Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Weekend Shenanigans, Bad Ass Earrings, and Best Day of My Life!

OK, so last weekend was friends weekend. Also the weekend that made me feel like a squished donkey turd yesterday. But that's all my own fault.

Just to let you all know....I'm feeling oh so much better today. I got up and worked out!!!!! Dolphin claps for me please!!! **dramatically bows**

Then I ate a donut.

But it was sooooo good.

Here's a little recap to the beertastic weekend:

Friday night Will and Jordan showed up with their crazy but lovable pups. We ate some spa-cetti, then Jordan and I promptly downed two bottles of wine. Yup.....TWO. Dos. A couple. Double of one. We are lushes. It's fine.

Thank the LAWD we both woke up the next morning feeling fairly good. No massive headaches and no need to spew. Winner winner chicken dinner!

We proceeded to Will and Jordan's downtown office to have a look-see at their new digs and then decided that it needed office chairs, so we headed to the Depot to buy some that were on sale.  The boys went in one car and the girls in another. Because it's just better that way. Once the office chairs were taken care of, Jordan and I trotted off to do 'girly day'. And just as luck would have it, we drove right by a Pier Uno on the way to the office store.......and they were having a massive Pres. Day sales. Yessssssss, the shopping Goddesses were looking down upon thee.  I got some cute, cute place mats that are like woven plastic, but really thin. I forgot to take a picture. Damn it all. But they were exactly what I've been looking for for years so I snatched those babies up pronto!!

Next was lunch at a bar downtown, back with the boys, and to watch the start of the KSU vs. Baylor Men's Basketball game.  It started off rough, so Jordan and I decided to spend our time at the mall instead. Very wise decision on our part. Yes indeed. (But ended up finding out later we WON! GO CATS!!)

I found some jeans at the Older Navy. $19!!!! NINETEEN BUCKS!!! And they actually fit me!!!!
I bought two pair.
I may and go back and buy more. We shall see.
Dark, boot-cut, and they fit over my double wide ass. Score!!

Then we headed to a funfunfun jewelry/accessory shop called Francesca's Closet or Collection or something. I had never heard of it before, which I think Jordan had a mini-heart attack when I said that. Let's just say that it happens to be on my way home from work, it's pretty reasonably priced, and I'm going to have a very empty bank account for like the next.....well.....long time. That's how much I'm in love with that store.

And looky at my purdy silver leaf earrings:
Aren't they freaking fantastic!!?!?!?!!
You're hatin' on me a little right now, huh?

Next up was our mani/pedi shellachappiness adventure. Which I wrote about yesterday. It was awesome, but we've (Jordan and I) decided that we need a place that serves wine while getting our little mani's.  Doesn't matter if it comes out of a box or not. We'll take anything. Such high standards we have.

Then it was a race home....after a quick race through Tar-get. See, we decided, in our infinite wisdom, while getting our relaxing hand/foot massages, that beerita's (click there for a recipe, not exactly like we did it, but close) sounded like a bomb.com pre-drink before dinner. Does it matter that we had exactly 37 minutes to get home, change into hottness clothes, and throw on extra hooker make-up before our husbands would be making annoying man-sounds about us being late? Nope. Not at all. But, there just so happened to be a liquor store right.next.door to the nail place. Coinkydink??? I think not.

So we ran over there and got Mr. Tequila. Then ran over to Tar-get for limes and frozen limeade. And we made it back home just in time to mix one drink, chug it, change clothes, apply the face paint, and dash out the door. (With our hubby's patiently waiting on us. Right.)
BTW, beerita's.....so delish.

Dinner was at a Japanese steak house, where they do all the cool cooking shit right in front of you. And this place has orgasmic garlic fried rice. Seriously, orgasmic.

Here's the girls:
Libby, Jordan, and Kelly
And the boys, totally not taking a good picture:
Will, Collyn (belongs to Kelly), Ryan, and Paul (belongs to Libby)
Of course we couldn't sit next to each other. This wasn't some couples date crap. I was there to girl talk!!! But, we also didn't make it very easy for the poor (and horrible) waiter to match us up with each other. Oh well.

And this is my din-din:
This is before I plowed my way through damn near all of this food. Plus having sushi before hand. Note: orgasmic fried rice on the right. OhhhhhhhOHOHOHOHoohhhhh Ahhhhh.
We finished the night off with copious amounts of big beers and a little karaoke action at a bar down the way.

Well, let me rephrase that, we went to a bar, had many big beers, then some jackass set up his karaoke shit, proceeded to play the music WAY too loud, a handful of people got up to sing (none of which were in our group), they were HORR.I.BLE, and then we eventually left.

But what takes the cake about that whole situation, is how Jordan describes it.....with a really bad picture of me......on her blog. So go check that out HERE.
Oh my God, so funny I snorted.

The weekend was hella fun maybe too much fun. But I love it when we can get together with friends!! Don't you?!

And I bet you're just dying to know why TODAY is the best day of my life. Well, maybe not the best, but damn near close to the best.
Well, I don't care if you don't care, Ima gonna tell you anyways.

Are you ready?

Wait......come closer.....

A little closer......

Is your nose pressed to the screen?

For your viewing pleasure:
I'm a'lovin' on my Thin Mints.

That's right people. It's the little things in life.

And yes, you counted right. There are eight boxes. 8. All for little ol' me!!! Mawahahaha (evil laugh).

Ok, maybe I'll share with Ryan. But only if he's nice. (Hear that Ryan?!?!?! You have to be nice to me and not pick on me and hold my hand and snuggle and tell me I'm pretty!!) ya, right, like that's gonna happen.

I might just mow through a box before I leave work.


Because Thin Mints have no fat or calories.
They are actually nutritious for you.
They even make you thinner.
At least in LaLa Land (aka my fantasy world) they do.

Its ok, you can all come and play with me in LaLa Land.
We'll have a glorious time.


  1. I nearly peed my pants laughing so hard! What the fo-shizzle is wrong with you!?! (Because I'm pretty sure it's wrong with me too!) Hahahahaha!

    Enjoy your cookies!


  2. Haha, you must be feeling good today. I read that like you were speed talking. And save me some Thin Mints, I will hold your hand and tell you you're pretty.

  3. A) I love that you also apply hooker makeup! Haha.
    B) Mmmm love Japanese steakhous food.
    C) My hair salon serves wine. Yay!! I love it there.
    D) Super hot jeans and yeah, I was hatin a tiny bit over those silver earrings.
    E) Mmmmm cookies. I think I just thin mint'gasmed. /nod I don't even think I ordered any this year. Must find out who has kids selling. /eyes up parental type coworkers with daughters

  4. Sounds like lots o' fun!!

    Back away from the Thin Mints!

  5. Why else would the girl scouts call them THIN mints if they don't make you thinner???

  6. I want those earrings. **Stomps Feet**

    Sounds like an awesome night-except for Karaoke-eek!!

  7. Woot woo!! Looking good in those jeans :)

    I LOVE Japanese/Hibatchi restaurants. I haven't even attempted them since getting banded. I'm afraid I would try to dive head first into the fried rice.

  8. I'm sooooooo jealous. Of all of this. But mostly your skinny ass.

  9. love LOVE those earrings!!! i have never heard of this fran's closet place either but I MUST find one!!

  10. you had to mention thin mints, didn't you?! :P

  11. japanese steak house....yummmy thin mints.....YUMMYY.....new earings....so cute! sounds like a perfect day to me!

  12. I love girl scout cookies, but we don't have all the same types in Canada. it sucks. I love finding jeans that fit and cheap too! double YAY!!!!!

  13. Love the earrings and total score on the jeans!! As far as the crack filled GS cookies-eveyone knows there are only two servings in a box of thin mints! :) Enjoy!


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