Saturday, November 23, 2013

Updates like a boss.

I'm here. I swear.
I have not left you.
I have not died.

I've just been a mommy.

God I love being a mommy.

Can I just tell you what happened tonight?

First of all, I had to work all day. 7am to 3:30pm. Well, truthfully, I had a brain shart and got there at 7:30am. Don't ask.

So Ryan was Super Baby Daddy and took care of Baby D all day. And part of the night (cause I got to have beers after work, a must on a Sat.)

But when I finally made it home......deer chili on the stove, house completely dusted (and if you live on a gravel road, like we do, you know how HUGE this is), carpets vacuumed, AND little Wyatt is fluffy from a bath.

Be jealous. Yes. Seriously. You can. It's fine.

So it was a good day, despite the whole work hellhole thang.

Let's see, what else is going on.....Oh, my baby turned 3 months old this week! Can you freaking believe it?!
Ya, me neither.

Do you see those hands?!?! Ya. They just keep getting bigger. And bigger. And bigger.

Doesn't it just seem like yesterday when I was telling y'all about being pregnant???
Ya, me too.
Now she's practically a teenager.
It's tragic how fast they grow!!!

We went to our 2nd K-State football game last weekend. It was fun. It was my time to relax while Grandma took care of D.
Clearly you can see she's in good hands.
And the beverage is within reach.
Grandma is such a pro.

In other news....

my dog is strange:

Baby put himself in the corner.


Seriously, I don't even know why he was doing that. And he laid like that forever.

Oh, that brings me to the next topic: Remember when Ryan and I were apparently hit with the dumbstick and got a new puppy???? When we already had a damn near new baby????? And we brought said puppy home during winter....aka hunting season????
Ya. That didn't last long.

We had to give her back. The puppy, Bella, I mean. I just couldn't do it. Ryan was gone hunting or working late a few times a week and trying to take care of a baby and a puppy and another doggie, Wyatt, is like trying to drink at a AA just doesn't happen.

Good news is she went to a really good family that has a little girl that was just dying to have a dog.

Ryan and I have determined that we're just a 1 dog family. And that 1 dog is Mr. Wyatt. Spoiled brat.

Lastly, I've been doing a little exercising. Yes, yes. It's happening again.
I don't know how to describe it, other than I know most of you know what I'm talking about, but every time I work out, the next day I am in the best mood. Not even stupidfucks at work can poop on my sparkly rainbow. Its amazing. And I love it. And I'm becoming slightly addicted.

Like today, I didn't get a chance to get to the gym and I'm all sadpants. Who the hell am I becoming?!?!?! Iv'e always hated working out. It's torture right?! The whole conveyor belt of death....Miss PerkyAss Drill Sergeant at the Fierce Class that I could punch in the hoohaa.....sweating not because I'm out of beer, but because I'm forcing myself to move my's just all wrong!
But now it's just all.......right.


Well, that's it for now. I truly miss blogging and am going to start making a point to get back into it. I miss reading my bloggy buddy's blogs too. I need to be better about that.

Until next time loves!!!



  1. adorable photos! I think this time of year is extra hard to be on top of blogging with more real-life stuff going on wrapping up the end of the year.

    Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  2. Seriously - cutest baby ever. Seriously.

  3. I'm totally in love with that baby girl! She is just the sweetest!
    Wyatt was staring down his shadow, showing it who's boss. Makes total sense.
    Um, could your husband please come over and teach my husband what dusting and vacuuming looks like? Really. You are one lucky lady!


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