Friday, June 7, 2013

We have a home!!!

OK, so I know this post is waaaaayyyyyy overdue, but I just wanted to document our fabulous new home.

So, first off we looked at this home awhile ago, and while we liked it, it still wasn't our 'first pick' or our 'dream home' or whatthefuckever. Then, all of the sudden there were houses getting snatched up left and right. Some homes that had been on the market for 240 days would have a contract on it 24 hours after we looked at it (happened to us TWICE). And to top it off, we noticed that there wasn't a lot of 'new' homes being put on the market. We definitely noticed that the market in general was starting to swing the other direction, and we didn't want to get caught renting for the rest of our lives. PLUS, interest rates had got up .75% in a month. If we waited much longer for the right one, we might not be able to afford any house!

Ryan and I sat back down....with the new realtor, btw, who I freaking adore......and started to go over all the houses that we'd rejected for one reason or another. And we stumbled upon the one that we looked at and initially dismissed. Both Ryan and I went through the pros and cons of it, but decided to take a gander and see if looking a 2nd time would trigger something.

Right after Memorial Weekend we trucked it over there, and I really started looking at it in new light. The kitchen, living room and dining room were open, the master bedroom was HUGE, the location (while not exactly where we wanted) was only 15 min from work, and its the best school district in Kansas. WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER!!!!!

The sellers had already dropped the price $5000, but we decided to shoot them a slightly lower number, just because we knew that they were super motivated to get out of the house (it'd been on the market for over 100 days). We went back and forth for awhile, and eventually settled on our top dollar, their bottom dollar. I think it worked out the best for both of us! Our realtor also took $1500 off her commission, and their realtor took $500, so that helped too. God, I just love our new realtor, she's freaking amazing.

All in all, we close on July 12th. About a month before Baby Girl gets here!! Nothing like cutting it close.

But, my friend Jess had pretty much our exact situation, and she ended up giving birth 10 days after they moved. She gave me some GREAT advice: 'Get the baby's room set up (just for your piece of mind), then the kitchen, and make sure you have TV! Because there will be a lot of late night TV watching!'
So, that is my plan of attack. Everything else will just fall in place.

And at last, here's more pics!!!
Front of the house.

Upstairs bedroom--->Baby Girl's future room!!!!


Living room

Dining room, and we're planning on taking out the carpet and putting down laminate wood floors. Who carpets their dining room?!?!

Different view of living room/dining room. Plus their kitty----^

Master Bed, and that's a California King! This room is huge!!

Master Bath w/ walk in closet! (thank you lawd.)

Kitchen. We hate the tile, so we're going to do laminate wood floors in here too. And eventually change the backsplash.

Basement living room, with built in entertainment center!

And finally, Mr. Wyatt's domain. 1/4 acre of fenced in yard to do with as he pleases. Spoiled animal.
The property sits on almost 5 acres, and while the land is pretty bare, I see it as a great blank canvas for lots of landscaping!!! We're going to plant cedar trees and I think I'd like an apple/pear orchard. Along with my garden....of course. But also let some of the pasture grow out to pretty prairie grass. I think by the time we sell 15-20 years......we'll be able to make a killing for how cheap we got it. And because of all the improvements/updating we're going to do.

I just can't wait to move in!!!!!

Oh, and BTW, if any of you have so graciously offered to help......we're taking you up on that. So plan on getting your butts to Wichita on July 13th! Because Mama ain't moving a single box!!! That's all we need is to move in AND give birth in the same weekend.
And y'all know life would shit on me that way. It totally would.


  1. Congratulations! OMGosh,that's SO exciting! Yay for a new home!!!!! So happy for you!

  2. looks beautiful! and your friend is right- get the baby's room set up first and hire a moving company.

  3. Woooohoooooo! Congratulations, it looks AWESOME!!!!!! I'm sooooo happy for you guys (and Wyatt too!) Yay!

  4. YAY!!! The place looks great and moving when you're pregnant is a wonderful way to not have to lift a thing. May you have many happy memories there with your new family.

  5. Congratulations!! That house is awesome, and baby girl's room is probably bigger than my entire apartment!! Haha... If you're serious about wanting help, you can count on me!

  6. Awesome house, and so glad you found something you like! That looks like a place you could really settle down and stay in.

    When we first moved into our house, it had carpet in the BATHROOM. Seriously? We replaced that after a nasty sewer-line backup (ewwwww). It did also have carpet in the dining room, but we only replaced that a year ago. But we never had a baby spraying food everywhere in a 20-foot radius.

  7. I love the house!
    Looks like baby girl has a huge room too.
    The entryway is gorgeous.
    Congrats to you all!


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