Monday, April 15, 2013


Raise your hand if you despise Mondays????

Yup. I knew it. All y'all raised your hands.

S'Ok, Sarah and I are going to invent a new world where the work week starts on Tuesday, ends on Wednesday, and the Thursday - Monday is the weekend. And beer has no calories. And ice cream is a major food group that must be consumed daily, without the added weight to your badunkadunk.

You should come!
Everyone's invited.

Except for The Biebster.
He's annoying and can rot on the regular world with their regular work week. And fat ice cream.

Moving on.

Sooooo, my computer broke.
I think I mentioned that last week.
Well, I now know what exactly is wrong with it........
...........It's a big piece of shit.

Hey, HP, I have a little present for you:

A 4 year old computer and it's already taken a big dump.

Good news!!!!
I get to spend $2000 on a Mac!!!!

Well, the spending 2K on a computer is not the good news. But getting a Mac is!!

I'm tired of dropping $800 every 5 years to replace my computer. I should have just bought a Mac in the first place.

So I convinced the hubby we need to make a large purchase (other than a house, and baby shit). I bribed him with 'special hunting' time. Just kidding. Maybe. ;-)
And I think I'll be ordering it this week.

In other news.....
Sitting in the woods, on the hard dirt floor, waiting for Mr. Turkey to make an appearance in front of my shotgun, is not good on the already f*cked up tailbone. I feel like I'm walking around with a stick up my butt because it hurts so bad to move. And then people look at me like I had this wild orgy weekend, but in truth, it's all because of a stupid feathered bird. (Wait, that sounds bad.) Which, I might add, eluded me all weekend. No gobble gobble for me. The hubby got one. And 2 out of 3 buddies got one. But none for moi.

Hey, Turkey's, look at the above picture!
My tailbone is showing you another type of 'bird'.

Good news is my Mom's 'Turkey' (go to #6) is still standing upright and just waiting for a good kill shot.

Hope y'all's weekend was great!!
Let's have a fan-freaking-tastic week, mmmkay?!?!


  1. jelly here...I have wanted a mac for quite some time.....Can't wait to hear your review!

  2. I like the sound of this new world. Can there be chocolate lamp posts, and free cookie dispensers next to the water fountains?

    Yay for new computer! I've had my laptop for three years, but you are right; it seems as though most computers have a four or five year life span. They build the damn things to fall apart, so that a person will have to purchase a new one. Jerk-moes.

    Uggg, sorry about your poor tailbone. I one hundred percent understand. I broke mine in my early teens, so it seems that unless I visit the chiro twice a week I have to deal with pain. Le sigh. It's hard for me to afford a weekly visit, and I wish my fella would go get licensed as a chiropractor to remedy that situation. He could adjust me every morning. Best. Idea. Ever.

  3. Once you go Mac you never go back.

  4. Yay for new Macs! And yay for the cool kids hanging out in our new world!


  5. Mondays suck donkey balls. They always have. I think they always will. Ugh.

  6. It's Turkey season already?! WTH. Where did the time go? Maybe it's because it's still friggin' snowing here in Wisconsin that the whole idea of spring has eluded me!
    Guess what, it's Tuesday. happy day to you!

  7. We have far too many Mac products...But I will say, I love them all they are awesome and thankfully my school district has gone Mac, so my macbook and iPad have been given to me as an employee...I may not own them, but they are mine but they are registared to me so Thank you very much School District!!! You will love it!! Our desk top is 7 years old and has lived through 3 kids, a cat, a dog and countless other things and is still going strong!!

  8. Good choice on the Mac! My hubby bought me one for my birthday this year and love it! I will never go back to anything else!


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