Friday, June 14, 2013

Pregnancy WEEK 30 (June 9th - June 15th)

  Well, I think she’s having another growth spurt, because the belly’s definitely bigger. (BTW, I apologize for the blurry shot, The Hubby needs more practice at the camera.)

This week was my 30th week check-up (I go every two weeks now), and I’ve got good news!!! Apparently I’m still ‘bigger’ than normal, but I am down 1 cm from two weeks ago! Hiphiphooray. I measured at 31cm, for 30 weeks. So I’m about average-ish. Like most of you said, I’m not worrying about it, everyone is different.

The doctor also said that she’s turned!!! And that’s probably part of all the lower tummy pain I’ve been having lately. So she’s got her head down and is (almost) ready to head toward the light!! It’s kinda surreal to think about. But exciting at the same time!

Last weekend we made big progress on where we’re actually having her. See, there is the hospital, but then there is a birthing center. I had numerous people tell me that while the birthing center was nice they couldn’t perform C-Sections and would have to wheel you through a tunnel to the hospital (the center and hospital are right next to each other). So for this reason, I was pretty set on the hospital. I mean, with my family history of women needing C-Sections, I figured I’d better play it safe.

Well, we toured the hospital, and honestly, it wasn’t flashy. Nothin’ special. But it’d do. Well, Ryan wasn’t impressed. The TV wasn’t big enough. (yes, ladies, that did come out of his mouth.)  So we decided to walk across the street and tour the birthing center.

Once we got in there, it was night and day difference! The nurse that gave us the tour was amazing. She informed us that yes, they can do C-Sections, they have their own OR and everything, they just won't do a 'scheduled' C-Section. And if there is anything that is majorly wrong with with me or baby, that's when they'll wheel us over to the hospital. So, I think that's OK. 

They have a kitchen area to store snacks and drinks, and even have some snacks and cereals on hand in case someone needs something. They have a play room for any young kids, and a really nice waiting room. The actual birthing room is huge, and has a pull-out couch for Ryan. Plus you get to have the baby, and then stay in the room from start to finish. No moving around (like with the hospital).  OH, and there is a DVD player in the birthing room. I would like you all to know, that the first words out of Ryan’s mouth were, “Sweet! I can bring all my hunting DVDs and we can watch them while we’re waiting for her to get here!!”

Oh. My. Gawd.
See what I have to deal with?!?! SEE?!?!?!

Don’t worry, I gave him the evil bitch death stare and said ‘No’ very firm-like.

Another bonus to the center is that you can basically pull up to the door and walk into your room. Unlike the hospital, which is a maze of tunnels and elevators, that makes you want to punch a pygmy because it’s so complicated to navigate. I can just picture my mom calling me like 23 times (while I’m pushing out Baby Girl mind you), because she’s ended up in New Jersey via the Wichita Hospital tunnel system.

Now that we have the location down, I can breathe a little easier! All I have to worry about now is the bagazillion other shit.

BTW, Butterfinger Crisps are the best candy bar on the planet.
Just saying.

Moving onto Baby Girl! This week she hasn’t changed much in height and weight, but she’s made major improvements on other things! Big news is her brain has taken on those characteristic grooves and indentations, vs it being a smooth surface up until now. Those wrinkles allow for an increased amount of brain tissue, so she can have her Mama’s street smarts when she pops out!!! (Not that that’s saying much.)

Another big change is her bone marrow has taken over production of the red blood cells. This is important because it means that she can thrive on her own when born!

Also her hairiness is going away. Those little hairs called lanugo to help her keep warm are starting to fade as more and more fat cells accumulate under her skin to keep her body warm.

30 weeks down. 10 weeks to go!
We have the first of 2 baby showers next weekend and I’m soooo excited!!!!


  1. I can't believe you are already at 30 weeks :) Butterfinger Crisps are the best. I can't find them any where here except at the Dollar Store and they are only the mini ones.

  2. Laughed through this whole thing! You are too funny. It's cute your husband thinks this is going to be like a vacation resort for him. Boy is he in for a big surprise.... :)

  3. No kidding, Marcella!! When my first son was born, I stayed overnight in the hospital with them. The nurses were constantly coming in and out, turning on the light and not turning it off again when they left, the baby crying, an uncomfortable sofa to sleep on, etc. When we finally went home, we were BOTH exhausted! When my other two kids was born, I went home when it was time to go to bed because I wanted a good nights sleep so that I would be able to take over as soon as we got home. There wasn't much sleep once we got home, but at least I wasn't starting out with such a deficit of sleep!!


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