Thursday, May 29, 2014

2 days down......28 to go.

I've made it a whole 2 days on my 30 Day Challenges!!!!!!!

And as a bonus, I'm actually doing THREE 30 day challenges! Because if my ass, thighs, and arms are going to be hella sore, why not have my abs be unbearable too?

So the 3 I'm doing are:


It's actually really doable, I think. I mean, if I'm going to be doing something, I might as well add the abs too. Best part about these challenges is I don't feel like I'm working out. I mean, I don't feel the need to go to the gym, or carve out 47,000 seconds to get a work out in. I just plop down and do them whenever and where ever! And it's different every day!
Me likey likey new things every day.

Another win for me? I passed up a sweettarts basket. Not that I would have taken the entire basket.....well, maybe I would have.........but I could have taken one or two and been ok with it, but I just opted not to.
Go me times 2!

I've decided that it's not about what I want to look like, or about looking like actress so-and-so on TV, or exercising so much a week. It's about how you FEEL.

I feel like crap. The last two days of being active and eating fairly decent have made me feel all giddypants excited! Am I 100% perfect? Hell to the no. Do I want to be 100% perfect? Fo'Shizzle NO. Why set those standards for yourself, especially when (for me) I'm just never going to live up to them?

I also like the fact that since I can do this anywhere and everywhere, that there's really no excuse to not do it. If I had to go to the gym, you know i'd find an reason not to go. I signed Dillyn up for another round of swim lessons for the next four weeks, so at least 1 night a week I'll have to be at the gym, so I will probably get my ass on the conveyor belt of death. That's enough for me. For now.

No more pushing myself to do this or do that. Or looking in the mirror and hating myself because I couldn't muster the energy to even put my big toe in tennis shoes and *god forbid* get in the car and drive 5 miles. That's the worst; the utter guilt I feel when I don't do something I planned on doing. It just makes me not want to do it more. Or makes me not want to set any goals, so when I break them, I won't feel like a loser. This way, I'm just playing it by ear, no real plan, no real agenda. If I eat good......good. If I make it to the gym once a week......good. If not, oh well. I'll make it up in the yard, or endless cleaning that comes with being a mom, or maybe even not at all. I'm OK with all of it!

I also haven't even weighed myself.
And I don't plan on stepping on that flat chested bitch for awhile.
Who gives donkey turds what that number is?
Its about how you feel!!!

I'm going to go home tonight, do Day 3 of all challenges, cook some chicken and play with my baby.

That's how I roll.


  1. Hi beautiful! It's been a while I know. That animated pic #3 pretty much sums it up! :)
    I love that different body part exercise on different days routine. You are still my hero even after all this time. Love you! (still)

  2. Super proud of you baby doll! I might join you!


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