Thursday, February 9, 2012

Ten Things Thursday

Here’s 10 gloriously random things just to make your day a little less boring. At least I hope.

1. I HATE THE SCALE!!!! Seriously. That Bee-aach is goin’ down. I just don’t get it. Well, I kinda do. But I’ve worked out, really hard, this week, and plan to keep it up through Sat. and next week, and the week after that, and so on. But the scale keeps going up. Now, I’m gonna be straight with you, I haven’t eaten the best either. Nothing crazy, but yesterday was totally shittastic. Small slice of pizza for lunch and a trough of tortilla chips and a gallon of salsa for dinner. With 2 beers. UGH!!!!! Why can’t I say no? WHY? WHY? WHY?!

In the back of my head I want to believe that it’s just my muscles growing and maybe I’m retaining water and blah blah blah-be-de-blah. But it’s not. Its fried goodiness, it’s cheese, it’s fat, it’s calories. Plain and simple.

I need to get back on track. Like yesterday.

2.  On a good note, I’m really getting into my Bodyrock workouts. I’m sore as all hell. My muscle definition is the equivalent of a jello mold, and I don’t like it. At. All. Hence the new love of high intensity interval training. I’ve done two workouts this week, plan on doing another round tonight and finishing the week off with another workout tomorrow. Then I’ll get 2 blissful rest days on Sat. and Sun.

I’m still running too. I freaking made, made myself go to the gym on Tuesday after work and am sooo so so so glad I did. I ran 3.25 miles, with walking .5 of those miles. Pretty darn good! I’m working up to running a solid 4 miles before April. Which I can totally do.  My legs are still adjusting and so are my lungs. I’ve found that if I bring my Kindle and read, I get so engrossed in whatever book I'm reading, I look down and the miles just fly by. The only problem is that I tend to hold my breath, for whatever stupid ass reason, so my breathing is all screwed up and I’m afraid I’m gonna pass out and the conveyor belt of death will catapult me into the next room. Oh well. Something to work on.
Good. I'm normal.

3. My peepers are doing great by the way! I know some of you asked about them and I just thought I’d let you all know that I can see great! Still a little hazy at night, but It’s getting better. Oh, and I still look like a pothead zombie. People stare at me. It’s fine.

And I can wear eye make up again!! Thank the ever loving Lord.

And I don’t have to wear my sexy clear goggles taped to my face at night anymore! I cannot express to y'all how horrible that was for me. I’m so uncoordinated when trying to tape two little discs over my eyeballs that it looks like a circus show in my bathroom.  Either A) I get the tape stuck in my hair, which then I have to pull out, jump up and down, and scream bloody murder because that shit just hurts like hell, or B) get the tape wrapped around my fingers and then they’re all stuck together so I can’t move at all; I end up having to use my teeth to try and rip the tape away. Once I get it all balled up, I then have to try and not get it stuck to 18 different surfaces before I throw the ball in the trash. Then, I have to get out new tape and try my damnedest to not do a repeat of that shitty situation, or C) I finally wrangle the tape without any catastrophes and try to put one strip over the disc and my forehead and end up completely missing, placing the tape right over my eyes and now I can’t see. Christ.

Anyways, so glad that’s over with.

4.  Ummm, I found this on the Trest of Pin and just couldn't help myself.
Channing, you're so handsome.
You just licked the screen didn't you?
Don't lie. You did.

Wipe that drool off your chin. It's starting to puddle on your keyboard.

5.  Update on the Mother Not Drinking Water Sitch.....After my little scolding last Thursday, Jules informed me that she is doing incredibly better on her water intake. Actually, she told me that some days she got in more than me! And she's been walking around at lunch, and also trying to walk the 9 flights of stairs at work too. I'm so proud of you Mom! Keep it up!

And to everyone else that commented on how you went right away and filled up your mug, or are making a conscious effort to drink more.....WAY TO GO! I'm so excited for all of you! I'm so glad that people realize the influence that water has on your body.

6.  I needed a little laugh today and found this:
Jordan: That's so Wyatt and Cooper. Except the Coop dog in the pic has teeth.

7.  Oh, I've been meaning to do this for weeks now and keep forgetting, but I wanted to send a big Thank You to Sarah and Sarah G who have been commenting on my lack of participation on MyFitnessPal. Thanks for the motivation! However, I've just been a busy bee lately and haven't had the time to get on there. So, it'll just be hit and miss for me.  

For those of you that haven't heard of MFP, check that shit out! It's a great way to track your calories, exercise, etc. I just wish I had more time to get on there!

8.  I'll have you know that I just went downstairs, at work, where there is pretty little machine that produces buckets of wonderfully buttered puffs of corn.......and I walked right by. Twice. TWICE people. I'm keepin' on my track. Yessssssss.

9. I can't think of anything else entertaining. So I will leave you with a few funny ha ha's.

Pretty sure my Ryan thinks the same thing about me.
Cheers, Lovelies!!


  1. Yay for being normal, except I'm wishing for a giant beer and tortilla chips.

    Also, I love Ryan Gosling and have started reprimanding Jeeves for not being as awesome as the Ryan in the memes, he can't help it, that Ryan doesn't exist anywhere aside from inside our heads.

  2. Love the pic! That is so Cooper and Wyatt. And you are right, those pearly whites are way nicer then Coopers. Thanks for the laugh!

  3. Wow your husband is pretty hot, but why the tighty whiteys in the shower?

  4. Thank God I am normal. I don't think I will ever get in the freak catagory of running.

  5. so,he hangs to the right eh? sorry couldn't and didn't read anything else!

  6. You can read and run at the same time??? Now that is talent.

  7. OMG, that autocorrect made me snort out loud. I wonder what "birdseed" was supposed to be? haha

    Btw, yep - I'm normal too. But, you gotta love those running freaks. ;)

  8. I freaking love autocorrect. Almost as much as I love you.

  9. Wait. Did you blog something? All I can see is Channing.For the love of all things holy...

  10. I had to repin Channing too, can't wait to see his new movie!!
    I had a mountain of tortillas and guacamole on Friday even though they had enough salt on them for a whole herd of freakin cows. The next day I was up 4lbs!! Holy salt lick batman. Be strong ignore the junk food

  11. people LOVE the bodyrock.
    I need to check out the bodyrock...

  12. I miss Zuzanna on Bodyrock, but she is back to posting workouts on a new youtube channel, glad you are getting into it though

  13. I miss Zuzanna on Bodyrock, but she is back to posting workouts on a new youtube channel, glad you are getting into it though

  14. Irishman and I have had some pretty hysterical auto correct issues lately. I actually took screen shots so I could giggle snort repeatedly over them.

    Kudos to you for the running. I can't do treadmill running. It's the bane of my existence. I would die. No really. Somehow I'd get a shoelace caught and strangle myself.

    Don't ask. I don't understand quite how that would work either but I'm 76.89% convinced that's how it would happen.

  15. Sorry...I couldn't read the rest of your post after seeing that picture. Damn!

  16. What's happening in Channing's drawers?

    That's all I could think after I saw the pic.


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