Friday, February 18, 2011

Weigh In Day-Week 5 + New Adventures

Current Weight: 155.9
Last Week: 156.3
Goal: 138

Well, I’ve had a crazy-busy week.  Work has been out of control, the home-life has been nuts; there was definitely more than one moment when I wanted to pull out my hair and run screaming down the street. Good news is I pretty much held it together and didn’t have to make a trip to the insane asylum.  I did, however, have to make a trip to the fridge for some good ol’ Bud Light on Wed. night.  I think that helped keep me ‘balanced’.  And I lost some more weight! Yeah!  It’s only about ½ lb, but hey, it’s still a loss.

Don’t you just love it when you are so overwhelmed with projects that you can’t even find time for a potty break, let alone a whole 30 minutes for lunch, and your boss, your boss’s family, co-workers, and the owner of the company’s friends all want you to do a ‘little personal project’ for them….all in one week.  Really people?! I’m only one person. But, being the extremely stellar one-and-only person that I am, I got all the projects done. If work had a 'Badass Award', I would totally get it.

So on top of all the work BS, Ryan and I have decided to completely re-do our downstairs bathroom. Granted, he’s done most of the work so far; the only thing I’ve really done is remove the wallpaper. (Which, if you’re friends with me on Facebook, you should have seen my really “nice” post about stupid people that put up wallpaper over fresh paint, and how much of a HUGE pain in the ass it is to remove.  I’ll say it again to all you lovely readers: For the love of God, please do not ever, EVER, put up wallpaper. Just paint instead.)  But this week we have gotten to the point in our little renovation that I need to step it up.  It’s painting time and Ryan isn’t a fan of that particular chore, so it falls on my shoulders (which is completely fine, because I happen to enjoy painting). So we went to Home Depot to pick out the paint and get some other necessities. I think our color is called ‘Puddle’, doesn’t sound pretty, but it’s a grayish/brownish tone with a smallest hint of purple to it (Jeez: grayish/brownish. I’m an art major and I can’t come up with a more technical term than that? Glad I spend $30,000 on those 7 years in college.)  Anyway, I think it’s going to look really good against our tile (which is tan with light gray and red speckles). So not only are my days full, but my nights are too. At least until we finish the bath, which should be the first week of April (if not sooner).

Let’s chat about some weight loss and exercise news.  This week I start two, count ‘em TWO, new adventures in my determination to drop the poundage.  First, I started P90X back up.  I think I mentioned in a previous blog that I did P90X for 45 days straight, then a bunch of poopy personal problems rained down on me and I gave up. That was almost a year ago. Now that things are a little better, and Ryan has been out of town some so I couldn’t go to the gym, I thought what a better opportunity to start it back up.  Monday I literally crawled out of bed at 5:15, that’s in the AM people, and put in the DVD to ‘Bring It’ (that’s what the message is before the program starts and I almost want to chuck my 5 pound dumbbell at the damn saying every morning. Bring it my ass).  It went pretty good and it was a huge eye opener to the fact that I am in horrible shape.  Even with the yoga and running I’ve been doing since the middle of Jan. 

The second adventure is trying Herbalife meal replacement shakes. I read about another blogger trying it and losing weight and thought I’d give it a shot.  It’s supposed to be a more natural and healthier option than Slim-Fast. What the hell, can’t hurt right? I just received it on Thursday, so I’ve only been on the program for two days. So far, so good.  It doesn’t taste awful and it does keep me full.  I’ll keep you updated on how it goes.

Some of my goals for next week include: 1.Do a full week of P90X (I skipped Wed. this last week; see above statement about trip to the fridge). 2. Try to bring my stress level down a few notches. 3. Continue to eat healthy.  4. And of course, to paint the damn bathroom.

Have a great weekend everyone! (Just think of me, stuck in a very small space in the basement, putting a few coats of ‘Puddle’ on the walls, while the weather outside is supposed to be 60-70 degrees. That should make you enjoy your weekend so much more.)


  1. Hey hun - what flavor did you end up getting? And I would totally give you the badass award if I could. Holy shit - you're doing P90x in the morning? You are amazing. Keep us posted on how it goes!

  2. I'm excited to hear you are trying the herbal life. One of my other blogging friends is doing it. I tried it about 30 years ago but it tasted horrible to me then. I was about 17 and of course anything diet was gross to me. I'm not sure what is in herbal life now but I'm really into protein shakes and it is has worked for me so I wish you the best of luck with it. :)

  3. @Drazil: I got the Dutch Chocolate flavor, as I ahve a huge obsession with chocolate, i thought that would be the best choice. But I think i'm going to order Vanilla next time, just to shake it up.
    @Karen: Thanks, and I love protein shakes too.

  4. You had me at "they keep me full..." I've tried several other shakes and yep! 30 minutes later I'm hungry! Of course it could be the fact that when I "diet" my mind starts craving EVERYTHING! lol. I think I will try them - keep us posted!


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