Monday, November 5, 2012

Goals Challenge-Week 1 Wrap-up

Well, I made it through the first week.

Bad news is I didn't meet all my goals. I came really, really, really close, but failed on my exercise goal. Gawd, why do I have to hate exercise sooooo much!!!!

Ok. Enough whining.
Here's how I did:

1. Exercise-Cardio & Weights 4 times a week.--50%--Only made it twice for a walk with the puppy. No weights. I'm a loafing heifer.

2. More Veggies--100%--Had some sort of major veggie at least 2 out of the three meals a day. Salad or corn or something.

3. More Protein/Less Carbs--100%--Had protein at every meal. Limited myself to only one serving of carbs a day.

4. No Soda--75%--I broke down and had the crackjuice (Mt. Dew) on Sunday. *Hangs my head in shame*

5. Save $$/Budget--100%--Put 20% of my paycheck into savings, that's 10% up than what I said I would. I also decided that instead of spending $50 per week on groceries, that I'd buy a $100 gift card for the two weeks. After making my grocery list, I noticed that I really spend the bulk of my money the first and third week of the month, then little things the second and fourth weeks. So new plan is still $200 per month in groceries, I just get to spend $100 every two weeks.

6. Drink 72oz of Water--100%--If there was a 10,000% percent I'd totally put that! I dominated this like a BOSS! I got at least 72, if not close to 100 last week!!! Woop Woop!!!!

So, all in all I'm really proud of myself for completing most of my goals. That being said I want to kick my own very large pooper for not getting my exercise on. 4 times a week is not that hard. Geesh. This week will be better though!!!

I probably won't exercise tonight because my stomach feels like an mutant alien is trying to erupt from my uterus. But I'm sure tomorrow I'll feel better. Everyone get down on a knee and pray with me that this is the case.

Oh, and tune in tomorrow for a very special 'Ryan' post.
Seriously folks. I'm one lucky gal to have that guy as a husband.


  1. You are my sunshine, my only sunshine....lalala ♪♫♪♫
    Just thought you should know that.

  2. Nicely done LB! :) Now step away from the crackjuice!

  3. Good work! I think you kicked ass!

  4. great job chica---still can't believe you can get your groceries down you rock!

  5. I think you did great. I did nothing but eat like a big ole pig all day yesterday and I'm up big time on the scale today!
    keep up the great work.


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