Friday, February 1, 2013

Pregnancy WEEK 7 (Dec 30-Jan 5)

OK, before we get into the recap of WEEK 7, I have to share this comment with y'all from my last post! This is why I love this girl. And you will love her too, because she's awesomesauce. Follow her HERE!!!

I'm laughing so hard I can't even breathe! Omg, you're even funnier pregnant! After you pop baby banana out, I'm slipping your hubby some Viagra, nudie magazines, and a saddle- and then slapping him on the ass and telling him to get back on that pretty pony! Cuz we love this humor, dammit! :)


Sarah, I can't live without you. You are the Thank you for making my day. BTW, I'm still laughing.

Ok, onto the recap:
I can’t believe 7 weeks have gone by! It’s crazy how fast things go. We have about one more week before we finally get to the doctor, and I can’t wait. It’d be nice to quell some of these fears.

But for right now, things are going pretty smooth. I’m still not sleeping. Like at all. But oddly enough, I still have a ton of energy. Well, at least until about 8pm, then I was to just crawl under a rock and die because I’m so freaking exhausted. I feel like an 87 year old granny going to bed at 8pm!!! Oh well, baby needs it’s rest. The extra energy during the day is odd with pregnant people apparently. I’m supposed to be damn near in a coma all day, but I’m just not.  It could be from the Zoloft I’m taking. I don’t know. That’s the only explanation I can think of. But I’m not bitching! I feel great! Keep it up body!!!

The voluptuous girls are getting easier to deal with and they don’t ache as much. Now I just have to pay attention to how low cut my shirts are. For work. And not my part time job on the corner, the full time job in the respectable aviation industry, in case you got confused.  Paying attention to my shirts is like a first in my entire life. I’m thinking that a little cleave at work isn’t all that appropriate. (Again, the corner would be the exception.)  Just kidding about the corner. I’m pregnant, I had to give that life up! God I’m so weird.

Moving on.

The baby is about a ¼ inch. Equivalent to a cute little blueberry. Apparently, the baby is about 10,000 times bigger now than it was at conception. Holy Christ. Little person grows fast!

Biggest growth this week is the baby’s head. It’s generating about 100 cells per minute. Also it’s arm and legs are beginning to bud, dividing into hands, arm, and shoulder segments, and leg, knee, and foot segments. It’s mouth and tongue is forming too! It’s also on it’s 3rd and final set of kidneys. I think the whole 3rd set of kidneys thing is normal. And not because it's Mama loves her some beer (pre-pregnancy, of course). In just a week it’ll be able to produce it’s own waste. Which is just thrilling.

All in all, things are going good. I’m starting to do some walking. I wanted to get at least 2 miles in a day, but its been more like 6 miles a week. But anything is better than nothing.

Also, I crave sweets like it’s going out of style. Holy Christ I need chocolate like all day. It’s so weird. But yet, normal. I know, I make no sense. I’m trying to keep it under control, but it’s tough. I’m also trying to ‘cancel’ it out with adding more veggies and fruit to my diet. Which is totally legit. We’ll see how that goes!


  1. Sarah is her blog and her comments! You too..but you have always made me laugh!

  2. Well Jee-eez-us! Would you look at that? I gots a cameo! No, no, not CAMO. (Damn it. I got shit to hide from.) Cameo! Sweet! Thanks & me loves you too!

    Now then, we need to get down to serious business! Ie: You complaining about the lady lumps. Woman, your husband will chase those new tatas across atleast three county lines! You need to USE that! He will be so gaga over the chance that MAYBE he will get to play with those new booberellas, that he won't even notice that your cart at Babys R Us or Macy's is full! Try it! Trust me! 'Whoopsie, how did all that get it there? Honey, I need your credit card. Boobies, remember? Trade you in 20 minutes.' (Buy me something nice. I like pink. )



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