Thursday, May 8, 2014

Ten Things Thursday

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaacccckkkkk.

Get Excited.

1. This morning, baby woke up at 4am. Went to sleep at 5am. And then my alarm went off at 5:30am. Glorious start to the day.

THEN, I get to work, and Ryan called and said we needed to check our bank account. So I logged on and I think I had a mini heart attack. We were NEGATIVE $10,000+! Yes, that's right......TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS.
what the fuck gif photo: WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?! Whatthefuckisgoingon_zps3085dd66.gif

At first, I thought I had a major mommy brain fart and waaaaaayyyyyyy overpaid on our morgage. For some strange-ass-psycho-I-need-to-be-locked-up reason. But then I noticed it was a check, and it cleared on our account for 10,329.IthinkI'mhavingastroke dollars. I downloaded the check and it turns out that it was SOMEONE ELSE'S ACCOUNT! Someone wrote a check to Pella Windows, and it got cleared to OUR account, and not theirs.
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Yes, I was a little shocked.

I called up the bank right away and got this gentleASSman that said that the two accounts were one digit off and the computer made a mistake reading it. He deposited the money taken out and basically washed his hands of the whole sitch. I asked if they were going to remove the other person's check from our account and he said no. Ummmmm, exsqueeze me????? No. He said that since he deposited the money, everything is good.

No. Everything is not good douchecanoe.

Then I asked if he was going to notify the other people that their check was put to our account and he said no. Again........WHAT?!?!?!?! This is how the convo went:

Me: You mean to tell me that someone else's check was cleared to our account, for 10 THOUSAND DOLLARS, and you're not going to inform them of this????
Asshat: No.
Me: You don't think that's an IMPORTANT SECURITY BREACH that they should know about?????
Asshat: No.
Me: Well, if this happened to me I would want to know IMMEDIATELY that my information was given to someone by accident!!!
Asshat: Well, it's no different than her just writing you a check. You'd then have her information.
Me: UMMMMMM, IT'S COMPLETELY DIFFERENT you Fart Licker!!!!! She didn't write me a check! She wrote Pella Windows a check! And if I wasn't an 'honest' person, I now have her bank account and all her information and could possibly use it to do very bad things! I need to speak with your supervisor!!!

Long story short, the supervisor told me that they will notify the other people, but by letter. I informed her that isn't right and I had the other person's number off their check and would be contacting them myself. I also informed her that we probably won't be banking with you any more....COMMERCE BANK JACKASSES!!!!

Can you believe that?!?!

2.  As an update to my Juice Cleanse, I'd just like y'all to know that I'm at 156.1, so I'm up about (POINT)2 lbs.  Dolphin claps for me!!!!
clapping gif photo: Britney Clapping .GIF 2d11u21.gif

I've been eating pretty good. Generally having salads every day. There was one day when I had pizza, and while it was delicious. I stopped at two small slices. And I haven't thought about it since.

I am eating more chocolate. DAMN YOU CHOCOLATE!!!!! It just can't be helped. I made some pretty good cookies that have been saving my hands from shaking the vending machine to death......Skinny Banana Cookies. Check it and wreck it peeps. They're delish!

3. I haven't delved into the exercising crappness yet. But I'm working up to it.


I'm actually thinking about doing a push up challenge and a squat challenge.

I'm convinced that cardio isn't what I need right now, but weights are where it's at! I don't know why, but I just 'feel' it. Maybe what I feel is my batwings flapping in the wind. Who knows.

Regardless, Anyone want to do them with me???? It's only 30 days. Huh??????
Do ya?



4. Sooooooo. I've decided to get into oils. And not grease-me-up-to-slide-down-a-pole oils.

 I'm talking about essential oils silly!!!

My friend Jess messaged me awhile ago and noticed that I was having some trouble with Dillyn being sick and said that she has been using oils for a little while and hasn't taken her 1 year old to the doctor much since. She also said it's helped her in a number of ways and that I should really give it a shot.

I was a little skeptic, because 'giving it a shot' meant shelling out $150. And that's kinda a lot of money.  But then I found out my cousin was using oils so I picked her brain a little. And by little, I mean A LOT. She gave me a LOAD of info!!! I'll summarize here, but basically she has been using oils for years now. She uses them for everything! She has 3 kids and they rarely go to the DR. And she has a husband that was chronically ill, or had allergies, or something, and after using oils he hasn't been to the doctor but once a year! She is VERY involved in the church and her husband is a pastor (not saying that she tells the truth alllll time, but just to give you a reference of the type of person she is), and the fact that she was family meant I was sold on the idea! And not that I didn't believe my friend!!!! Because I totally did! But I just wanted someone else's opinion, ya know?!
Lord I hope I didn't eff that up. Because it felt like I did. Jeez, I'm a moron.

Anyways. I went ahead and got a starter kit of oils...........And WOW. Seriously. WOW.

#1: Dillyn has been constipated since birth. Poor thing just entered this world backed up. I've tried EVERYTHING! I've given her extra water during the day. I mix her formula in the morning with 1/2 prune juice and 1/2 water. I've kneaded her belly. And at the worst of times, given her a suppository. :( At first I was only giving her 1 ounce of prune juice, now it's 3. And she wasn't constipated every day before, but now it's all the time. I HATE POOP!  So, I started diffusing peppermint oil, and massaging peppermint and frankincense oil on her belly and I'm not kidding you, the kid pooped within hours. And has been pretty constant since (it's only been a few days).

#2: Dillyn is teething. Yes. Joyous times in the Wiksten household. One of the recommendations is to put Thieves on her gums. She was really fussy one evening and I thought, what the hell. I'll try it. So I mixed it with a little coconut oil and massaged her gums. Almost instantly she was smiling and laughing and playing like normal.  Yesterday, I forgot to give it to her, and her temp spiked and she's just miserable. But you better believe I gave it to her this morning! After about 10 minutes, she wasn't, lets say 'happy', but she wasn't screaming either. I call that a win.

#3: I worked my ASS off in the yard last weekend. Seriously, like from 9am-5pm on Sat. I got the garden in, flower beds planted, mulch down, etc. My back was KILLING me from bending over. You know how when you go to stand up and it's almost like your body won't let you? You just stay hunched over like some 104 year old, thinking to yourself, 'Where the hell is my cane?!!?'. And, 'Is it possible to drink a beer hunched over?', enters your mind. Ya, well, that was me. I took a shower and decided to put some Pan-Away (which is a blend of oils) on my lower back. I rubbed it in good, and probably went a little over board. I sat on the couch the rest of the night, went to bed early, and the next day I could literally jump out of bed.......if  I did that sort of thing in the mornings. But my back felt great! No pain whatsoever! I even gardened another 4 hours on Sunday!

#4: I've had this cold sore on the inside of the tip of my nose for months. I've been putting a prescribed ointment on it but it doesn't seem to ever completely go away.  I started putting frankincense on it about 3 days ago, and it's almost gone!!!

I'm not shitting you people, this stuff really works!

I'm also trying Lemon Oil on my varicose veins right now. I've only been using it a few days, so I'll let you know if I see any improvement in the next few months.

Anyway, if any one's interested in these high quality, therapeutic oils , please let me know! (Btw, the stuff you get at the natural food store probably isn't high quality or therapeutic, trust me, I thought I got some good stuff and have been using it for a year, but it didn't do shit, just smelled pretty.)
I can give you some info, or tell you where I researched: laurawiksten @ hotmail . com

5.  If you caught on to #3 above, then you know I got the garden......all the way in!!! Woop Woop!  OK, here's the breakdown:
~8 Tomato plants (4 Big Boys, 3 Roma, and 1 Cherry)
~5 Pepper plants (Jalapeno, green and yellow bells, chili, and habanero.
~1 Yellow Squash
~1 Zucchini
~9 Strawberries
~*hopefully* 8 Cucumbers
~A 4ft x 4ft area just for carrots.

I also have 4 different types of lettuce, spinach, bulb onions, green onions, basil, cilantro, rosemary, garlic, chives, chamomile, and okra.

Yup!!!! The Wiksten's are going to eat gooooood this summer!!!!

I'm so excited I could pee carrot juice!

6.  How come fingernail polish stays on your toes for decades (even though being shoved into shoes and crap all day), but if you carefully and methodically put polish on your fingernails with the utmost precision, using the best products, and taking care to try and get the longest life possible, it chips in 24 seconds???!!!!! Riddle me that shit!!!!

7.  Dillyn had her 1st swim lessons last night!!! I think I was more excited than she was. Or as Dad was. The class was small with just 4 babies, ranging from 8 months (Dillyn) to 18 months. There was another little girl there that was 9 months and just the cutest thing ever! And she was a little fish!!!

We practiced 'blowing bubbles', clapping our hands in the water, floating on our back, kicking our legs, and so much more!!! She loved every minute of it! She kept dipping her face in the water and splashing with her hands. It was so cute!

8. Pulling of the Oil UPDATE: OK, so I've been faithfully pulling oil for some time now, and I gotta tell you, I don't think I'll ever quit. But I can't decide if Ryan thinks it's a blessing that I can't talk for 20 minutes in the morning, or if it's a curse. lol
Two main things that I've noticed are:

A. I accidentally forgot to bring some when I visited the parentials, so I went two days with no oil. Farts. The next week I got a canker sore. Double farts. Normally, I have to dry out the sore, put some nasty tasting ointment on there, that ends up drying and turning into this freaky white 'skin'. Which eventually falls off, then I choke on it and end up gagging for 20 minutes. It's awesome.

Anyways, instead of doing that I thought I'd just try concentrating on really getting the oil swished on that spot for a few days and see what happens.

No bullshit, within 3 days, the sore was gone!!!!!

B. I again forgot to bring some oil when we went out of town. (I know, there's a pattern here. Just shut up.) And this last few weeks it's felt like I had a cavity in the back of my tooth. Now, I need to go to the dentist anyway, but until I can get in (or remember to actually make an appointment), I've been swishing oil around that area more, and after 2 days, the pain has gone down a TON. I still think I have a cavity and need to get it filled, but at least something is helping!!!

So, if you haven't started pulling oil, get your ass in gear and start!!!

9. I made my own dishwasher soap and laundry detergent last weekend.
Yup. I am that person now.
crazy gif photo: Crazy rhhnycramona52110.gif

But it works!!! Seriously!
First off, the Dish Soap works PERFECT! I did put vinegar in the rinse container, so I think that helps keep the dishes shiny. I've only had a few pieces of silverware have film on them, and I just rinse them off and put them in the drawer. It's FAR less than when I was using Finish. I'm tellin' you, I bet I re-washed half the dishes when I was using that soap. I mean, what's the fricking point?!

The Laundry Soap is also good, but I wouldn't say it's amazing. It gets our clothes clean, and they smell clean and fresh. But it doesn't get out baby puke stains.....which is pretty much the entire load of laundry. But to solve this, I've just used OxiClean spray. I put it on the stains the minute I take off D's clothes, then throw it in the hamper. By the time we wash everything, it's soaked and and comes out perfect.  

BIG BONUS to both of these: They are a TON cheaper than the stuff at the store! And they last forever!

Who's the crazy one now, huh?!?!? 
Ya, not this chick!

10. It's almost the weekend!!!!!

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  1. Ah, baby puke. I miss the good ol' days!

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