Monday, November 26, 2012

You need to buy what?!

Phone convo I had with the husband this morning:

Me: "Hello?"

Ryan: "I need to buy a new gun."

Me: "Excuse me?"

Ryan: "I'm going to have to buy a new gun. Soon."

Me: "Really."

Ryan: "Yes. Really."

Me: "And why do you need another gun, exactly?"

Ryan: "Well, my boss, Chris is trying to get voted as best boss of the year. And he just informed me that he is taking me and some other guys from work on a hunt in January."

Me: "And you can't use the 24 other guns that are just sitting in the safe downstairs for this hunting trip?"

Ryan: "No. Because this is a special hunt. WE'RE GOING TO BE SHOOTING HOGS FROM A HELICOPTER!!!!!"

At this point his voice starts getting a little high and you can tell that someone just gave him the best present ever. Kid in a candy store people.

Me: "Really."

Ryan: "YES!!!! Hogs!!! From a HELICOPTER!!! So that's why I need to buy an AR-15 semi-automatic gun. Because you just can't shoot any gun from a helicopter. It's got to be a badass gun. Because this is badass!"

Me: "Oh.My.God."

Thank you Chris for aiding in my husband's hunting addiction. It's very nice of you.

In case you're wondering what exactly you do on these hog hunts, here's a little video:

And before y'all get all animal rights on me, there are an overabundance of these hogs. And they tear up crops/land/etc and make it virtually useless. Seriously, there are so many of these hogs in the south that they can't keep up with them, just by trapping them. That's why you can shoot them out of a helicopter. Like Rambo. There's just no other way to keep them under control. And this makes my husband very, very happy.

There are no words to describe the feelings I have by being married to that man. None at all.

**UPDATE**  All I heard last night was, "HOGS OUT OF A F*CKING HELICOPTER!!!!" All.Night.Long. Every 5 minutes. Oh, and that might have been the last thing that the husband said to me today before he left for work. That's love people. Real love.


  1. Your husband is more expensive than a child! But it does sound like a bad ass way to hog hunt. I bet you kinda wish you were going. Admit it!

  2. Is there really a need to be dressed in camo when you are shooting the hogs from a helicopter? I feel like I have a lot of "I had to buy it" conversations too, but usually after the purchase. Good Luck.

  3. Can he drop down a lasso and wrangle me up a teacup piglet? Please please? I'll love him FOR EVERZZZ!!

    Gotta agree with Miss S - you know you wanna go too!!! : )

  4. My hubs is totes jealous. Hogs are considered pests in TN and there is year round open season on them now. Now my husband wants to buy an AR as well.


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