Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Pregnancy WEEK 28 (May 26th- June 1st)

OK!! We’re officially in the 3rd….and last…..trimester!!!
Can you freaking believe this?!?! Only 12 weeks to go?!?! CRAAAAAZY.

As you can see from above, I’m definitely pregnant. Big ol’ belly. Just a hangin’ out.

Good news is I think she’s moved or something, because I haven’t been having near the amount of back/tailbone pain that I was having a few weeks ago. It’s almost like I can sit like a normal person and don’t need to utilize the coccyx cushion!!! But I still use it….cause that’s how I roll. Yup, like a 97 year old rollin' down the 'hood on her scooter and coccyx cushion. Don't be jealous.

I did go to the doctor on May 30th and have some, well, interesting news: Apparently my uterus measures at 32 cm. Y’all are probably like, so?! What’s the big deal? Well, since I was only 28 weeks at the time of measurement, that means that my uterus is a lot bigger than it normally should be. Rule of thumb is at 28 weeks you’re supposed to be 28 cm. Makes sense.
Except when you have gigantor as a husband.

Seriously, the doctor said, and  I quote, “WOOOOOOOW, you must have a BIG baby in there!!!”
He had to measure me twice, because he didn’t believe the first readings.

Ryan’s mom said that he was a whopping 23 inches when he was born…..TWENTY-THREE!!!! WTF?!?! He was like a freaking toddler when he popped out.

I have a feeling Baby Girl is taking after her daddy. What do you all bet?!?!

Cheers to reconstructive surgery of the vajayjay region!!!

And on that note……lets move on.

As far as the weight issue is, I gained about 6-7lbs. Doc still hasn’t said anything, and I’m still within ‘normal’ range, so I’m going to continue to eat ice cream by the truck load. Take that. Besides, I’d feel like a bad mother depriving my daughter of the one thing that apparently she neeeeeds all day, right? Right. The doctors office 'flat chested ho bag' said that my magic number is 187lbs. I kinda want to cry just typing that. But I know it’s ok me being pregnant and all.

I’ve truly made the choice to completely change my eating and exercise habits after she’s born. I’ve got Ryan on board too. My friend Chelsea has just inspired me to get fit. Not to lose weight really, but just be HEALTHY! So look for that exciting saga come mid-august.

As far as other preggy things, not much is going on. I still crave sweets, ice cream being the majority. 

She kicks non-stop, lots in the morning and in the evening. And I can tell it’s getting cramped in there because I’m starting to feel it on both sides of my tummy.  Although I keep getting comments on how I don't even look pregnant. I mean I have a belly, yes, but I had a client just say to me last week that she thought I was only 4-5 months along, not in my 7th month! Must be my long torso, she just is growing vertical in there and not pushing out. Maybe. I don't know. I like to make shit up. Just bare with me.

Also.....better late than never…..we’ve started our ‘pregnancy & labor’ education DVDs!!! Whoop whoop!!  My SIL gave them to me, and man do they beat trucking our sorry asses to some hospital for Lamaze.  Very educational. Ryan learned a lot about the female reproductive system on the last CD. He also learned about what happens when you start to go into labor. He was particularly interested in the part where I’ll lose the ‘mucus plug’.  And by ‘particularly interested’ I mean he turned to me with a disgusted look on his face, and said, “No. I do not want to see it, I don’t want to know about it, nothing. No. Not going to happen.”
Guess I know his feelings on that now. Lol.

OH yeah, and we bought a house!
We have a home!
Baby girl will have a room!
I can decorate!!!!!
Here’s some pics, I’ll do a more detailed update on another post:

Funny, I just noticed that the outside kinda looks like our old house, but just bigger. Anyways, we have a signed contract and will close on July 12th! About a month before baby girl gets here!

Ok, that’s about it for me, on to Baby Girl!

She weighs around 2.5lbs, and should be about 16 inches in length (measuring head to toe).  This week, baby’s brain wave activity is developing more and more and she may even be dreaming! The book says that she probably has sleep cycles and rapid eye movement and everything by this time. I wonder what she dreams about? Lol.

She has also started blinking, and she’s doing some coughing, more intense sucking, and most important….better breathing.

At this point in the pregnancy, she could survive in the outside world if she was born right now. Her lungs have grown enough to support her. However, we want to keep baking her for a little while. Better she waits a little while longer!

I should have lots of updates about life this week, so tune in!!


  1. You are an adorable pregnant person and I LOVE the house!

  2. Yay for buying a house! Now you don't have to worry about finding one before baby girl is born, so that's good.

    Don't worry about the measurements and where they "should" be. Tons of ladies don't fall under the umbrella of averages, so it's all good. Ya know, you really don't look as far along as you actually are. I'd expect more of a bump, but you still look cute.


  3. Yay for the house, love the pictures and I hope to join you in that department soon. Wow 12 weeks are going to fly by

  4. So exciting! They told me my baby was gonna be big...it was just his head LOL! Ended up with the big C (one positive is no reconstruction on the vajayjay). You are going to do GREAT! Happy (and all kinds of jealous!!) on the house front, too! Love those builtins in the den!

    Can't wait to see your nursery!

  5. Lots of excitingness going on for you all!!!! Happy for you love!

  6. yeah for a new house and new baby this summer!
    with my boys I had a C-section because one was standing while the other was upside down- they were 6.7 and 5.11 and both 19 inches long (almost 12 pounds of baby and 38 inches of them) and my daughter tried to match them- she was 9.3 and 20 inches.... thank God I had a C-section with her too other wise I'd be flapping in the wind.

  7. I just can't fathom that it's the 3rd trimester already. Unbelievable. And you're still cute as ever. Congrats on the house. Get her room done now so I can see pictures and go gaga over them. LOL


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