Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ten Things Thursday!!!

OHMYGIDDYAUNT!!!! I've missed you all sooo sosososo much! Work needs to not be such a suckhole so I can catch up with y'all!
Here's a little about me:

1.  I am looking uber cutey today. Just sayin'. I got a wild hair up my pooper and decided to curl my hair. Lord knows why. I'm sooooo sick of my short hair. I want long gorg locks to curl and pin and hairspray the ever lovin' God out of.
OK, I'm making a duck face. Christ. Need to stop that shit.

2. Sooo, we went to the lake last weekend. IT.WAS.AWESOME!!! Had tons of fun.
First up was jello shots!!!!
And really big sunglasses. Jeez.
3. Then we went skiing, here's some video, so you can see how badass completelyidiotic I look.

It's a little long, like 3 min., but you get the idea. I'm a ski goddess. Right.

Here's my father-in-law. Guy is 60 years old and is freaking amazing on one ski!!

4. Next was a little pool time with our besties John and Lori!

5.  Next I did a whole lot of this:
Looking off the dock, at beautiful Table Rock lake.
With an ice cold brew in my hand. Of course.

6.  Oh, and Wyatt has decided that he found a new favorite spot.
Nice and comfy in the back of the boat. Spoiled rotten dog.

Oh, and here's a video of Wyatt doing his most favorite thing ever.....besides laying in the back of the boat.

7. Oh, and look what happened in the first 8 hours of being there:
Yup. Ran SMACK into this wooden box that holds all our lake crap on the dock. BAM! I was going to try so.damn.hard not to injure myself this weekend!!! WTF! I can't go anywhere without turning black and blue. I'm surprised people don't think Wyatt beats me or something.

8.  Best part about my whole trip...................................




Ryan's parents bought a new boat!!!!!!!

It's awesome! They pick it up this weekend and it'll be ready for us when we go down for 9 days in July.

9. I have kinda a big thing to tell y'all. No, not prego.

I'M SMOKE FREEeeeeeeee!!!

Yup, I've been w/o cigs for about 6 weeks or so now.

How proud are you of me?!?! I'm super proud of me.

Now, I didn't do it on my own, I decided to buy a E-Cigarette. It's oil that gets heated up and you inhale water vapor. No harmful chemicals or crap that's in cigs! I love it! I'm slowly weening myself off the nicotine of it, right now i'm about at a Malboro Ultra or so, but in a few days I'll go down to barely any nicotine in it.

I feel soooo much better! I do. It's so nice. And eventually I plan to get off that completely. But right now, it's still my go-to stress reliever.

10. Ok, time to get ready for some stupid work training. Ughhhhh why can't I be rich and not work and just lay on the dock all day?!?!? WHY?!?!?!



  1. OMG WYATT!!!!! /swoon /sigh /snort at his obvious LOVE of fetching. He's such a retreiver. *super cheesy cheek hurting grin right now*

    Love your pic from today sista. So gorg!!!

    Mmmm Jello Shots. Any for us? I could use one today. Hee hee.

    That lake/dock looks freaking awesome. /love

    *heart u* have a spectacular day.

  2. I love being on the water...jealous!!! and the boat looks like a blast waiting to happen! Congrats on kicking the smoking habit that is hubby has been thinking about it for some time but has yet to do it...

  3. What a fun time it seems that you all had! Beautiful boat as well!

    I love the hair by the way you look so stinking cute!

  4. So proud of you for stopping smoking! Love your pics...the boat and lake look AH-MA-ZING!!

  5. You stopped smoking! YAY! Great job, Laura! That's SO awesome!

    And that boat is bad ass. As in, I want it. Can you talk husband into buying us a boat? He wants to build this big ass garage instead. Really? How much fun can you have in a garage (clothed)? Need. Boat. Now.

    And Wyatt is such a good fetcher! May not be graceful, but oh well!


  6. You and Wyatt are both too stinking cute.

  7. Oooh, nice boat! and CONGRATULATIONS on the smoke-free status - my DH always says that quitting was the hardest thing he's ever done - YAY YOU!!

  8. Love the hair. Can you stop bragging about the lake yet? I had to see your pictures on Facebook all weekend. Unless you take me with you, I don't want to see it. :) Haha, have a drink with me soon!

  9. Congrats on quitting smoking! I gave it up cold turkey at the beginning of this year when I realized how much it was aggravating my hernia. I feel like I've been reaping the health benefits ever since.

  10. You are gorgeous. I'm going to be shallow and only comment on how pretty you are on this post.

  11. Way to go on quitting smoking! And I love the hair -- I keep wanting to grow mine out again too, but hell, it's summertime.

  12. SO jealous on the boat. I may have to not even leave a comment but then you wouldn't know I was jealous so that sort of defeats the purpose.



    At least you got an ugly bruise. That makes me feel a little better.

    JUST KIDDING!! Looks and sounds uber fun!

  13. Congrats on not smoking that's amazing (and hard)!! You rock.
    Love the hair!

  14. You are so ridiculously cute!!! Love it!! xxx

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