Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

It's that time again!!!!
Get excited!!!

1.  Well, it's only appropriate to use the #1 spot for the #1 FOOTBALL TEAM IN THE NATION........  

Yes, yes, by beloved CATS are #1 and I couldn't be prouder. I love me some purple.

I'd just like to take this moment to thank Texas A & M for beating the shit out of those backwoods Alabama Crimson Tide. Sorry 'bout your loss 'Bama. But not really.

Now we have to make the decision whether or not we go to the BCS National Championship Bowl Game in Miami on the 7th of January (that's banking on that KSU will play anyway, we still have 2 games left)........ummmmmm, hummmmmmm, let me think............... YES!!! I'm so going!! Ryan hasn't made up his mind yet, but don't y'all worry, I will use my powerful 'ways' to get him to say yes. And if that doesn't work, I'll throw a tantrum like a snotty 2 year old in the toy aisle.

2.  And while we're on the Wildcat train, last weekend I got the amazing opportunity to head down to Ft. Worth, TX to see the Wildcats play TCU. We have some very good friends that live just outside of Ft. Worth, so I had a free place to stay. (Thanks Matt & Jess!!!) And I rode down with 2 of the cutest and most fun girls ever, and didn't have to pay for gas, which was an unexpected BONUS! Thank you Jordan and Will for charging the shit out of your company card for gas!!!! Serious, y'all, those girls and I did not stop talking the entire 6 hours down. Just gab, gab, gab......all the way to longhorn country. It was amazeballs.

Of course the first thing we did was stop at a Mexican food restaurant to stuff our faces with ginormous burritos.
I did not eat that whole thing.
I just ate most of it.
I have no shame.

3.  Since I needed a full night to recover from that monstrosity, we didn't venture out till the next day. Friday was filled with shopping, shopping and more shopping. I got jewelry, a wallet, purple flats (of course), and I may or may not have had everyone wait an hour past lunch so that I slurp down this delish beverage:
That is what the restaurant called a Dirty Sanchez.
Yes. I slurped a Dirty Sanchez.
Don't hate.
And again, I have no shame.

For those of you that are wondering what the hell is in that, it's basically like a bloody mary mixed with beer. Pretty much my husbands Go-To drink of choice.

I might have texted him that picture in the middle of his work day on Friday.
He was not amused.

This restaurant also had a shitload of tequila:
I did not drink any.
I know. You're shocked.
You'll get over it.

4. So, with a mild buzz, and bellies full, Jordan and I headed out to the Water Gardens in downtown Ft. Worth. It was amazing! Such a cool spot! I didn't get a lot of pics, but got these:
Look at Miss Jordan. She put on her sassy pants for the water gardens. She's so cute.

And then there's me. looking like a hot mess. Ugh.
5.  Finally, the game on Saturday!!! We started tailgating at about 1pm. I, however, didn't start 'tailgating' until about 3 or 4 pm. And then I limited my 'tailgating' to only a few.

I think I might have stayed up till 3am the night before, shooting the shit and drinking with one of Matt's  buddies. I have no idea what we talked about. But I'm sure it was scintillating. That poor guy got a big dose of drunky-drunk LauraBelle. Eh, gotta break 'em in eventually.

So, lets just say I wasn't really in the mood for booze on game day.

But I pushed through, like the champ that I am. Dolphin claps for me.

We arrived at the TCU stadium and I was a little blown away by how differently TCU dresses for games, and K-Staters dress for games.

I mean, here in hickville country, we wear boots, jeans, t-shirts, and eventually drool running down our chin because we drank too much.

But ohhhhhh no. Not at fancy-pants TCU.

Since TCU's colors are purple, like KSU's, their fans decided to do a 'black-out'. Basically wearing all black, so you can tell the difference in the fans.

Wanna know what the 7,000 little Miss Prisses TCU wore????
Freaking short ass little black dresses with their hair all did and their $900 never-touched-shit cowboy boots.
I mean, Ladies, we're at a football game. Not the Winter Formal dance.
Get it together before next year, because let me tell'll get a little 'shock' when you travel up to Manhappiness, KS.

OK, moving on.
We got seats in.....well, not the most desirable location, but hey, we could still see the game, and had a fantastic view of the city.
Welcome to nose-bleed.

It was an awesome game.
Despite the 60mph winds. WTF Texas? I left KS for nice calm 80 degree weather. You disappointed.

But it was still an awesome game. So glad I went!!!

6.  Oh, while shopping on Friday (sorry, I know this is out of order, just leave it to the randomness that is my brain), but I saw something that I NEED. No, not want. NEED.
I need these.
I'm taking donations now.

Oh, why the donations????

Because these mamajamas cost $400. Yes. FOUR.HUNDRED.DOLLARS.
WTF bootmakers? I no have that kind of money for pretty boots!!!

But I can drool. And hope. And pray. And sell my body. Wait, that might have gotten a little out of control. But not really.
Basically, I'll do anything to get these. Anything.

7.  OK, completely off the subject. I have another Ryan story for you. And holllllllyyyyy moly. It's a doozy.
Let me set the scene: We're watching TV last night, just having a grand ol' time, then Ryan has a sneeze-fest.

Ryan: 'AhhhhhhCHOOOOO.'

I look over and he's got his hands covering his face. Then, to my horror, he pulls his hands away to assess the damage.

Me: 'WHY do you do that?! Every.Time?! It's so gross!!'

Ryan gets up and goes to the bathroom to 'take care of business'. Comes back in.

Ryan: 'What?'

Me: 'You always look at your snot when you have a huge sneeze! Why do you do that?! If it's wet and sticky and it hits your hand, it's bad! Just keep your hands over your mouth till you get to the bathroom and can clean up!! I don't need to see that shit!'

Ryan: ''s kinda like when you take a big dump. I mean, you know it's a good one. It's been backed up awhile, and you know it's ALL out now. You just GOTTA look. Like, before you wipe, you kinda shimmy up and glance over to see how monstrous it really is. Then you wipe and flush. Because if you wipe first the toilet paper covers it and you can't see your achievement. It's the same with snot. I just gotta see.'


See ladies? This is what YOU could be married to.
Don't hate.

**UPDATE**My husband would like you all to know that he is kidding about that. He really doesn't look at his 'achievements' He thinks that's gross. So I guess he said it for our enjoyment only. lol.

8.  I ran again last night. Yes, yes. You should cheer for me. Because it was a solid 2.5 miles. Pretty much doubled my run length from last week.

I credit Duck Dynasty.
I know, I know, I'm weird like that.
It's just that it was on when I was running, and I was having such a great time watching it, I forgot that I really didn't know what I was doing on a treadmill.
Exactly Jase. Exactly.
God I love that show.

9.  That reminds me that I never did a recap about my challenge for last week. Well, here's the deal-eo.
I rocked it.
Yup. Like a boss.

I ate pretty good, got in all my water, dominated my work outs. I did it all!!! Week #2 = SUCCESS!!!

I haven't decided what I want as my 'prize'. Mainly because I'm broke. But Friday is payday, and I just might have to get a new movie. I've been dying to get a DVD of The Lucky One, The Avengers, and Sherlock Holmes.
Yes, I realize I have a unique taste in movies. It's how I roll.

And so far this week I've been doing fan-freaking-tastic! I ran last night, and even got up this morning and did push ups, sit ups, and lunges.
Look at me go.

10.  Well, to end this long ass TTT, I will tell you that my weekend will suck donkey balls. I have to work on Saturday. 7am-3pm. I hate my life.

So, while y'all are lazing around, just think of me. Working away. In a metal building. With little bitty windows that you can barely see the glorious sunshine outside.And no beer.
I repeat. I hate my life.

Oh well, it's just one day. Then next week is a shorty!!!

Cheers Everyone!!!


  1. I think that first KSU pic is a little dated, they haven't played Nebraska, Colorado or Missouri for a while. I thought you typed sneeze-fart and not sneeze-fest, the rest of your story didn't help that. Haha! Loved your post, have a great weekend.

  2. Ok I am a gross gross girl...I look at both, the sneeze the pooh...I mean really I have to make sure there is nothing out of the ordinary in it..or maybe its like reading tea leaves :)
    and I lUVE duck dynasty....just started watching it, it cracks me the f up!

  3. HAHAHA, you slurped a Dirty Sanchez

  4. I have just recently discovered Duck it!


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