Wednesday, September 26, 2012

3 Years

It's been 3 whole years since I finally got my hubby to tie the knot.
3 years.
156 weeks.
1096 days.
26297 hours.

And I wouldn't change that time for anything.

Ryan and I met in college, at KSU, in his final semester.
I was totally and completely NOT looking for a boyfriend at the time. I was getting ready to study abroad in Paris, thinking about moving to some big city, and the only serious relationship I had was with the local bars.

But then my friend decided to go 'out', and she invited her cousin, who invited all these guys that I'd never met before. Now, you have to understand, I knew my friend for like 5 years, and I also knew her cousin for 5 years. And we had NEVER met his 'other' friends until this night. Weird.

Anyways, we all go out and my friend and I are trying to ditch the boys all night. Didn't want anything to do with them. At.All. But this one guy was a smidge persistent. Finally, I agreed to dance with him, and for those of you that know Ryan and his spectacular dancing skills, you're probably wondering why I didn't run for the hills right then and there. But I didn't. I did laugh though. A lot actually, at him. But, I kinda started to think that he might not be a bad cuddle buddy, so I began flirting. And the powers of my flirt can't be denied people. So obviously he fell for my amazingness.

We all went back to his apartment for late night pizza and more beer. Because, clearly, drinking for the last 6 hours straight wasn't enough, and we needed to stay up 4 more hours, shoveling our holes with greasy pizza and chugging booze to get the real effect. Ohhhh college, how I miss you.

The first moment I walked in, I noticed that he had a mount of deer antlers on the wall. The first words out of my mouth were literally, "Wow, that's a nice rack, did you shoot that?"

Pretty sure Ryan's heart did a little pitter-patter, his mouth dropped to the floor, and he knew right then and there that he better whip out his best charm because he couldn't let this girl get away.

We ended up staying up till the sun rose, just talking and laughing, and finding all these things we had in common. It was a little freaky, I tell you, but in a good way.

Three years (I think, it could be four, I'm not sure it's been so long) after that first 'date' (if that's what you wanna call it), Ryan proposed on our dock at Table Rock Lake. And another year after that, we walked down the aisle as husband and wife.

Somehow Ryan's been able to put up with my batshit crazy life, my laziness, my slight obsession with shoes/books/nic-nacs/clutter/basically a bunch of crap and my little crush on the other Ryan (Reynolds). And I think he loves me more because of all that.

Truly, there is no other person on this earth that I love more than my husband. I never knew love could be like this, until I met him. And I can't wait to love him even more, for the rest of our lives and beyond!







These pictures are a little old. Oh well.

Again, over a year old.

And BTW, Ryan doesn't have a shaved head anymore. God we suck at taking pictures together.

I love you honey!!!!


  1. Happy Anniversary Laura...I love the pics(Before Bangs!) and I loved hearing how you stayed up talking for over 3 hours....I was like that with my fact that is still my favorite thing to do just sit and talk with him! See You soon!

  2. Aw, Happy Anniversary to you and the Mister!

    The first time I talked with my now-DH was on the phone - we talked for 4 hours, and when I hung up, I thought "I think he might be the one" - so far, so good, 27 years (24 married) later!!

  3. Happy Anniversary Laura & Ryan!!!

    The first night I hung out with my hubby we talked all night long like old friends. We've been together ever since, 18 yrs together, almost 16 married. :)

  4. Happy Anniversary!! Love the pics... you guys are a stunning couple!! :)

  5. Awwww congrats!!! Love the pics! Very cute :)

  6. Congrats! You make such a great couple-love that he proposed on your dock.

  7. Awe...happy anniversary! Me and hubs 8th anniversary was yesterday :)

  8. Yay!!! Lots and lots of congrats!!! You looked just as amazing then as you do now. And I can totally picture you making the comment about the rack. That's so awesome sauce *knuckle Bump*

  9. Love all of the pictures! You were a beautiful bride!


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