Saturday, June 22, 2013

Pregnancy WEEK 31 (June 16th - June 22nd)

OK. 9 weeks to go.
Shitballs. That’s soon.

Lots going on this week!!!

First off I had my dr appt last week, and remember that he said she’s turned, right?

Well, she’s turned all right. Turned and has her ass or her knee or something poking in my right ribcage. And it feels awesome.
This all started about Friday the 14th, and it just got progressively worse for the next 5 days. I could hardly bend over, or sit, or anything. Only standing or laying down helped. Docs advice: ‘Drink some caffeine or juice then lay on your left side and ‘hope’ that she moves.’

Genius Doc. Genius.

Well, being the stubborn sassy ass that she is, she didn’t start moving to the left side until about yesterday, Friday the 21st. And still, every once in a while I can feel her push on that rib, just letting me know that she can, and will, make my life miserable if she so chooses.

I have no idea where she gets this sass from.
Not a clue.

On a good note, I actually still have a pretty good amount of energy throughout the day. I’m truly surprised by this. I thought I’d be knee deep in an exhaustion-induced coma by now. But I’m not. I am taking it really easy, not trying to do so much, and if I want to lay down and rest, I lay down. There have been a few nights that I think I went too far and I paid for it the next day. But the majority of the time I feel pretty good.
Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!!

I’m still craving donuts and ice cream. Like no tomorrow. And the scale has definitely shown. At the Doc’s office last week I weighed in at a whopping 192. I started at 160, I think. So it’s still not bad, but by the end of this I betcha I’m on the high end for weight gain. Still not too concerned about it. For some reason, I’m just like, ‘Eh, I got too much shit to worry about besides a little (lot) of weight gain.’
Apparently I’m only 45lbs below Ryan.
That sorta makes me want to dive face first off a cliff into a scalding lava pool.
But, whatever.

Oh, another joy that’s going on is feet swelling.
It’s amazing.
Not really.
But it’s my own fault.
I’m on my feet sometimes all day, then I go home and decide to make banana bread, or clean the house, or whatever it is that I decide to do, so by the time I sit down it’s 8:00 and my feet look like pumpkins.
I’m trying to practice the art of not being on my feet all day.
I’m failing.

I’ll let y’all know how that goes for the rest of the pregnancy.

And last but not least!!!!
Summer has arrived and while I normally love the scorching temps, right now I just want to punch Satan in his ballsack because it feels like I live in his backyard cesspool most days.
And it’s only the middle of June.
I have 9 more weeks of worse temps than now.
I die. I die.

On to Baby Girl!!!

She’s about 19 inches long and weighs somewhere along the lines of 4lbs. She’s probably nowhere near that height, she’s probably already at 47 inches and that’s why I feel like I have a broken rib on the right side and she can punch me on the left side. But we’ll find out for sure next week at the sono appt!!!

She’s been sleeping longer, and in more of a routine. She definitely wakes up when it’s time to eat, and every other day she decides that she’s still small enough to try and do summersaults in there. Even though she’s not small enough, and the only thing she manages to do is cause me pain. I have noticed that she gets most active when I have ice cream. It’s quite funny. I imagine it’s the cold that she’s feeling that makes her all jerky. But I’d like to think that she’s just as excited as me for the yummy goodness of frozen milk and sugar!! Lol

Baby’s brain is still working OT these days, developing faster than ever. She can now perceive all 5 senses (even though there’s nothing to smell)!!! She keeps her awake times busy by making faces, hiccupping, swallowing, breathing, and pedaling those little hands and feet on my bladder. She also may be sucking her thumb! Sometimes babies are born with callus’ because they’ve been sucking their thumbs so hard! How cute is that?!

Time is flying and I’m not sure how to slow it down! It just feels like yesterday when we found out about Little Girl! Now she could be here in the next 9 weeks….or sooner!!!
I can’t wait to meet her!!!


  1. Good strong bones need calcium. Ice cream = calcium so it's all good! My oldest had her butt wedged up under my ribs for the last few weeks too, sure made bending & leaning to the right a difficult task. Don't even get me started telling you what the twins put me through!

  2. I thought I would comment here. I keep up with you on FB but just want to say that you look wonderful. Pregnancy sure is fitting for you! Thanks for sharing the journey.

  3. Oh, how I loved feeling and seeing my son's foot push out! I would gently push it back each time! You are absolutely glowing!

  4. i just need to share i wore that exact dress yesterday. your belly is way cuter in it though! :)

    also it's just a little creepy. same city, same line of work, clearly same taste in dresses...


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