Friday, February 15, 2013

Pregnancy - WEEK 13 (Feb. 11 – Feb 17)

So, this week, there’s been oodles of changes going on. And most of them are a smidgen irritating. And by smidgen, I mean more annoying than wearing pants made out of duct tape while you have an ichy mosquito bite on your ass. And no, I’ve never worn duct tape pants before. But I totally have a cousin that dressed up as Duct Tape Man for Halloween once. I think I have a picture somewhere…..I shall have to unearth that piece of gold.

Anyways. The first little ‘pregnancy symptom’ that graced me this week, was a hurt tailbone. You know how you’re shitcan wasted, and stumbling in the bar district of your college hometown, and it just happened to ice about 2 inches? You can barely walk as it is, but with ice, it’s like the freaking Olympics are happening to try and cross the street. But then it happens, you hit a patch of black ice and fall straight on your tailbone….in front of a whole fraternity group. Has that ever happened to you??? No?? Ya, me either. But that’s basically what my tailbone feels like ALL.FREAKING.DAY.

My chiropractor dude refers to it as relaxin or some bullshit like that. Personally, I think Mr. Relaxin is not relaxin’ at all. If fact, he’s a big asshole. Said asshole hormone is also affecting my neck, which causes it to go ‘out’, and then I have a headache all day long. Apparently this relaxin hormone is what makes all your joints loosen up and move, it’s supposed to help your lady parts area with pushing out a watermelon. but it affects all your joints, not just your lady parts area. Which is a special kind of awesome.

Let’s just say I’m Crankypants McGee right now.

I don’t do well with headaches. Because then they turn into migraines. And then I want to high five just about everyone I see…..with a cinder block.

So. Hurt tailbone. Check. Bad neck. Check. Headache. Check.

Oh, and significantly less chocolate intake. Check.

Which makes me a tad bitchy, but it’s also slowed down my weight gain. So I guess my husband was right, and all that sugar wasn’t necessarily a good thing. Shit, did I just write my husband was right?!?!?! WTH????

That moves me on to the 4th thing going on this week……Pregnancy Brain. Have you heard of it? Have you gone through it? Most mothers have, so they say. I think I’d rather sit in the Sahara with only Justin Beeber to listen to for 3 years than deal with me being a complete and utter ditz (well, more so than I already am). Oh Mylanta, it is soooo bad.

I can’t concentrate. I can’t focus. I forget what I’m doing. Like the other day, I had to take a solid 2 minutes and just look at my keyboard, because I didn’t know why I had a stack of papers in my hand. I knew I was getting ‘something’ from my drawer for the papers, but could not for the life of me remember what that ‘something’ was. Then it hit me……..a freaking PAPER CLIP. *Palm to forehead.*

I’ve also screwed up so much shit at work. I feel so bad for my poor employees. I keep handing them work, that really doesn’t belong to them, so they get confused, then I get confused as to why they’re confused, and finally they have to write it in crayon what the fuck is happening, because I still can’t get it.

Even though all this is irritating, it does make me laugh though. Everything that’s happening to my mind and body, I mean. It’s a constant reminder that I’m carrying a little baby inside of me. Yes, I complain, and yes, I’m cranky. But deep down inside, I still thank the Universe every day that I have all this annoying shit happening to me!

I just wanted to write that, because I know I bitch a lot, but I want y’all to know that I appreciate this pregnancy more than anything. I just need to vent sometimes. Which is what this little bloggy is all about!

Anyways, moving on to more important things… the BABY!

Little Wik / Baby Ida is about 3 inches long, and roughly the size of a peach!!! Can you believe it’s already 3 inches!? The baby’s head is about half the size of it’s body now, so it’s starting to be a little more proportional. The baby’s intestines are also making some major changes this week. Up until now they’ve been growing inside the umbilical cord, but now they’re moving to their more permanent address….baby’s tummy! The placenta is growing also, weighing about an ounce (at birth it’ll be about 1-2 lbs!). Baby’s vocal cords are growing too!!!

This week is the end of the first trimester! Which is completely unbelievable to me. I mean, the time is going sooo fast. I’ve started the search for daycare. And I have this feeling that its going to be a nightmare. Ugh. 

Ohhhh, another big development for our little family is that we’re looking for a new house!!!! The hubby and I have decided that our current humble abode isn’t big enough for all 4 of us (4th being Wyatt, of course), so we’re looking to expand. And not just my ass this time!!! We’ve started the search for a real estate agent, and even looked at a house. We’d like more of a country life, obviously with a bigger home, and possibly an outbuilding or shed or something. Basically something that Ryan can make his ‘man-cave’. And then I won’t have to deal with all his hunting BS in the house!!! Hip-Hip-Hooray!!! I will say, the pickings are a little slim yet, but I’m thinking they’ll pick up here in the next month.

Wish us luck that we can get into a new home before the baby arrives!!! (That way I don’t have to do any heavy lifting! Hehehe)

That’s it for this week!!!
Have a great weekend everyone!
Drink a beer for me!


  1. Oh boy! A new you have a fabulous weekend!

  2. Pregnancy Brain is the worst! I once went to my OBGYN appointment and had to do the required urine sample (which I had done a zillion times before), went to the restroom, got my cup, and sat down, then peed without even remembering that I had the cup in my hand! Oops! Luckily, pregnancy brain happens to all of us and people are usually forgiving about it!

    Congrats on the house search!

  3. Yup, preggo brain blows.. and unfortunately it turns into Mommy Brain once the kiddo is here so you are basically toast for the rest of your life, or so I hear!!!

    And the whole tailbone pain, I feel for you sister.. i had it bad... the chiro should be able to help a little but it does suck as well.

    hooray on the house! keeping my fingers crossed ya'll find something that works!! :)

  4. good luck on the tailbone pain! umm ya no fun at all

    and jen is right pregnancy brain turns into mamma brain and so on! you'll never be the same ;) benefits far outweigh the cons tho!!!!

  5. and excited abt the house!!! fingers crossed you find a great place :)

  6. Good luck on finding the perfect house! My youngest child is 19 and I don't think pregnancy has left me yet :)

  7. I adore these updates! Cannot believe Little Wik is already the size of a peach!! The growth really is miraculous during pregnancy!

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us. Another thing - your picture is beautiful!

  8. MY BFF used to always say "New house, new baby" because whenever one of us moved, we would end up pregnant. Looks like you did it a wee bit backwards, but it still works.
    Best of luck on the house hunt!
    And, BTW, I totally had pregnancy brain and it sucked, like having sinus allergies all day every day.
    This too shall pass.

  9. BTW-super congratulations!! I've been MIA but still lurking. (read-not stalking) and am super happy for you!! A human puppy for Wyatt!! :)


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