help me out!! I need your super human support like it's no tomorrow!
Thank you in advance! I puffy heart y'all!

Have a great week y'all!


  1. Specific.

    Yep! SMART lady with SMART goals!! YOU CAN DO THIS.

    < insert puffy heart here >

  2. Right on will rock this...and black cool!

  3. Come over and make my fat ass do all those things with you! Please and Thank You.

  4. it wrong if all I want to say is that I love the pink, blue and green colors you used in this post? Is it? Huh? Huh?

    Oh fine. I'll say I love you too.

  5. You SO got this woman. I also love the tall black boots. I just got some brown ones last weekend. You can do this for 30 days! *hugs*

  6. Good luck on giving up the crack juice. I have tried (and failed) so many times.

  7. LOVE your goals!!!

    you got this girl!!!


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