Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Who knew a little baby's bedding could be so complicated.

So I was looking at crib bedding the other night, because I think that we may have found a crib. And since we now have a house to put all this shit in, I figure I better get a move on, on decorating Baby Girl's room. (Because clearly I have nothing better to do than decorate......helllllooooo moving AGAIN in a couple weeks, baby shower #1 coming up, working overtime, and my photo business is kinda crazy too right now. Procrastination at it's finest.)

Back to the bedding.....I've decided to quit my job and sew baby bedding for the rest of my life.
Seriously! This shit is expensive!!!
This is my absolute favorite:
Wanna know how much that bad boy is?!?!
(Ryan, you better sit down.)
Almost $300.00


I didn't even spend $300 on MY OWN bedding set, and that has about 3 times as much fabric as the one above.

Well, I found some other ones that I like too, but the prices range from $140-$250. So, really, not much better.
I like this one too, but it's on the expensive side.

Then there's this one, but it just seems so plain-jane, ya know?

And this one isn't bad, but I really am kinda wanting to stay away from the animal things, and stick to patterns.
I also found this:
That's right.
Realtree Lavender Camo Baby Bedding.

And before you even open up your mouth Ryan, we are NOT getting this.

Oh, and I found this too, just to complete life:
I mean, I love me some Wildcats, but this is going a little overboard.

I'm toying with the idea of just buying fabric and making the bedding myself. Which I can totally do, because my mom taught me how to sew when I could barely stand. Like her mother did to her, and her mother to her, and so on.
But ain't no one got time for that shit!

Plus I don't know where I packed the sewing machines. Yes, I have more than one. One's about 30+ years old and to top that the other one was Ryan's grandmother's. So that's got to be at least 60+ years old.
Classic sewing machines are cool. Don't be jealous.

I don't know.

Then I think, who the eff really cares?! I mean, Baby Girl doesn't care. She's just going to pee and puke all over it anyway. So maybe I should just get some cheap thing that looks decent and move on.

But I want the nursery to look pretty!! (said in a very whinny voice)
(queue foot stomping and dramatics please)

What to do....what to do....


  1. I remember thinking the same thing about how expensive it all is!! I found a woman on Etsy to make mine - luckily she had the fabric I wanted already so I didn't even have to send her anything. It was a little cheaper. Here's the deal though, you really ONLY need a sheet! Depending on whether you are one of the people against bumpers (I am not), you could get those too. The big blanket they sell with the sets - you won't use until the kid is like 2 or higher anyways (and by then, you'll have changed your tastes!)
    just my two cents!

    1. totally agree!!! Sheet, bumpers, and the skirt. Does your mom have time to make a skirt and bumper pads? maybe curtains. Don't buy the comforter I know you want it all....trust me I know!!

  2. Oh and the skirt! forgot about the skirt!

  3. I kept it super minimal for mine, they use it for such a short time, they are so super cute though you can't help but want to buy it! All I had was the crib sheet x3 and bumpers, after that people gave me so many baby blankets I didn't see the point in buying anything else :)

  4. So, you will get lots of stuff at and after your showers and if my previous 3 spawn were any indication, you get lots of blankets, so spending tons for a comforter that will hang over the side of the crib until the munchkin comes and then be relegated to the closet for a year or two might make your head explode. I'd pick a color/pattern and get sheets (and bumpers if you want them) and then pay the most attention to other decor things, wall hangings, mobiles, diaper organizers, etc. The pillows, blankets and other whatnot are not recommended for little ones anyway.

    Also, in my experience even when they are old enough for a comforter they have latched on to the weird "i thought we'd be able to pitch that ugly thing by now" security blanket that is falling apart and will balk at the pretty comforter you want them to use.

  5. I was about to say that you should wait until after the shower(s). You never know what you will get.

  6. Love the first one...it's super cute!!!

  7. So, here's what I did. Got the expensive bumper, crib skirt and drapes. Plain white crib sheets work great because, let's face it, they are changed often due to poop, pee, and spitups and can be bleached. Also, skip the blankets and pillows because you can't use them with a newborn (suffocation risk). Will they sell the pieces separately? The first one is my fave! Good luck!

  8. you really only need the skirt and then decorate the rest...I changed the sheets about every day because of leaks or spit up ...so I had a lot of spare sheets...and the skirt...my mom made Johnnys and emroidered his initials on it. I did more with paint and decorating...I did his name in wooden letters I painted..I did blue and silver...dallas cowboy paint colors and did some football pics my hubby had and then put some signed footballs my hubby had as decorations...along with toys...I really tried to reuse what I had...it all turned out quiet and peaceful and I still to this day love that room..we have since grown up into big boy room so it only seemed to last until 4 then I had to switch it up.

  9. take all these people's advice!

    The most fun I had was when Kodie and I moved into our condo and she helped pick out the paint and borders and colors. She was 9 at the time. She is getting ready to change things up but luckily her favorite color (purple) hasn't changed so we can just peel off the flowery stuff and make it a little more tweeny.

  10. These are beautiful options. When I was looking for baby bedding for my daughter's nursery I was shocked by some of the prices I found. I did manage to get a great deal at Burlington Coat Factory though. The set I liked was half what I had seen it for in other stores. It saved me a lot of money.

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