Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Being an OCD mother is shit-tastic.

Dillyn's going to stay with Grandma Julie tonight for the FIRST NIGHT AWAY...EVER!

I'm freaking out.

Not that I don't trust my mother or anything. But D be away from me for 24 hours!!! That's like a freaking eternity. I don't think I can deal with this. Where is a zanax. And a bottle of Patron. And a padded cell.

Ok, so I wrote some 'instructions' out and thought I'd share. Just to make fun of myself. Because that's what I do.

This is what I'm sending with her:

~Feed her formula during the day. Start with 4oz, and add another 2 (or more) if she’s still hungry. You don’t need to warm the formula. Feed her breast milk before bed, 5-6oz. Do warm the milk, but be careful not to get it too hot in the microwave.
~She gets sleepy around 8:30, but try to keep her awake till at least 9pm, and then do our ‘nighttime ritual’: Jammies, change diaper, fix bottle, and feed. (I put two blankets in her bag. Just wrap them around her bottom half. Not close to her face.)
~She’ll probably wake up around 5:30 or so (sometimes in the middle of the night also), but just give her the binky (the one without the leash), and she’ll go back to sleep. Don’t feed her or change her diaper until at least 6:30am (unless she’s screaming). I try to get her up at 6:30am every day. At that time, if’s she’s up, that’s great, if not, you don’t need to wake her, just let her wake up on her own.
~Feed her breast milk for her first feeding (5-6oz, warmed). Then formula the rest of the day. If she’s not taking the formula well, just switch to breast milk. She may get gassy with the formula, there is gas drops in the front pocket of her diaper bag. FYI, she’s hungry about every 2.5 hours.
~Try to get her on her tummy at least for 10 minutes during the day. She’ll hate it, but she needs to be on it.
~Otherwise she likes to be in the sitting position. And she likes to be able to look around. If she’s fussy, sit her in between your legs on the couch and swing them back and forth. That always helps.

Don’t laugh at this. It’s just the way it is.

Do you think it's overkill??????


  1. I wrote a similar list, probably twice as long. I think it means we are just kick ass parents. And FYI-my kids are 4 & 7 and I am still tempted to send instructions.

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  3. Ha ha. You should see the essays I write for anyone covering my class for the day. You're daughter deserves this sort of consistency to help her stay settled. Not OCD mama at all. xx

  4. All those instructions and still did follow them. Baby woke up at 2:30 AM....Changed diaper,didn't follow instruction..... Fed her a bottle, didn't follow instruction. Hardy's comment..."Baby rules, not mommy. Baby is cuter than mommy."



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