Thursday, April 25, 2013

Ten Things Thursday

Yaaaaayyyyy!! Randompants day!!

1. So I missed last week. I know, I know. I suck. Get over it. I have about 80 bagazillion things going on and work is a suckhole straight to Hell. Needless to say blogging has taken a back seat to.....everything.

But, it doesn't fail. My poor worrisome mother calls me Thursday night....or was it Friday. I'm not sure. And was all, "ARE YOU OK?!?!?! You didn't blog?!?! I'm worried."

Christ Mother.

I'm sure I'll be exactly the same way with our little Princess.

2.  Why oh why can't I look like this:
And not like this:

Oh ya, it's because I've determined ice cream and donuts a major food group.

3.  We're having a garage sale this weekend. Let me try to contain my excitement. Actually, you can't even call it a garage's more like a liquidation sale. Hey, you'll give me 2 quarters for that end table.....It's Yours!! A buck for that computer......Take It!!! Basically, by the end of the day we'll be having a 'Free Sale'. Because I'm not moving that shit.

Now, while I hate having a garage sale.....I love going to garage sales! It's like a treasure hunt!!! No wonder we have to have a sale of our own every year, because I keep bringing home 'treasures' from others piles of crap. Damn vicious cycle.

4.  Who in their right mind thinks this is a good idea???
I mean, really.
Dressing like your daughter.....but then like your daughter's DOLL too?!
That's a little extreme, people.

And if you have ever, or plan on, doing deserve to be made fun of. I'm not one bit sorry.

5.  I just remembered this. Last weekend when Ryan and I were getting ready to go to KC, I was getting dressed and I had this little tank top/under shirt type thing on and my jeans. I turned in the mirror and was like, WOW! The 'girls' were really making an appearance. Yes, the tatas keep growing and I have to wear tank tops to keep everything in. Here's the conversation that followed:

Me: "Jesus, do you see how big the Girls are getting?!?! They're enormous!!!"

Ryan: "Ya, they're getting pretty big."

Me: "I know, this is crazy! They've never been this big!"

Ryan: "Too bad it's not going to last."

Me (all sadpants): "Ya, I know."

Ryan: "Well, they might still be big......but they're going to be real looooong."

Me: Awesome.

Then I proceeded to laugh my ass off for 10 minutes because I kept picturing saggy old lady tatas. Like socks with a golf ball on the end.

Still makes me giggle.

6.  HEY!!! To anyone and everyone that comments on my little bloggy blog: IF I DO NOT REPLY TO YOUR COMMENTS BY EMAIL, THEN I DON'T HAVE YOUR EMAIL!!!!

So please send me your email!!!

I try to reply back to comments through email to EVERYONE! And if you haven't gotten a little love note from me, then I don't have your email address and you're listed as 'no comment@blah blah stupid' so I can't reply back.

Off the top of my head I don't have Didi's or Deirdre's. And I can't think of the others.

Please send me your email. Pretty please?!?! (laurawiksten @ hotmail . com)
Oh and put something like 'Blog Buddy' in the subject line or something so I know it's not spam.
Spank You!

7. Well, I just hit 'Publish' and didn't mean to. Damn it.

8. The hubby and I went turkey hunting a few weeks ago. No luck for me. But the hubby got one! Here's some pics because I clearly look so good in camo that I want the whole interwebs to know. Forever.
Don't be jealous.
Look how well I blend in!

Ms. Stealth Turkey Hunter.

Awww. The lovely matching couple.
9. I have not kept up with y'all's blogs lately. I apologize. I've just been so busy. But I'll get back into it when we get moved. So a few more weeks. Please still love me!!!!

10.  Cheers to a weekend of garage sales, packing, moving, and SUNSHINE!!! Mother Nature has finally decided to pull her head out and give us a decent spring! 70+ for Sat. and Sun.!!! Woop woop!!!


  1. Oh my god those matching shirts are hideous! Ick! I love garage sales too, but I'm too lazy to have my own. My unwanted stuff usually ends up at Goodwill or in the dumpster. I think it's adorable that your mom reads your blog! I can't even get my mom to own a cell phone :( Oh and by the way, your hubby is HOT!

  2. Look how cute you too look...almost didn't see you..blending into the background. Garage Sales are too much work for me! You go girl!

  3. You are not alone my friend.....we are having a garage sale too. Ugh.....

  4. I thought I sent you my email. I am known for being sorta forgetful though. It's hahaha, just kidding. is my actual email.
    Matching mother daughter outfits are terrifying enough without throwing a matching doll into the mix. Yikes! Ever see those tourist families wearing all the same shirt? Do those people WANT to be mugged and ridiculed? I just don't get it.
    I don't even like it when people put twins into matching clothing. Let them be INDIVIDUALS for Pete's sake. Ok, I'm done with that topic now.
    Socks with a golf ball in the end... oh boy.

  5. I really wish we could fast forward 5 years until you, Ida and the doll are all dressed to match!!!

    Quite agree about noreply@blogger. Booooooo Hisssssssss

    Love the camouflage stuff but I didn't realise that payed that much attention.

  6. Awe...Come on! Don't you want to all dress alike? They may have something for Daddy too :) I'm impressed you hunt with your husband! Cute camo pics! I like hunting season too! It means I get the house all to myself for a couple of weekends! Good luck with your garage sale!

  7. that is just a little too much matchy matchy- and yes if soomeone dresses that way then they deserve the teasing.
    The only time I ever enjoyed garage sales were when I was a kid but not so mjuch anymore. Now I donate to Savers and get my coupon so I can buy more things I don't need, mainly kids clothes.

  8. I laughed out loud about the "boob" conversation you had with Ryan!!!! My BFF says we are the founding members of the LBC...long boob club!!!

  9. Well, shit! Now I have to return your baby gift! ;)


  10. I had to stop going to garage sales because I ended up with everyone's junk in my garage or attic...and I already had enough of own junk in there :)


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