Thursday, November 1, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

Hello all!!!
How you doin'? Whatch you doin'?

Ready for another 10 random things all about what goes on in my exciting life that I write down here for your own pure joy & fulfillment?
Me too.

1. So. I was a cowgirl for Halloween.

More than one person said that my outfit really 'fit' me.
WTF is that about? Am I supposed to be a cowgirl in real life then?
Or are my hickish ways pretty obvious to just about everyone and they just assume that this is what I wear on my days off?
I'm not gonna lie, I had ALL that in my closet. You're shocked, I know. Get over it. And the shirt......bought it at a 2nd hand store and noticed yesterday morning that just above the tag is written 'Mertle H'. I'd just like to take a moment and thank Mertle for his shirt. Thank you Mertle! It was totally worth the 50 cents.

Oh, and lets not comment on the shittasticness of the mess on my desk behind me, mmkay?

2.  I took a cheat meal last night. And that cheat meal was the fabulous monster burrito and all the Halloween candy I could stomach.
Why, yes, I did buy the Halloween candy strictly for the kiddies. And yes, some of that candy just happened to be orange Kit Kats. And I may or may not have slapped more than one little kiddie's hand away from my beloved chocolaty goodness as they greedily reached in the candy bowl for it. It happens.

And as far as the monster burrito......well, I blame my co-worker and friend Vicky who just happened to tell me that Chipotle was giving away burritos for $2 if you were in costume.
Sign this cowgirl up!
And I'm sure you'll be surprised......but I polished off that ENTIRE burrito like a boss.

That may have possibly contributed to my 2 lb weight gain this morning......

3.  Someone was very excited to hand out candy last night.

He'd wait patiently at the door, then when people would start up the drive he'd do his weird throaty growl that sounds something like a cross between a lion and a seal doin' the nasty. Not that I'd know what that sounds like. All tough dog. Then once I opened the door, ohhhhh man, we couldn't stick our head out of the door fast enough to get a little pet from the trick-or-treaters. Tough dog my ass. All bite.

4.  And while the puppy handed out candy, I decided to do something special with all those pumpkin seeds I took out of these bad boys:

I scoured the web for some DeeeeLish recipes for roasted seeds and settled on one that was a little spicy with some garlic flavor.
Basically for 3 cups of seeds, add 1/4 c butter (melted), 2T Worcestershire, garlic powder, paprika, blackening seasoning and I added some fake salt. Mix together and bake for 1.5 hours, stirring every 15 min, at 300 degrees. Here's going into the oven:

And of course we have the final product, which has sneakily made it into my desk:
I will eat them all. All three cups. None for any one else.

5.  Oh, btw, the goal challenge thing is going just swimmingly. I've met or exceed my goals to date. Which is good. I'm worried about this Sat, because I'll be at the KSU football game, and I'm not sure about the water or the good eating. But my goal is to bring my big jug of water then buy water bottles and stash them in the cooler. That should help. And I'll probably bring some hummus for the tailgate, being that I just made like a gallon of it last night, and add some veggies, and waaaalaaa......healthy snack.

6. I saw this on the Trest of Pin, thought it was appropriate.
So true.

7.  I ran last night. Like actually moved-faster-than-a-drunk-sloth ran. It was probably only a half mile or so, but I was pretty proud of myself. Puppy and I started out for a walk, but I had just brought home that delectable burrito (mentioned above) and it was just sitting on the table, waiting for me. (I can't eat before I work out or chunks tend to fly.) So what better reason to make my ass move faster than giant calorie-laden over-stuffed Mexican food????? That's when I decided that we needed to pick up the pace on our normal 30 min walk so I could get to stuffing my hole faster. It worked. I ran and I made it back to the house in 20 min to a still semi-warm burrito.

I should do that more often.

8.  I need y'all's opinion on something. Lets say that you've decided to limit your intake of.........say chocolate. Chocolate being your one 'gotta have' item. If you're stressed, you turn to chocolate. If you're bored, you turn to chocolate. You just plain love chocolate and want some almost all the time. You feelin' me on this so far? OK, good.

So you've decided that chocolate is really not that great for you. Especially when you eat it almost every day. You decide to limit yourself, only allowing it a few times a week, hoping to ween yourself off it completely at some point.

But it's hard. Really hard. And basically if you see ANY chocolate, you start to get these overwhelming cravings. And you just gotta have it. You almost can't control yourself, because now you've seen it and it's going to be on your mind till you finally have some.

So you've hidden all the chocolate in sight. Or at least you've put it places where you don't look every day. Out of sight, out of mind, kinda deal. And it's worked. You haven't craved any, you haven't touched any, you're good.

Then. Someone near you, who knows you're trying to limit yourself, shoves a huge ass orange Kit Kat in their mouth. Right in front of you.

Now all you can think about is F*CKING chocolate. And how much you miss the taste of it, and how much you want it. And there's some, just right in the next room, just begging your name. All because this person wanted what you're trying to limit yourself, and savored it right in front of you.

Now, my question is this: Do you have a right to be pissed at that someone for eating what you can't have, right in front of you? Or should you battle your own demons, and just suck it up and practice that ever-f*cking bitch Mrs. Self Control?

I'd also like to point out, that you repeatedly asked said someone to leave the room, and they refused. You don't mind if they partake in the chocolaty goodness, you'd just prefer it if they did it OUT OF your sight.

So. Do you have a right to be pissed? Or should you let this slide?

Sorry, that was kind of a long one, and a real downer. But I gotta know y'all's thoughts.

9. OHHHH!!! Today is my trunk show with Stella & Dot jewelry!!!!! GET EXCITED!!! I know most of you know what Stella & Dot is, being that it's all over the blogosphere. But if you don't know, no biggie. Just go to my FB page to find out more info HERE! Or you can go directly to the Stella & Dot website HERE!

It's not too early to start thinking about Christmas gifts!!!!

10.  OK, and last but not least. I know I've been absent from the blog community for weeks now, as far as commenting, but life is a shitstorm of epic proportions. I'm trying to keep up on blogs, but I admit, I haven't looked at some of y'all's in forever. I'm SO sorry!!! I'm going to try and catch up, but just know that I'm going to be reading only, I may not have time for comments.

One of these days my life won't be such a chaotic cluster-f*ck.
And I wouldn't feel like this every day:
That makes me laugh every.time.



  1. Hmm, that's a tough situation. I'm not sure how externally pissed I'd get - but I'd definitely say something at a less stressed time, like "you know, this is really hard for me, and I need you to understand that what you did is not supportive at all - and that makes me sad because you're someone I like to have on my team" or something like that. Ugh - this is why I asked my hubby to buy the Hween candy and to keep it in his man cave so I don't even have to think about it.

    Good luck (and LOVE the cowgirl outfit!)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I would be stuffing the kit kat wrapper down someones throat. Wow- I sound mean.

  4. What a wanker!!!
    I think it depends on who the person is. If it is your husband or a very close friend then I'm with Robyn and ramming the wrapper down their throat.
    A friend but not such a close friend would warrant a calm, polite "I don't know if you realised how hard I was trying but I am and that was very unhelpful. Don't do it again. Thanks."
    Any one else I'm thinking silently seething and the replacing of their chocolate hoard with a laxative could work? xx

  5. I would leave the room, go potty, go get a drink of water..something. I don't get mad anymore when lets just say my hubby eats his candy and cookies, I just leave the room while he is doing it. My weakness is oreos and chocolate..they are not allowed in my house. period. I can't stop at one. Period. I do allow an occasional chocolate almonds...think I got that love of them from you actually! I think you look super cute in your redneck outfit...and it does suit you in a cutie pie sort of way! Glad you posted...I was missing you.....

  6. In some states I think that is grounds for murder.

    My Hunter sat out with me and handed out treats. He was more than happy to point out wich ones were his favorites and gave me sad puppy eyes when they walked off with said candy instead of unwrapping it for him. Poor guy!!

  7. I would cut a bitch )or at least punch her in the face). And then I would take her Kit Kat and eat it myself.

  8. Hey Cowgirl!

    Thanks for posting the pumpkin seed recipe. I'm all about seeds.

    I enjoyed reading.


  9. In the mood I've been in lately I'd be beating someone senseless. Sorry I haven't been around much lately. Life is complicated right now.

  10. Hi! I had the chance to pick out 5 of my favorite blogs, and I nominated you for a blogger's award. Here's my post with the information:

    You may have already done this one...but if not, hope you can do it!

  11. I will KEEEEEL you! HAAA! love that!

    Your pumpkins were awesomely awesome and you totally cheated on the Halloween Costume. I would've pictured you as a big bag of jelly bellys (although you probably wouldn't have been able to sit all day. Did you SEE that costume? Craziness).


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