Monday, February 6, 2012

Hot for Hunky Husbands Challenge-Weigh In #4

OK, I'm a bad blogger.
It's hard to find time to get this in on the weekends.

Bad news....I gained. Yup. That flat chested whore of a scale was being a total bee-aatch on Sat.

So.....Weight: 150.2
That's 1.7 lbs up from last week.
Well, what do I expect when I drank a crap load of brewskies and shoved monumental shit in my pie hole.

And I totally lied to y'all last Thursday....about the whole no drinking thing and eating better......nope, just didn't happen last weekend. Beers every night. Pizza, donuts, chipotle. Ugh.

But today's another day right?! Right.
So far I'm back on track and determined to win this little challenge smallenge!

Jordan, I hope you did better than me!!!!

One more week to go! The challenge ends this Sat.!


  1. Chipotle is the downfall to ANY diet! I swear...L O V E that place!!

    And... I have a pizza secret for you to try. Hit up the frozen section at the grocery store as see if they have the California Kitchens brand. Wallyhell carries it as does HyVee. They offer a super thin crust and its way healthier than your typical pizzas. Not to mention, if a body is diabetic like me, amazingly easier on the blood sugars. I can eat it and not have to call 911. Training the dog was all for not....heh

  2. I too find it hard to blog on weekends...just having too much damn fun! Sucks on the gain, but now you have all week to lose it. I so do better during the week than the weekend. I think my inhibitions go out the window and I graze all weekend!

  3. I almost never blog or read blogs on the weekend. I'm very routine and that has just never been part of my routine.

    I will give you a boost up on the wagon, if you pull me up with you. I just had no idea how much I had started letting myself go off course. Yikes!

  4. I've never had Chipotle... and based on the blogs I've read that say it's their downfall - I might have to never try it!

  5. I rarely blog on weekends. I just need to shut off sometimes and those two days are it. Finish this strong lovey - I know you can.


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