Friday, February 11, 2011

Weigh In Day-4 + Excitement

Current Weight: 156.3
Last Week: 157.4
Goal: 138

I am so excited it's Friday. I’m excited I lost another pound. I’m excited that I get to hang with my Mom and her 3 crazy dogs this weekend. I’m excited that I get to eat at my all-time-favorite restaurant Hibachi Hut (that I also happened to work at for 5 glorious years in college) with two of my bestest friends. I’m just all over EXCITED!

So let us delve into my almost uncontrollable excitement:

First, I love Fridays. That means it’s the weekend and that I get to indulge in some very refreshing alcoholic beverages this evening. I think Friday’s are my ‘favorite day’. Ok, if I talk any more about my love for Fridays this blog would be boring as hell.

Second, I lost another pound! WooHoo. This is all because I really watched what I shoved in the hole in my face. I was really strict, didn’t have so much as a sniff of junk food (well until this morning, when I just couldn’t say NO to ‘Donut Day’. I swear I’m going to be able to say no to that horrible-but-sweet-chocolate-covered-and-sprinkle-loaded-cake donut someday. It’ll happen people, I swear it!)

I did make a sort of major breakthrough this week, also. Well, I’m under-estimating the ‘sort of’, it’s a humungous breakthrough: Hello, my name is Laura, and I’m an emotional eater.  I read this amazing blog post the other day about realizing when you are truly physically hungry or when you are just mentally hungry.  It really made me see the light on a lot of issues.  I don’t think I’ve always been an emotional eater; sometime in college I developed the habit. Probably to ‘hide’ from my depression rather than face it head on. Then, once I dealt with the depression, I just kept eating, and eating, and eating. It makes me wonder if I really dealt with it, or if I still was depressed, but controlled it through food.  No, I know I worked really hard to get out of that ‘dark’ place, I just think I still had trouble dealing or coping with stress.  (God this writing thing is REALLY helping!) But anyway, I sat there reading about this amazing woman that was an emotional eater and how she realized that she always ate before she was hungry, to fend off the hunger ‘feeling’.  She said she got back into a healthy eating pattern when she waited for her body to tell her when to eat, rather than her mind. Then from doing that, she figured out what it really felt like to actually be hungry.  From there, deciphering between mental hunger and physical hunger was a snap.  She also figured out that when she fed her body ‘whole’ foods (i.e. fruits, veggies, whole grains, basically anything that wasn’t processed junk food) she stayed full longer. It was when she ate candy, chips, donuts (reminder to self: stop eating donuts on Fridays) that she was hungry again within a short amount of time.  The junk never filled her up physically, just made her feel full emotionally, and even that didn’t last long.

So that’s what I really practiced this week; I would ask myself if my body really NEEDED those tortilla chips or if I could hold off a little while longer. And what do you know, its two hours later and my stomach is growling. To which I fed it the very nutritional and absolutely delicious carrot sticks and sliced peppers with hummus (bet you thought I was going to eat the tortilla chips, huh? Nope, I was very proud of myself that I chose the healthier option.) 

I think one of my ‘new goals’ is to control my emotional hunger.  I’m going to figure out what the issue is for the emotional eating, then I’m going to dissect that issue into very tiny, miniscule pieces, and finally, I’m going to take those very tiny, miniscule pieces out back and kick the dog-shit out of them till they realize that I’m the boss and they do not control when I feed my face. Whew, I already feel better.

Ok, on to more excitement: Third, the best way to describe my mother is that she has an awesome sense of humor, can be a little ditzy (but that runs in that side of the family, I’ve even inherited that quality gene), loves a party, talks about a mile a minute (and can talk for hours upon hours about absolutely nothing of extreme importance) and lives in the most magical place on the planet.  I mean her house is awesome; it’s like taking a vacation every time we stay there.  It’s a cedar-sided one story house with a front porch, beautiful back deck and sits on 33 acres in the middle of the country. Oh, and it’s only 1 mile from a casino (can you say roulette table baby)! The land is fully equipped with everything that makes my husband get all giddy like a 6 year old boy opening up a 1582 piece LEGO set for Christmas.  It’s got a fully-stocked pond, a workshop stacked with any tool you could possibly need or want, an additional 200 or so acres that is owned by family, that he can hunt on pretty much any time he wants, and a Kubota tracter to dig in the dirt with. ABSOLUTE PARADISE.

Lori, Mom, and I at a KSU football game.
And fourth, I’m getting me some John’s Spicy Shrimp goodness! Hibachi Hut is actually a Cajun food restaurant in Manhattan, KS, where I went to college.  “In the middle of Kansas?  How can that be?!” you ask. Well it just is. And I get to go with John & Lori (lady in the pic above), the most fabulous friends I have.  They are also fellow K-Staters, and are about as obsessed, if not more, as I am with the CATS.  I also convinced them to buy a house at Table Rock Lake a few years ago; just a 30 min boat ride from my husband’s family’s cabin. So they are lake-people too, which get’s them a super-duper shiny gold star in my book!

Life just couldn’t be better right now. Enjoy the weekend everyone! I know I will!


  1. sounds like you're on a roll! SWEET! and congrats. tomorrow is joggers and lagers, come and join for just lagers if you please. hope you had a fantastic weekend :)

  2. Hello! Draz sent me over, and I can tell I am going to enjoy reading your blog! Your energy flows through it! have a wonderful time!

  3. @Justawallflower: Thanks so much! I'm glad she sent you over!


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