Thursday, April 4, 2013

Ten Things Thursday

Good Day to my little Hersey Kisses!!!!
Because that's what I'm shoving in my hole right now.
No judging.

Ohhhhh Mylanta......I'm so excited. If it's as good as the pictures, this IS IT! It's 32 acres, wooded!!, has a creek and a pond on the property, it's in the location that we want, 4 bdrm, 3.5 bath, SCREENED IN PORCH!!! Which has always been a dream of mine to have. Only draw back, it's a little out of our price range. We'd really need the sellers to come down $30-40,000 (psshhhtttt, pocket change), and I just don't know if that's going to happen.
Here's pics!

Kitchen needs updated. It's got blue counter tops. That's just not going to work.

Walk out/view out basement.


Isn't it purrrrty?!?!
I'll let you know how it goes!

2.  Other good news, we found a rental house that will let us stay for 3 months, then do a month to month lease after that. YAYYYYY!!! And it's a house! Not some small ass apartment that won't allow dogs that weigh more than one of my dog's turds. It has 3 bedrooms, is pretty updated, and is in a nice neighborhood. It's going to take me a little longer to get to work, but at least we have somewhere to live till we *hopefully* get the above house!!!

3.  Look what Baby Girl got in the mail yesterday from Grandma Jo:

I'm DYING to get her in that!!!

This little chica is going to be the best dressed lady around! lol

4.   I'm going to eat this whole bag of Hershey's.
I need to stop.
I'm already there. Safe.

5.  I haven't worked out once this week. It's just been crazy busy, and by the time I get home, I've got to cook dinner, then it's like 7:30pm, and I really hate getting to the gym past 7:30 or even 8. I just feel like I'm too jazzed from the exercise to sleep then.

Which wouldn't be any big issue, because I'm not sleeping anyway.
I've woken up at 2am, pottied, then laid in bed with my stomach growling until 4:30am for the past several nights. Oh, and the growling must wake up Baby Girl because she starts doing acrobatics in there. It's not too bothersome, just weird feeling.


Next week, the gym and I are going to have a steamy love affair. No matter what!
And I'm going to sleep. Through the night. Or else.

6.  Remember when I talked about my Health Idol Chelsea last week??? Well, she started at a size 12 and is now a size 6. She's badass. I know. Anyways, she is using the website FitOrBit. You pay something like $2 a day and you get a trainer that gives you a menu plan and work out plan. And then they give you support. She loves it, and it's totally worked for her! She said it's hard, but she's followed the diet to the T, and clearly its working!!! She lost another 4lbs this week!

I've decided after I pop this nugget out, I'm totally signing up. I mean, I know how to eat right and I know I need to exercise, but even though I do that, I never stick to it, and I end up 'cheating'. I think if I had someone coaching me on, and helping me, it would be better. Plus, I've never been able to really get a good diet. I try, but sometimes I end up gaining weight, then I stall. So I think I need professional help. (In more ways than one.)

So, come August....well, lets say September, look out y'all! This blubber butt is going to get back in action!

7.  It's PIZZA DAY today at work!!!! Holy grease buckets I'm so excited about this! (after I just wrote about how I'm going to get healthy......totally normal) I'm not holding back people. I need this pizza. Not just want.....NEED. Fo'real. It just sounds soooo delicious! I'm going to load up and stuff myself till I feel so miserable all I want to do is puke or crawl under my desk and die, or both. I know it's bad, but I don't care. Ain't no one got time for that!!
Or next.....year.

8.  I got nothin'. Time to go.

Pregnancy Week 20 update tomorrow! I'm half way through the madness!!!


  1. the house looks HUGE! I love it. I hope you get it!

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  3. The house looks great, I'll cross my fingers.

  4. Oh I hope you get the house- totally love it! The baby outfit is adorable, and the next piccie makes me want chocolate pancakes- NOW!

  5. The house looks awesome!! love the porch!

  6. Fingers crossed on the house!! Looks like a lovely house to raise your new family!!!
    Oh, and good luck sleeping through the night sister, let me know how that goes!!:)

  7. Awesome house! Love those pictures! Cute baby girl outfit!!

  8. Nice house! I hope the market is soft enough for them to take your price.

    I think you could have made it to 10 if you had really tried. ;)

  9. Love the pictures of the house. I will cross my fingers that you guys find a way to get it.

  10. Hi Laura! Your blogs are so freaking entertaining, you make me laugh so much. Although I must agree with Connie O, you could have made it to 10 if you really tried! But since you have pregnancy brain, we'll cut you a little slack! Besides, you could always say your were burned out working on "someone's extremely important instrument panel project"!!! I know I would buy that excuse!! ;-)
    The house looks so wonderful!!! I really do hope you are able to find a way to make it happen. Since you're such a cool chick, I'll send a couple of my boys up there to "encourage" the owners to come down a little on the price. It's the least I can do!! Haha...
    I'm so glad to have met you!!

  11. Oooh, a screened in porch. Soooo dreamy. I want to go to there. Someday when I have a screened in porch I think I'll sit in a rocking chair on it, probably naked, drinking a gin and tonic, whistling, and eating brownies. That sounds like the best.

    Nobody ever asks for the amount that they actually want when it comes to houses. They list high to that it can come down! That place is pretty awesome. Fingers crossed!

  12. I'm in love with that house. So I'm moving in with you. You're excited, I know.... :)



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