Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday's suck big green pterodactyl balls.


 It does.

At least for this chica, Monday's suck.
This Monday in particular.

Can you tell I want nothing more than to curl up under my desk and die?
Why do you ask?

Could it be that I went gang busters with my weekend alcohol intake like a 22 year old bead wearin' bimbo at Mardi Gras?

No. That definitely isn't it. At all.
I don't drink.


Moving on.

I feel like death. I did not move from the horizontal position all day on Sunday. Like, for 8 straight hours. Laying on the couch. Watching Bethany Ever After reruns. (Don't hate.) Barely ate anything. Oh, except for 3 day old pizza for breakfast. 'Cause that's how I roll my peeps.

And today is Day 1 with no smoky treats.

I think it's actually a bonus that I feel like a juicy Satan toot because I'm too tired to care about not having a cig.

Only good part of my miserable existence is that my nails look purdy. Right?!

Whoa mammoth palms. That is dead sexy.

Anyway.  Jordan and I went all girly last weekend and got our nails done. Sparkly Red for me!! And I got them Shellac'd. I likey likey this shellac business. Never even heard of it before. Oh, wait, maybe Draz posted something about it one time, since she's the High Priestess of nails and all. But when that little Asian lady at the salon was like, "Oh, yes, yes! You wanta the shellECK. It soooo good. You like long time." How could I turn her down. Well, and Jordan was all, "It doesn't chip. And lasts like 14 days! You have to get it!" SOLD! Bam! Purdy red nails.

Then we went shopping. I bought the best earrings. Soooo cute.
I will show you later when I can get home to take a pic of them.

All in all, it was a fab weekend. But I think I need to stop acting like every bar outing with friends is a college beer chugging contest. F'real. Grow up Laura. You're damn near 31! Shit. Now that just put me in another bad mood. 

I am going to curl up under my desk now.


  1. Sorry you are having a bad day, Laura. I'm sending you big hugs. Try to hang in there. Tomorrow will be better. :)

  2. I hope tomorrow is a better day for you.
    Cute nails. I was into shalleck for awhile but my nails are so thin that they started breaking up the shelleck and I just gave up and cute them off.

  3. You might feel like crapola but you sho are purty as evah! Big hugs. Tomorrow is Tuesday which is one day closer to Friday!

  4. your day might not be great, but you're looking so HAWT!! :) hope it gets better!!

  5. Love the nails and the watch!!! I agree that approaching 31 worsens my mood and makes me want to curl up under my desk.. Poo on this whole I am an actual adult thing....!

  6. Water, water, water!!

    And try it when you're 48 and your liver starts talking back to you :)

    Very pretty nails - love the sparklies. Feel better :)

  7. on a positive note love your nails and from your palm it looks like you are going to have a long life.....drinking doh..just kidding!

  8. Monday's are over rated anyway.

    LOVE the nails!!

    Hair of the dog Tuesday??? :)

  9. You crack me up. Everytime I take a pic of my nails I die a little because my hands look like more like hooves than hands. GAG. xxxxx

  10. that sucks that your monday was sucking but you're right - your nails DO look FABULOUS! :)


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