Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Memorial Day 2014

Since I'm in a good ol' writing mood, I thought I would recap my Memorial Weekend.......for your pure enjoyment, of course.

Do you know how difficult it is to pack for a itty bitty 9 month old for 4 days, in a place that has no laundry, no Wal-Mart, and a grocery store that doesn't even carry Miralax?????

It's about as difficult as my T-Rex ass fitting into a size Barbie bikini bottoms and looking good.

But if anyone is up to the challenge, it's this girl!!!

Off we went, with as much stuff rolled, wadded, crunched, and shoved into every little compartment in the Jeep as I could muster. I mean, we had a high chair, blankets, toys (oh sweet baby Jesus, the toys), towels, food, water, formula, bottles, sippy cups, zanax.....oh wait, that was for me......., prune juice, pear juice, floaties, books, chairs, clothes, clothes, and more clothes. Oh, and the dog. That does not include Ryan and I's stuff. Ya. It's amazing.

I mean, packing for a little 2 day trip to Topeka is one thing. It's a lot of shit, don't get me wrong. But when you're in backwoods Missouri, where the closest WallyWorld is over 30 minutes away, you gotta re-think your packing strategies. Just in case you might need, oh, I don't know.....effing Miralax, because your child won't poop on the 3 ounces of prune juice you give her a day. Hell, I'd be pooping all day on 3 ounces of prune juice!

Good news is I found some. And not 30 minutes away. Thank the poop Gods.

Moving on.

After cramming every nook and cranny with baby crap (not literally), we made it down to Table Rock fairly quickly. Actually, a lot more quickly than I thought it'd take us. Especially since we had to stop about every hour because little girl would poop out a pea-sized turd and think her life was over. (Granted, for her it is traumatic when she poops, poor thing.)

But anyways, we made it down, and prepared for a relaxing weekend! I wasn't sure it was going to be relaxing with a 9 month old, but cheers to hoping! (Yes, I did write 'cheers' instead of here's. lol)

First morning there:

And actually it was a lot of fun. And relaxing! Dillyn did AMAZING!

Although she wasn't too impressed with her life jacket.....or the boat ride:
She's going to love that picture when she's older. LOL!

Puppy got to play fetch a lot:

He looks like a stealth jumping dog there, but in actuality, he sucked it up most of the time. He'd get right on the edge of the rock and then sorta 'flop' in and then start swimming. Weirdo.

We spent a lot of time on the boat and dock:

I even did some paddle boarding!!

That shit is HARD!!! Holy leg cramps. But it was soooo much fun! My aunt and cousin rented it for a day, and it looks like they're going to purchase one, one day! I hope so! It was such a fun work out!

We did have a pretty scary storm while down at the dock. It was sprinkling and looked like it'd just blow over, but being that it's Missouri, and the weather there is like a PMSing chick on speed, it ended up turning into a damn hurricane.  Dillyn was asleep on the front of the boat, which is in the middle of the covered dock (pretty safe from any elements). But we could just see this white wall of rain heading our way. She started to get a little wet, so Ryan moved her under the passenger seat and dash. And it was just in time because the wind switched and was blowing rain in from the back of the boat. I had to cover her, and Ryan was covering me. And of course Puppy had to be the good big brother:

He probably just wanted out of the rain, same as us, but I'm going with big protective brother!

BTW, baby didn't wake up once! lol

Since it was too cold to get in the lake, the Grandparents got Dillyn a baby pool and we put it on the deck with some warm water. And since I *forgot* to pack water toys, she had to make do with tupperware lids. I don't think she cared!

Most evenings we relaxed on the deck and baby took a nap:

That kid can sleep anywhere! And I love it!

And finally, my cousin took this one of D:

You just fall head over heels for those blue eyes!!!

First Lake Weekend with a baby was a success! And I'm so excited that she'll grow up there, learn to swim, ski, wakeboard, tube, everything there! She would be the 4th generation to enjoy this cabin, and we're so lucky Ryan's Grandparents purchased it many moons ago!!!


  1. Looks like an awesome weekend!!!!

  2. What a sweet baby girl! That boat pic is hilarious. Looks like a great time with the fam. And you showed WalMart who is boss! #packingqueen

  3. Looks like fun was had all around. D. is beautiful...just like her mom.


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