Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Back on track! And a-little-stiff-neck-crappiness.


Well, the exercising has commenced. I not only shoveled the driveway and deck last night for an hour (yes, another foot of snow dropped on us here in the Midwest, God I freaking hate winter) but then I came inside and did a 30 min. work-out video.  I was so proud of myself! And, although I was extremely worn out (went to bed at the impossibly late hour of 9pm) I felt really good. 

So good in fact that I woke up this morning AT 5AM and started my new exercise routine with a little P90X. And let me tell you....5am is really, really, really early. No human being should be up at that hour. My hubby, Ryan, and family can attest: I am not the most pleasant person to be around in the morning. I require 18 cups of coffee, extreme silence (NO ONE should talk to me, about ANYTHING), and then about 9am I finally come around to the world of the living.  But I got up, got my work-out gear on and got my rear end (Ryan says I use 'pooper' too much in my blogs, so I’m trying to cut back) down the stairs and in front of the big screen.

That's when the morning started to slide into a big pile of steaming cow dung.  There I am, sweating through a thing called a 'banana-roll' and having the time of my life. If you're familiar with P90X, you know what a 'banana-roll' is, but for those that aren't: you lay on the floor, stomach down with arms above your head, nose to the ground, then you arch your back so your finger tips, head, legs and feet reach toward the ceiling, stomach still on the ground; so you look like a banana, curve up. Then you roll to your left side and arch your hands, shoulders, legs, and feet, just like before only on your side rib cage area and hip stays on the ground. Then you roll onto your back; same deal only facing up. Then onto your right side, same as left.  Finally you repeat the process rolling back to your starting position. I've just got to mention that of all the excruciating exercises in P90X, and there are a lot, this by far tops the list for most ridiculously hard thing to do and I hate it.  On with my story: I finish that and jumped up (ok lets be real, I rolled onto my side, then got on all fours and hoisted myself up with the help of the couch) and noticed that my neck felt a little stiff.  Well, as the hour long DVD progressed my neck felt more and more like my vertebrae had been replaced with a steel rod.  I finished the work-out though! Yeah for me.

Now, five hours post work-out, I have no mobility in my neck, I’ve taken enough pain killers to comatose a small child and I have an ugly ice pack sitting on top of my shoulder that is only helping slightly. Good times, good times.

I'm a little cranky about the whole thing, if you can't tell, but I'm still going to work out tomorrow. Or at least try to work out.  I did step on the scale this morning and I’m down to 156.1!!! So there's a ray of sunshine on the gloomy day!!!  I want to keep up the exercising and the healthy eating so on Friday's weigh in I might be 155....or lower ;-)

Keep your fingers crossed!

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