Monday, February 6, 2012

Beam me up Scotty

Last Friday I got laser beams shot in my eyes.

It was cool.

Now I look like some zombified flat haired weirdo:
Check my red eyeballs people.

Or I look like I've been taking a few too many puffs of the magic fern.

Either way.

But! I can see!!!!!
Lasik surgery was definitely worth it. Even with the dead zombie/pot head eyes.

I went from not being able to see the big 'E' to having 20-25 vision. Amazeballs. Simply amazeballs.

I won't go into a whole lot of deets, because when I did at work today, a few people actually turned green. Seriously. But I will tell you that they, that would be the nurses and nice ladies working at the Eye Center, gave me a pretty little pill called valium. Very nice. Then I laid down on a little reclined chair and two machines went to work fixing my decrepit little sight. I was in the surgery a whole 12 minutes. If that.

Afterwords, they checked my peepers and I could see! My eyes felt like some 2 year old stomped sand in them for 3 days, and I now know what it looks like when you 'walk into the light'. Not because I was dying, just because everything was hella mother F-ing BRIGHT!

Then I went home. Made Ryan stop for ice cream....because I deserved it....I had laser beams shooting in my eyes for the Lord's sake....then I passed out. For 3 hours. With these very sexy clear patches over my eyes and sunglasses over them (it was bright remember).

Upon was like a miracle. That cute little doc should be named a saint. Hand to bible.

Anyway, just wanted to let you all know that I no longer have to wear contacts or glasses or NUSSING! Neener neener neener. Woops, did I just type that?

If you ever get the chance to get Lasik, just do it. Spend the money. You will have a new love for life that rivals a fat kid's love for twinkies.


  1. Beside the red glazed look you sure have purdy eyes for a girl!

  2. Isn't wearing NUSSING great? LOVE IT! Same here - valium and less than 10 minutes and then a prescribed nap and 20/20! Love it.

  3. Whoo hoo! Hubby had that done too! He loves it and I felt no longer needed because he didn't me to tell him what time it was in the morning when he couldn't see the clock! Red eyes are totally worth it!! Great for you!

  4. you got valium? dang, I didn't get that! mine was about 60 seconds in each eye and poof....all done. it only gets better...really! just make sure to wear the goggles at night so you don't rub your eyes in your sleep. I was paranoid because I yanked the goggles off every night (unknowingly) and they were literally on the other side of the bedroom when I woke up. :) I launched them like nobody's business.

  5. Good for you! Lasik is on my bucket list. :)

  6. Lasik was the best thing I've ever done for myself (I don't count the band because I'm still pre-op!) Although I hope your sight wasn't too bad - my prescription was a -11.5 going into Lasik 11 years ago, and this past summer my aging eyes needed glasses to fix a -1.0 test result. 11 years without glasses was so worth it, though! Good luck!

  7. Oh my gawd I am laughing my butt off. Thanks for starting my morning off!

  8. Yayyyy! Welcome to the light. :)

  9. Yep, had my peepers lasered about 5 years or so ago. Best thing I had done until my band. Now it's the #2 best thing I ever did for myself. You're going to get to the point where you're going to want to get a pair of glasses without prescription just because you'll want to play sexy librarian with Ryan...but you'll never NEED them again. It's freaking awesome!

  10. Congrats, unfortunately I am not a candidate. Luckily I only need my glasses for reading, and when I am staring at the computer for long periods of time (damn job)jk! Enjoy your new eyeballs.

  11. I would love for SB to get that but he is too cheap to spend the money for himself. I told him we buy contacts and as some point it would even out... eh! Love the red eyes it is a good look for you :-)

  12. One of the best things I ever did for myself!

  13. Jealous

    That is all

    Except that my eyes are red too

    but only because I have a Nyquil hangover


  14. I was thinking about you last night. Glad it went great!! I can handle a lot, but not sure I can do it. I would seriously have to psych myself up for it. Maybe wine & valium.....

  15. I had my LASIK a little over a decade ago and it is AWESOME! The best thing is being able to ride roller coasters without worrying about losing my glasses. Congrats!!!

  16. Oh wow. The red really brings out the blue in your eyes ;)

    I toy with the idea of getting assaulted in the eyeball with lasers but I always pussy-out..
    Maybe you've just help me grow a pair.

  17. Had mine done about 5 years ago. I still say, aside from my band, the best money I've ever spent on myself!


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