Thursday, September 27, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

Ok, y'all.


FYI: Prepare for picture overload. You have been warned.

1. Last weekend was A BLAST! To say the least. There was lots of family, friends, beers, stump, KSU FOOTBALL KICKING OU'S ASS!!!!!!!, and fishing, shooting, laughing, buried food, and fried catfish. You know, random. Like me.

Lets start with the food.

We cooked a chicken, pork shoulder, and a buffalo roast all in the ground. Like as in buried. Under dirt.
Seems legit.

But actually it turned out ok. Better than ok, really. It was freaking awesome.
First was to wrap it in foil then in a burlap cloth.

Next is start a fire in a hole and let the coals get really hot. Put a piece of metal on top of the coals, the meat on top of that, then another piece of metal. Throw dirt back over all of it.

Finally, after numerous hours of cooking, you use a excavator (yes, this is mandatory) and dig the shit up. Being careful because it's H.O.T. That's why we made Ryan go in there.

And wah-lah!! Meat! And it was DEEEEEEeeeeee-Lish!

Sorry, that was a really detailed account on how to cook meat in the dirt. You guys probably don't give two shits about that huh? Well tough shinaynays.

2.  Next thing about last weekend, the local Pow-Wow was happening just down the road. Remember, my mom lives on the Indian reservation. Normal.
Well, since my cousin's baby (my godson) was named after my Dad, Na Se Ka, (pronounced Nah Say Kah), we wanted him to experience the festivities. So we all headed over.
All the people in costume.
Hardy was kind enough to take him out for a traditional Indian dance. It was so cute, Akahi (Na Se Ka) was bobbing his head up and down to the drums.

3. Once we got back to the house and people started to arrive and we got our shoot on. Lots of guns. Lots of amo. Lots of dead targets. We even blew a few things up, but sadly I didn't get pictures of it.
My cousin Corey shooting a pistol. That piece of metal is a goner.

Cousins and Hardy deliberating over guns.

See all the guns and shit on the ground. That's not even a fraction of what we had.
Notice we all have beer in our hand. Clearly we're not worried about mixing alcohol and high power fire arms. It's fine.

4. After the shooting came the KSU vs. OU football game. This was a big one peeps. BIG. We were completely not favored to win. But I knew that we'd give it our all. Turns out we KICKED ASS!!!! And OU played like stomped dog turds. But a win's a win!

Apparently my Aunt Linda got super excited and forgot that she had her grandson AND a beer in her hand. Little Cale really, really wanted that beer. He may or may not have gotten his lips around that can. Linda's not telling.

Woops. Got caught. That's my cousin Kaycee, Linda's daughter and Cale's mom coming up wondering what Grandma is doing. Way to start him off early Linda. Good job Grandma!

Corey and Akahi playing.
Proof of a DJ. In the driveway. Only way to go people. Only way to go.
And while most people were inside watching the game, there was a few of us that decided to multitask the situation. Yes, that is a TV. Outside. This is how we roll in the c'untry. It only gets better folks.

Why, yes, that is a stump on the deck. In front of the TV. That's outside.

And if you can see in the upper right hand corner, there is the cooler. Safe and sound. Next to the stump.One stop shop on that deck. Beer, TV, and Stump. Genius.

 And these are the yahoos that organized this glorious hickfest decision on playing Stump and watching the game outside.
Kelly, Tom, Moi, Pat, and Ryan
Um, yes, I will confess. That is a beer in my hand. I just couldn't NOT drink at this huge family function. So I went off the meds for 2 days to enjoy myself. Don't hate.
However. My badass cousin Kelly (on the left in the picture above) made me an actual 'I Kick Ass' metal.
It was purple and sparkly and everything. And I wore it. Almost all night long.
God I love my family.

5.  And here is the proud family we were celebrating:
Corey, Jessica, and little Akahi. And Hardy photobombing in the back. Thanks Hardy.

6.You know how I complain that my mom and Hardy love my husband more than me? Because he gets all this cool shit when he goes to their house. Like guns and knives and hats and other bullshit. Well, I can no longer complain.

I'm holding my very own 30-30 rifle. It was my Dad's first gun. And it's all mine now.
That means I own 2 guns. TWO. We're going to need a bigger gun safe.
Shit, don't tell Ryan that.

7. Speaking of guns. Guess what this girl's doing in December????
Finally getting my hunter's safety!!!!!
That's right little deersies, you are goin' down. Down.Town.
Well, not downtown. Just down. As in my deep freeze. In my basement.

8.  So, the other day I decided to go shopping. I was in search of a semi-fancy-pants dress that I could wear this weekend in Chicago, but no dice on that. *sadface* Instead I found some cool mint jeans that I've been freaking dying to try on.
I so thought I was going to look like this:
Instead I looked like an hippopotamus chewed up 1200 giant pieces of Spearmint and regurgitated them in the leg holes of those jeans.
Not pretty folks. Not pretty at all.
So much for the fad of colored jeans for this girl. She needs to slim down the Ben & Jerry's first (that would be my thighs).

9.  OH YEAH!!! So I'm leaving for Chi-town in a few hours!!!! Take that BITCHES!!!! Well, that was a little uncalled for. I apologize. My excitement got a little overwhelming there.
I'm meeting up with a community of wonderful women, whom we all 'met' in the blogosphere, and have the common connection of wanting to be healthier! I.CAN'T.WAIT.

Bag is packed. BTW, totally fit all my shit in my carry-on. It can be done.......Angela!
(Also, in my tossing and turning last night I started to have a panic attack that all the shit I'm going to buy up there isn't going to fit home and I'm going to do the ugly cry. So........genius that I am.........I packed another bag!!!! That way I can check one bag on the way home, no problem! You may call me the Genius Queen Packer.)
Also got my boarding pass is printed.
Stellar traveling outfit is on.
I'm ready to ROCK people!!!

All I want to do is shop, and eat, and shop some more, and laugh, and shop, and be with many lovely ladies!

I will miss my Drazzy tho. *sadface* But we WILL meet one day. That you can be sure!!

10. That's all for now everyone! I'll leave you with this funny:
Made ya giggle a little, huh?
Yeah, me too.



  1. I remember as a child watching them roast a hog in a pit at archery shoots out in western KS!

    And how sweet was that game? Woot!

    Have a great trip-I look forward to lots of pictures.

  2. I want you to know I had some astoundingly awesome comment to make and then you posted that llama picture and all I can do is laugh. Nice going. My comment could have changed your life and now you'll never hear it.

    Oh and PS.

    I loves you.

  3. Well....this post was very informative. I don't see a lot of dirt-meat-roasting, target-shooting, stump-playing, pow-wow going in my part of Cali.

    Have fun at BOOBS. Wish I was there.

  4. Went to a couple of pow wows when I was younger...and that's where I fell in love with fry bread...mand that stuff is good...that llama cracked me up

  5. I just want everyone to know that Laura has a big and I mean big ass camera! I saw it last night in Chicago! And Laura is so down to earth and very friendly and I'm so happy I got to meet you Laura!


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