Friday, February 4, 2011

Weigh In Day-3 + Motivation

Last Week: 157.2
This Week: 157.4
Goal: 138

Well, for not exercising (besides the shoveling of snow) all week, a gain of .2 isn't bad.  You know how you get in this routine and everything is going wonderful, then BAM, your 'routine-train' has hit a bump in the tracks and your luggage has scattered to the winds (including that pair of granny-panties that we all have, but don't want anyone to know we have. Yes ladies, you know what I’m talking about!). Anyway, got a little side-tracked there (ha-ha, pun-intended, gosh I’m a goof). That's what happened to me this week. I was cruising along nicely on my new workout/eating right routine, then my hubby had to go out of town to work this week, then it snowed 6 inches with 3 foot drifts and extremely frigid temps, then I just got in that 'funk'. I didn't eat that bad though. That's the only plus to this whole week.

I have tons of exercise videos, including P90X, which I have wanted to get back into, just haven't yet.  I was just getting so good at going to the gym and running and going to yoga; now that's all I want to do.  With there being snow and ice on the ground, if I even tried to attempt an outside run I’m almost positive I’d break my neck (I’m kinda clumsy). So I’m stuck to inside-at-home workouts.  Hubby will be back tonight, then he'll only be gone Mon. thru Wed. of next week, so at least I can get to the gym this weekend and the end of next week, but who knows how long he'll be out of town after next week. Could be months. (Lets all pray that is not the case!)

So this is the motivation part. I need some.  At least that's what I decided yesterday while sitting on the couch watching my crazy canine run circles in the house with his favorite chew toy (it's a blue piggy that makes this awful noise when squeezed, kind of like a pig snort and a really loud fart at the same time; thank you Grandma and Grandpa Wiksten for getting him that BTW.) I woke up this morning, and to tell you the truth it's been every morning this week, and felt absolutely crappy. I was tired and drained and cranky.  I had zip, zilch, nada for energy. This is the point where the metaphorical light bulb illuminated above my head and I thought "I bet I feel this way because I've done a big fat NOTHING for physical activity this week."  So that proves it folks. I spent the first 2 weeks of my 'new-healthier-me' life literally running my butt off and sweating and stretching it out in yoga to feel amazing every single day. I had energy, I had a lovely smile on my face, and I just plain felt good. And I don't want to spend the rest of my life feeling this down and out.  If two weeks of doing exercise revived the real and better me, then I will spend the rest of my life working out. As long as I have my best Bud (ha-ha, there's another one folks, watch out, I’m on a roll) to occasionally make an appearance, I think I will survive this healthier lifestyle.

will drag my pooper down my measly flight of stairs to work out for an hour at home, at least three times a week.  I will stop making excuses on why I can't exercise at home.  I will remember how unhealthy I felt when I didn't exercise.

I'm a work in progress people, some weeks are better and some weeks are worse.  But I bet you next week is going to be one of those better ones!


  1. Laura--this has been a lousy week to be motivated--curling up under a warm blanket seemed most appealing to me. And getting to the gym was almost impossible this week--snow and all. Anyway we did get there this AM and it felt good to move some muscles. Keep at it. I like the classes with fun music.
    Grandma Wiksten

  2. I was unmotivated this weekend as well, plus I drank two beers last night -- lame I know, but I consider myself a non-drinker, so two beers made me feel like a slug. I am going to start my running schedule this week and will try to motivate you as much as I can! Tomorrow, 2 miles on the good ole treadmill for me!


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