Friday, April 5, 2013

No pregnancy update, just random shit. I know, same as every other post. It's fine. Read it anyway.

Ok, I know I'm supposed to post my 20th pregnancy update and all, but I've been about batshit cray cray since.....well......we sold our house. But you're just going to have to wait.
Calm down.
You can deal.

But I will tell you, and it has nothing to do with the baby, that we looked at that house last night and it's AMAZEBALLS!!!! OhMyGiddyAunt! It's perfect! The land is just stellar. Big ol' trees and tons of pasture, a BIG creek with CLEAR water (this is huge in KS where everything is a cow-poo infested mud hole), the pond had water in it, there were turkey feathers and deer tracks everywhere (so Ryan's sold).

Only bad part is the house has been neglected for a little while. Nothing that we can't handle. There's one major fix that we'd have to get done, and that is the master bath. Some dumpshit tried to put in a new jaccuzi tub and shower and didn't hook the water line up so there was a leak, then it molded, and turned the basement ceiling brown, but just in a small area. I think we can get that taken care of pretty easy. **Note to Dumbshits That Think They Are Mr. Fix-It: You're not Mr. Fix-It. Stop trying. Just leave it up to people who have more common sense than your pea-brain has. Thank  you.**

The rest is painting, cleaning, general maintenance, etc. 

But! With all that work that needs to be done, we're thinking we can get the sellers to come down really low on the price!!

Keep those fingers crossed!!!

On another note, I'm going to Manhattan this weekend. (That's my college alma mater....KSU! GO CATS!) It will be the first time I'm in Aggieville (the bar district) sober. -----------------> Ever.

As a friend put it, 'at least you might remember it this time'. Not the point Kevin....not the point. Exact opposite of the point. Aggieville=binge drinking and no memories. And it's supposed to be that way. It's truly better for us all.

Just kidding.


Positive note, it'll be the first time we don't have to worry about taking a taxi home with a driver that is most likely drunker than we are, because I'll be designated DD. Hooray.
Serious folks, I can't even count the number of times that I almost died because of a wasted cabby.

That's the pretty town I live in now!
And they are BadASS!!!!

Oh, and I've eaten four (smallish) brownies today & three donuts.
And I loved every calorie.

Cheers to sugar & carb loading & alcohol abstaining this weekend!!!


  1. I'm happy to hear that things may swing your way for the house. It might be lucky for you that some dumbass didn't know what he was doing. I hope so. Keeping my fingers and toes crossed.

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed for that house, it sounds amazing.

  3. Good luck talking the sellers down!! Have fun in the Little Apple :)

  4. Alright you can get by with this post BUT you still owe us a 20 week bump picture. I sooooo hope the house works out!

  5. crossing my fingers for you to get the house for a steal.

  6. Houses are totally priced high on purpose because everybody offers less. With the mold issues you should have no problem snatching up that dreamy house. Someday I'd love to live somewhere with a nice pond that I can dump koi fish into; it totally doesn't get better than that.

    Ah, binge drinking. It blurs out all the awkward times, doesn't it? I hope you have fun in your sober state.

    I've been wanting a donut so so bad in the last week. I don't think I've even eaten a donut in years. I must be overdue...

  7. I hope this house works out for you guys! Fingers crossed! (It better have a guest room.... lol)


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  9. crossing my fingers that the house works out!

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