Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I have about 20 minutes before I start my joyous work day and I thought I'd write a quick note about how freaking frustrated I am at myself.  First, my confession: I didn't do jack last weekend, in the form of exercise anyway.  And apparently I've decided to continue that pitiful trend through the beginning of this week. Both Sunday and Monday night I've got my work-out cloths ready for the next morning, I've also set my alarm at 5:10am, and before falling into my usual restless slumber I pumped myself up for the morning work-out. I told myself, "You can do this Laura, you freaking NEED to work out! You will feel better about yourself! Get your lazy ass out of bed and march it right downstairs and push the damn play button on the Blueray!" Well, both Monday and this morning what do I do???? NOTHING! The stupid alarm goes off, I don't even hit snooze, I just roll over, turn it off, reset it for an hour later, turn it back on and then go back to sleep.  SERIOUSLY?!?! What is WRONG with me????

And to make it worse, I stepped on the scale this morning, just to see if the non-exercising trend is effecting my poundage, and sure enough, I'm at 158.  158!!!! Again, SERIOUSLY?!?! I've gained back the 2 pounds that took me 3 weeks to lose!  At least, that's what I've been thinking over and over since about 6:30 this morning.  I know that there is no way I could have gained 2 pounds in 3 days. Especially since I ate really pretty good all weekend (with the exception of two small slices of DiGiorno that I had last night).  So, I'm sure it's just water weight. I hope.

Then my amazingly-awesome-and-so-considerate-loving husband pipes up with something that sounds like, "Yeah, I've seen the cloths out both mornings, was wondering if you were going to get up or not. Hehehe. How's that blog of your's going? Since your not exercising and all?" What a freakin' jack-wagon.  I'm not the most shiny ray of sunshine in the morning, and with my current feelings of anger at myself for my lack of a 'exercise backbone', that just sent me over the edge.  All I could think about was I need to get these feelings down on the blaghospere otherwise I'm going to explode.

And to put a little cherry on the sundae: I just got a call from a co-worker and the 10 boxes of Thin Mints I ordered from his daughter (before I started this exercise and weight loss debacle) are in and just waiting for me in the next building.  I was wondering what that little whisper was, that's been calling my name over and over, saying, "Laura, there's sweet blissful chocolate over here. Come and get me. Lauraaaaaa."

So how is this going to work? I'm feeling really poopy, I'm an emotional eater, and 10 boxes of the glorious tasting Girl Scout Thin Mints are going to be sitting in my desk for the ENTIRE DAY! Could life get anymore challenging at this point. Hmmmm, I don't think so.

I'm skrewed.


  1. Just a couple of suggestions. It would hard to plan workouts early in the morning if you are not a morning person. Have you tried working out in the evenings instead? I am fortunate to have the freedom to work out any time during the day as I don't work but it would be hard for me to get straight out of bed and into a workout.

    About the cookies. I know 10 boxes were expensive but is it really worth sacrificing your new start on getting healthy? Maybe you can pay for the cookies and then donate them back to the scouts so they can resell them to someone else. I'm fine with supporting scouts but I can't have cookies around. They will cause a binge for me every time. Just something to think about. I wish you the best.:)

  2. I've gotten to the point that I actually enjoy exercise (most of the time.) But I ABSOLUTELY cannot get up in the early morning hours to work out. If you figure out a way to get yourself to do it...share!! :)

    I don't like Thin Mints, but boy do I have a Do-Si-Do problem! Great idea to donate them! But if you can't get yourself to do that, maybe you can freeze them and pull them out down the road when you need something sweet.

  3. Thanks for the comments and ideas! I actually decided to put the cookies in the freezer for a future 'treat' to myself if I do something good. Also, my husband found them last night, so who knows if they'll even last that long now!

    I did get up this morning! Yeah! I've found that if I don't workout in the morning, then i'll never get a workout in. Even though I'm NOT a morning person. It seems if I wait till I get home the hubby wants fed, the dog wants fed, then it's 8pm and I'm so exhausted that I end up going to bed. I just need to work harder on getting out of bed!


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