Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Poopy weather, poopy weekend, poopy everything!

Last weekend was not the best (and the start of this week has been a kick in the pooper too).  My beloved CATS lost to our in-state rivals and they lost BAAAADDDDD.  In honor of their hideous playing, I decided it was only fitting to drink a boat-load of brewskies on Sat. night.  That brilliant idea landed me with a tinge of a headache on Sun. morning, which then turned into a migraine (that is just starting to fade away today).  On top of all that, Mother Nature has decided that she doesn't much care for the Midwest and has descended upon us 30 mph winds, 3-6 inches of snow, and sizzling temps of 3 degrees (that's the high today).  OH, OH, and one more thing: My husband's work has requested that he work in a town 3 hours away from here for the whole week.  So, I won't get to spend my nights cozily cuddled up to him in this blizzard but cuddled up with a damn snow shovel instead.  And with him being gone, I can't go to the gym for two hours after work like I have been this last few weeks, because my horribly spoiled dog gets to snuggle up in OUR bed all day and I’ve got to get home right after work to let him out.  Can you tell that I’m less than thrilled with my predicaments???

A day in the life of Wyatt.

But, on the bright side....nope, pretty sure there is no bright side. 

Just kidding.

I've decided that a few hours shoveling this wonderful crystalline water ice will be an excellent way to burn some calories.  And who knows, maybe I’ll take that spoiled rotten canine, that I love, outside and have a snow-ball fight. (Ok, so it might be a little one sided, but he deserves it after lounging around all day, right?!)  And I’ll just have to work out at home this week; I’ve got tons of exercise videos that haven't gotten viewed in ages.  I'll just break those out and go to town.  And I guess it's going to be kind of nice that the hubby isn't here, that way I don't have to make any big meals this week. I'll just eat some nice salads and sautéed veggies.  (Cross your fingers that helps with the scale; Taco Bell on Sunday was not the best idea when trying to lose a few pounds.)

Anyway, on to a better mood!

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