Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

Just kidding.
It's just another round of my lovely randomness.

1. Last weekend was the last weekend at the lake for a-whole-nother 8 months or something. Farts. And what sucks even more is that we didn't get to spend as much time floating/drinking/fishing/boating as I wanted. Double Farts. But it was still a great weekend, despite that bastard Isaac.

First stop: The Jug-N-Plug, local bait shop, liquor store, and clothing boutique. And when I write boutique, I mean there are ancient rusty clothing racks stuffed with XXXXXL sweatshirts from 1983. Classy.
Does 'fine wine' include that which comes out of a box?
 Next was a lot of looking at this:
Then, Ryan did a lot of fishing. Apparently having Mr. Hurricane grace us with his presence all day Saturday, made the catfishy's very very happy. Ryan caught six on Saturday, which is more than what he's caught the last 2 years combined. OK, maybe that was an exaggeration. He's a really good fisherman, people. Really good. (I may or may not being sarcastic here.)

One of the trophies was a beast. I mean, I thought it was going to pull him in. Ryan fought for a good 5 or 10 minutes to bring this sucker up from the bottom:
Someone's a happy little fisherman.
Oh, and Happy Fisherman's little sidekick liked the catch too:
Maybe he liked it a little too much.

After all that hard work, the 'men' had to relax a little:
Someone is spoiled. And it's not the 2-legged one.

All in all, it was a good weekend. We got to see the parents, and even got to see Ryan's uncle's new house. He had a retirement party on Sunday, so we trekked the 50 minutes up to Springfield to check it out. Good times, good times.

2.  Now it's time for FOOTBALL SEASON!!!!!!
Where nearly every weekend I make the 2 hour commute to the wonderful metropolis of Manhappiness, KS to watch my beloved Wildcats kick some serious ass on the field. Oh, and there might be tailgating, stuffing my face, and a little booze action too. Well, not so much on the booze action this year. F*cking medications.
And I get to hang with my besties John & Lori!!!!

3.  Speaking of tailgating. I also get to hang out with most of my extended family too. It's like a damn reunion every home football game. My family is a little.......what's the word.........psychotically obsessed with the CATS. They've had tickets to the games since the Ice Age. Not all come, but most of them do, so it ends up being about 20 people drinking free booze and mauling the cookie tray. Good times. Oh, and look at this!! I found the best picture of everyone!!!
(Nice beard Charlie.)
You're welcome Sheik Family.
You're welcome.

4.  Imagine this: Eating less processed filth, eating more fresh wholesome goodness, and doing back-breaking manual yard work will actually make you lose weight. SAY WHAAAAAT? I know. I was shocked too. I've already lost 1.6 pounds since yesterday! I'm now at 149.5 or something. Yes, yes, I realize that 149.something is WAY up from the 146 that I started at a few weeks ago. But we're just not going to talk about it, mmmkay?

5.  I found THE best yogurt the other day. Well, I didn't find it. My friend Rebecca was all, 'You've gotta try this shit! It's freaking lick the container orgasmic good!'
So, I took her word on it (which almost never happens) and drove my happy ass to the grocery. I was skeptical at first, because while I love greek yogurt, I haven't really been wanting any lately. I go on kicks of being completely stalker-like to it, to nearly vomiting when I think about having to eat it. I don't know. I'm weird like that.

Anyway, I picked up two flavors, the Honey and the Raspberry.
Noosa is the name, and an orgasm in your mouth is their game.

Seriously folks. This shit is TO.DIE.FOR. It's so creamy and smooth and with just the right hint of honey in it to make it the perfect sweetness.
I allegedly may have buried my schnauze in the container to lick it clean this morning. Allegedly.
It's a tad expensive. This one container was $3 bucks. YIKES. But each container is 2 servings. And SOOOOOOO worth every penny.
**WARNING**Portion out half of it before you even touch that creamy goodness to your tongue. Because if you don't, you WILL eat the whole thing in one sitting, and may go back for the 2nd container you have stashed in the fridge. I didn't do this or anything. Just sayin'.

By the way, Noosa People: I will welcome a crate of this deliciousness delivered to my front door any time. As payment for the wonderful review to the thousands pithily few followers I have. Thank you.

6.  OK, stupid people are bothering me at my desk, so I'm going to finish up these last few with some old nature photos that I found on my computer last night. I forgot how much fun I have when I'm taking scenic stuff! I'll have to cart my camera around more often!




I thought this one was funny. It's like the Red bird is all, 'Bitch, this is MY fence. Move your skank feathers off!'
If you'd like to look at more, you can go to my photography FB page HERE.

Have a great weekend y'all!!!


  1. love the live bait store! Every time I go visit my relatives up in ND I have to move the live bait over in the fridge to get my drink...the live bait is in our drink fridge---yuck! and I LOVE that bird pic...absolutely beautiful...the other pictures are great truly have a gift of photography!

  2. Jug N Plug, huh? If I was ever inspired to open a naughty adult store, I would so name it the Jug-n-Plug. And we would definitely serve boxed wine...aka...cardbordeaux.

  3. I'm SO glad it is football season too!

  4. The dog in the picture looks like he/she enjoyed fishing....

  5. Where did you get the yogurt?? Rasberry sounds delish!

  6. Ooo will have to look for that yogurt.

  7. I freaking love your TTTs. And I freaking love you long time.

  8. Where did you get this manna from heaven yogurt?


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