Thursday, May 10, 2012

Run, LauraBelle, Run...

I did it.

I finally ran.

After a month of nada.

It was..........interesting.

Starting out, my legs just didn't want to work. Cramps, tingling, just.not.working.

Then my lungs felt like the size of raisins. Moldy raisins.

But I kicked it in gear and pushed through.

I concentrated on my breathing. In and out, in and out. And timed it with my steps. Pathetic steps, but steps. And soon I was in a rhythm.

But that only lasted about 1.thisiskickingmyass miles.

But I made it! 2.5 miles in 26:49. Not bad. Not bad. I thought I was going to pass out on the way up my driveway and face plant the concrete. But I didn't.
And I also got the lovely taste of what I think was a fly and a moth, at about mile 2.4. Just a little extra protein for my diet.

It was hot. I was sweaty. But I feel good. Ohhhhh I feel so good. UH!

Well, maybe not that good.
Wow, that was rough.

But I feel better than before.

Guess who was all poopy pants when I got home.

So sad.

Sorry Puppy, it was just too hot and too long for you.
Next time. Next time.
(don't worry, he got a vigorous game of F-E-T-C-H when I got home. Happy Camper.)

Maybe I'll run tomorrow.
Maybe I won't.

But I do know that I enjoyed this run tonight.

And am maybe looking forward to the next.


  1. That's my girl....if you do, you do. If you don't, you don't. Either way - you are still healthy and strong. xoxo

  2. Look at you all sweaty Betty sexy! Nice work, speed racer! Better slow down or youll get a ticket! (SO proud of you!)

    Sarah @ Thinfluenced

  3. woohoo, good for you! my husband suggested last night that we start running together. i about pooped myself. he never suggests stuff like that...

  4. you broke the cycle(no running cycle)! and I think that is pretty good pace for coming back!

  5. You take the best self portraits.

  6. hang in there! it gets easier. and congrats on your return, that's some good mileage for being out of running for a month! i attempted to take milo on a run last night, he was happy but poor buddy was HOT. stupid weather.

    p.s. milo and wyatt could be excellent buddies. milo is not a fan of fetch. he likes to catch the ball in the air. throw it? he catches it, sniffs it, plops it down and goes and sniffs more stuff. perfect! :) wyatt can have all the balls at their playdate.... wait a sec..... hmmmm.


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